Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the boy said, "I see dead people."

"When people believed the world was flat, the idea of a round world scared them silly. They then found out how the round world works. It's the same with the world of the supernatural. Until we know how it works, we will continue to carry around this unnecessary burden of fear."
 ~Dr. John Markway

It is not an easy thing to admit there just might be "something else" out there - among the living, yet not of this world.

Some say it is a figment of the imagination, while others may point out the "evil" that is lurking. Some see the paranormal  as very helpful, and just a normal part of the life circle. While others will "poo poo" the idea.

I spoke with several people who were willing to share their experiences. I thought I would give you a quick account of our conversation.

Let me explain why I am covering this topic - besides the fact I find it completely fascinating - I just don't think anyone has all the answers. This is one subject that I am completely not sure about.

To give you some background, I grew up with a family that was very superstitious and definitely believed in the supernatural. I, on the other hand, was the skeptic.

I decided to talk to my mom about her beliefs and experiences with "ghosts" and paranormal phenomenon . Here is what she had to say:

Nicole: Okay mom, how old is our home?
Mae: Our home is nine years old, but the property we live on was once a battle ground during the Civil War. We live in the Oconee National Forest, which was once known as the little township of Blountsville.

Nicole: Has anyone ever died on the property?
Mae: I am not sure, just many pets! There are many random stone placements on property and one area that is a perfect rectangle and blooms with daffodils in the spring. It also has random rose bushes also near the spot.

Nicole: What type of activity have "other" people reported to you? That basically confirms your own experiences. Plus what have you personally experienced?
Mae: The biggest thing is we see a mist. It's not a normal fog - but a moving mist of sorts. We also see shadows that don't make any sense. The door bell rings with no one there, and btw - it does not work. The stereo comes on by itself. We and others have had the covers pulled off of us while sleeping. There are quick movements from the corner of our eye.

People have seen the image of a man on our drive and at our front door. Things being moved-t hings being lost and then found placed in other places.

Your niece, Autum, use to  stare at one part of room then taking a ball and placing it there and walking away, later same ball was found in another location a few days later with no one moving it.  A mist showing up beside Autumn in a photo.  We have seen a strange face in another photo.  Heard knocking.  Autumn has announced a Mr. Mopey or other strange names for an imaginary  friend or was it an imaginary friend?

The feeling of someone touching my arm-the feeling of someone curled up in bed next to me. I have heard scratchings at the doors.  I have seen doors opening for no reason and then shutting again.  Then finding  strange pieces of jewelry appearing (a necklace and a ring).

I have seen water turning on in sink without anyone doing it-.  Once when your cousin from Indiana was visiting,we were watching tv and talking and talking with Autumn when your dad comes in and said: Did you know Autumn was outside? We told him she had been with us the entire time. He saw her and we did too at the same time. Autumn now describes a little girl she plays with that is wearing a black dress with buttons, she has blond hair and orange eyes!

Nicole: I actually remember one night (and this has only happened once) - Mina (my Kurdish exchange student) and I were sleeping in the guest room, and the door kept opening and closing... opening and closing.. and it made this creaky sound. I thought it had to be the cat. But we woke up - it was still doing it - and there was no cat. Then it suddenly stopped.

Okay.. next question: Does any of this frighten you?
Mae: No, I figure whatever it is - it's lonely and wants attention.

Nicole: That's weird, Mom. Okay.. now.. How often does this happen, and under what circumstances?
Mae: Late October and early November or when the property has been disturbed or property nearby disturbed.

Nicole: Have you ever had the house blessed? Does this affect what you believe religiously?
Mae: Not blessed by a priest, but I have used a smudge stick (sage). (I think it is time again.) Yes, it does affect what I believe. There are definitely spirits among us.

That was a conversation with my mother.

Then I had a conversation with an old friend from High School named Travis. Now Travis is not religious and is probably one of the most level-headed people I have ever met. Here is our conversation:

Nicole: How old is your home?
Travis: It is a little over 90 years old, was built by my grandpa.

Nicole: Has anyone ever died on the property?
Travis: Several have died in the house over the years and my great g'pa shot a man on the porch.

Nicole: Lord have mercy. Okay.. What type of activity have people reported to you?
Travis: Someone walking down the hall at night, doors being opened while everyone is asleep, chairs being moved in the night, cold chills in the yard sometimes.

Nicole: What have you experienced?
Travis: Pretty much all the same with a little extra. Something touched me while i was in bed one night. The bed moved as if someone bumped against it and then i felt something kind of pass through my leg. I was freaked at first but just changed sides of the bed now lol. It felt like someone was backing up to the bed to lay down to be honest. Maybe my g'pa.

Nicole: Have you ever had a paranormal team or psychic investigate the house?
Travis: I never tried that, and since i don't notice much of anything anymore, dunno that it would even be worth trying.

Nicole: Does any of this frighten you?
Travis: There were times that i got scared out in the yard and ran into the house, but its been a long time since that happened.

Nicole: hahahhaa.. Okay.. How often, or under what certain circumstances, does the activity happen?

Travis: Usually between one and three in the morning are when the stuff in the house was noticed. People have left in the middle of the night and said they wouldnt sleep here again lol

Nicole: Has the house been blessed?
Travis: I have never had the house blessed, and have no info on whether it ever has been.

Nicole: Are you religious? Does this affect what you believe?
Travis: No i am not religious. I have read scripture from several different religions but do not vow to any of them.

Nicole: Soo.. anything else I should know?
Travis: I never believed in ghosts until i started living here by myself. They are real, whether its good or bad, but i think spirits roam after they have left their body for a while.

There you have it - two different accounts of two completely different experiences. What about you? What have you experienced in your home, or someone else's home? What are your beliefs about the supernatural?

I have a few stories, but I am going to share my personal story at the end of my paranormal series.

Please share in the comment section your experience or even your beliefs about ghosts and the supernatural/paranormal!


Anonymous said...

I too come from a family that is very superstitious and it was till I moved to Mexico into my Grandfather's home that I expierenced the paranormal for myself.

My father's family (4 sibilings and Mother)had been murdered a year before I was born in '83 and their wake was done in the living room of this same home in which we were now living in.

I remember one day in particular I was coming home around 4a.m. after closing up my parents Sports Bar as I was entering the house, everything was dark, you could clearly see the blankets that were on the floor lifted in the living room as if someone was curled up and covered in them. I called out one of my sisters names a few times "to wake her up" but as I turned the lights on you just saw the blanket go back down with a sudden gust of wind.

Needless to say that after that one personal expierence I never again doubted in the paranormal.

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

Good morning - I'm stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Society tea party! I'm digging your blog, it's so nice to meet you!

Stop by One Fine Wire if you get a chance, I'd love to have you!

Jess S. said...

Hi from the tea party! I just love your exploration of the supernatural. I don't have any personal experience with encounters as my life has been pretty much lived in modern places, but I do love to keep my mind open. The world is a more interesting place if we keep the possibility of ghosts and whatnot alive.

Telisa said...

You were actually there, Nicole, for one of my strangest "paranormal" experiences. You know my dad is a real kidder and he always told us ghost stories to scare us, but I have had a few unexpainable things happen in my life. I definitely think we are not alone with only what our eyes can see.

dewin said...

I definitely believe in the supernatural, from Loch Ness to poltergeists. But I have yet to see one. I have been ghost hunting and seen small occurrences. But it's kinda freaky you wrote this today, because just a few hours ago I was in my backyard reading, and when I tried to come back inside, the lock was locked- from the inside. I was the only one home. I searched the house for an intruder but nothing. I've always wondered if my house was haunted- weird noises and such. But today's experience was definitely the weirdest!

Leanne said...

Ok . . . I was just settling down to do some of my blog reading and opened your blog first. I have to table this until tomorrow . . . like . . . in the DAYTIME!!! Because, I'm a chicken s*** and I can't read this right now!!!! So, I'll be back to read and comment on these posts when the sun is out!!!

Anonymous said...

The only ghost experience I've had was when I was talking to a friend a week or so after her dog (a large doberman) died, there was no other dogs. I forgot he was dead, and I heard growling, but didn't think anything of it until she asked me if I could hear it, and I remembered Shadow was dead. She was freaked out, but glad I was on the phone with her.


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