Saturday, July 3, 2010

What if?

Did you ever read the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books as a kid? I did - and I LOVED THEM. The possibilities were endless. The concept amazing.

If you aren't familiar with them, here is how they worked: You start by reading a story then the character will have to make a decision, usually multiple choice, and then you pick what you want your character to do - you fast forward to that page, and so it goes - basically the plot thickens and it is all YOU! Sometimes my character would end up, well, dead. Eww - bad decisions. But sometimes it would go on and on with a very victorious ending. Such a ride!

I often feel life is like a choose your own adventure book. Everyday we make decisions, maybe not so life changing, but many times - when we look back - the little things may very well be the BIG life changing moments.

I think about that Saturday in November of 06 - I was terribly bored, completely lost in my world, and just in need of a friend. I had moved to a new state, new city, new job, but oh sooo alone. I discovered social media for the first time. I joined Myspace. I discovered how to meet and make friends. I also discovered you could meet people from all over the world. I randomly scrolled through countries - and found Egypt.... choose your own adventure.

I think about walking into that ridiculous bar in downtown Macon with my friend Telisa. Standing there, chatting it up, and a tall man walks in with a press pass and a camera. After conversation, the gentleman asks for our email addresses - Telisa gives a fake one, I choose to give my real address.. choose your own adventure.

I decided to throw a birthday party for myself (sad, I know) - I want to say it was my 32nd or 33rd- and I let my (then husband) invite a friend from work, and I happened to invite my sister.. choose your own adventure..

Those three examples changed the course of life. I have many many more.

The first one brought not only the absolute love of my life - but has since linked another couple together who are planning to get married, and yes - plan to have children. A human being will enter this world because I got bored one Saturday afternoon.

The second one brought my first husband. Though that situation did not work out, while planning for our wedding I reconnected with an old friend. She connected with the best man - they got married and had a beautiful baby girl. Again - an email address brought life into the world. Though my marriage did not work out, forever love did.

The third last minute decision to have some friends over brought a friend of my then-husband to my house and my sister. They started talking, the rest of us went out, they stayed behind to talk. They fell in love, later got married and the apple of my eye was born. No, their relationship did not last - but they had a  beautiful little girl - my niece was born, all by a chance meeting - because I wanted to celebrate MY birth & life.

Life is a trip. The connections.. the changes. Had I not took a chance on a social media site, had I not given my real email, had I not celebrated my birthday - potential, individual lives may or may not have entered this world.

If we believe in destiny - would I still meet my egyptian? Would my niece, with her distinct genetic makeup have been born? Would old friends connect and pro-create. Would new friends fall in love and plan a life together?


How will you choose your next adventure?


Leanne said...

Getting caught up on my blog friends (yours is the first place I'm stopping!) And I TOTALLY REMEMBER these books - they were such fun ...I had completely forgotten about them! (I was a "Boxcar Children" book fan when I was younger - do you remember those?) And I love the message in this blog about choosing adventures. I completely live life as an adventure, always choosing paths and making the very best of it. Have a great adventure today, ok?

Reluctant Writer said...

I do remember those books.I just cant remember if I read them. lol Life is truly an adventure. If your active in it. Its a great ride and when you just sit around. You miss out on the what could be. Great post. Im a new follower from the Lady Blogger Tea Party. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole,

I haven't had a chance to comment on your blog since since I discovered it at the Lady Blogger Tea Party earlier tonight, but I just wanted to let you know that I really like what I see and that I've added you to my Reader instantly.

And I think you are so right to compare life with these books. It's all about making choices, isn't it?!

Have a good week!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Nicole! I love this post!It is inspiring for all of us to make our own adventure as in the books. I did not read those as a child, but they sound amazing! I love the three examples you gave. It is so interesting how "connections" are made. This was great! have a fun 4th of July!

Mama Hen

Grace Adams said...

I've never thought about life being like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but you're absolutely right! I often think about decisions I've made and how things would have turned out differently if I'd chosen differently. Thanks for that!


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