Why Destination: Unknown?

Welcome to Destination: Unknown!

When I first started this blog back in 2009, I had just moved to Birmingham, Alabama and was feeling, for lack of a better term, a little lonely. New state, no friends or family to speak of... but I had my computer and the internet. That's where I discovered blogging.

It also fulfilled my need to write. I am a writer by trade (originally a television news producer with a broadcast journalism degree.) I have always enjoyed telling stories, but prefer to report on things that are happening as we speak. My audience for the first few years consisted of just family, a few close friends, and the 14 exchange students that I hosted in years past from all over the world. It became my digital scrapbook turned therapist.

Later, as I was navigating the waters of a multi-cultural home, I found the blog to be extremely therapeutic and apparently very entertaining to people who stopped by. Suddenly my 30 something followers blossomed into a 1,000 to 20,000, and on a really popular week, over 100,000 readers.

As my life changed and I found my way back in my hometown, I began to move up the corporate ladder in a much smaller pond. Due to the increasingly personal posts, I was asked to keep it more light and less personal by my boss. When that happened, readership dwindled, and that is sort of when the posts began to suffer.

It is now  2016 and I am sort of re-branding. Finding the authenticity without all of the drama. I'm divorced, but happily dating one guy, I run a museum, and I spend a fair amount of time traveling throughout the state of Georgia doing a wide variety of things. I am also a free-lance writer for a few publications. In other words, my cup runneth over, but I still want to share my story with you.

It is easy to follow this blog. Either add me to your google list or hop on Facebook and find the Facebook Fan Page. All of my posts end up there. You can also follow me on Twitter and even subscribe and receive emails directly.

So why Destination:Unknown? My response is Why Not? It's called Destination: Unknown due to constant shift and pull of my life. Join me on my journey. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know you came by. Send suggestions or story ideas. I love hearing from you!

~ Nicole 


KaRaLouTopia said...
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KaRaLouTopia said...

I am in awe right now! Ive recently taken the plunge into blog life :) Its not as easy as it looks. Ive been on this computer for a month trying to find the blog of someone that I have something in common with. I dont even know how I just stumbled upon your blog, but I am soooooo glad I did because I LOVE it! I am definitely following you and cant wait to catch up. I love your style of writing and I see that you have an "egyptian". I have a "lebanese" (is there food not just the most amazing food youve ever tasted?) The title couldnt be more enticing....so while I am all hyper that I have possibly found "the blog" that I have been dying to find, I will try to calm down now and introduce myself. Im Rachelle! :) now I need to go read more :)


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