Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something happened on the way to the..

I used to be quite the "controversial" status update girl on Facebook. Especially during the Presidential Election. I knew that (considering the part of the United States I live in) that a majority of the people I knew were more than likely conservative.  Which got me thinking... when did it become conservative versus liberal? What happened to good old fashioned democrat and republican? I guess that is a post for another time and place. In case you are wondering - I am independent, and leaning more toward the liberal side on some issues.. less on others. I have traditionally voted republican (because I despised the democratic candidates) - however I not only voted for Obama - I actually campaigned for him.      

So what is this blog post about? I am not certain, but there is one thing I am very certain about - I am.. without a doubt.. a shameless agitator. But only in the good sense.

I like to get people thinking. I like for other people to challenge my thoughts. I believe that it is impossible to "make up your mind" about anything. Impossible. Things/people/ideas change and God willing, evolve. The one fear and complete disappointment I have for the human race is a lack of thought evolution.

I question everything - all the time. Perhaps that would drive average person "mad" (could explain a lot about my personality ;-) ) - however, I think it is so important to expose ourselves, our minds, our fears, our perceptions to every opportunity possible.

Excuses be damned! Money, time, etc. - that's what a library is for. Inside are books, I highly recommend picking one up from time to time.

Now I ask you - what are you most passionate about? What is your "personality-type" talent? I like to get people thinking... what do you do that might take people out of their comfort zone for the "good" of the world?



Everyday Kathy said...

Love this post!! It is passion week over on my Everyday Bliss Blog and this is just the kind of spunk I like to see!

Guess I'm an agitator too although I've always said contrarian!

Leanne said...

Hmmm . . . excellent post, Nicole. And for some reason, I could tell you were an agitator. Not that you ever agitated me. But ... you've got that 'spunk'! Ok, what am I most passionate about? Well, I'm definitely not an agitator - I don't like to rock the boat. But I do love CHANGE (and not the coin kind). But I think CHANGE is good. So, am I a "changer"? I'll have to think some more on this. Deep. Very deep for my ever 'changing' brain. ;)

Nicole said...

Leanne - well. change makes some people very uncomfortable, so yes, that is an excellent one.


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