Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I wonder what would have happened?

I wonder..

1. If my dad did not throw that party at his house in 1972 - would he have ever met my mother?

2. If my parents had kept their home on Lake Tobo, I would have attended a different high school - who would be my friends now?

3. If had stayed taking ballet classes from Karen at Modern Dance Academy, would I have continued to dance throughout my adult years?

4. If my grandfather was able to afford a different hospital (versus the VA) would he still be alive today?

5. If I had stayed working in television instead of moving into public relations - where would I be living right now?

6. If I had not gotten a job in tv right after my internship, would I have gone to Europe to teach english or joined the Peace Corps?

7. If I had not given Chris my email that night at the bar - would we have ever spoken again and would we have ever dated and gotten married?

8. If I had not hosted all of those exchange students - would I have even stayed with my ex as long as I did?

9. If I had not chosen to follow my ex to Birmingham, where would I be now?

10. If I had not gotten sick and had surgery, would the egyptian and I be expecting our first child now?

11. If I had not taken a chance and flew to Egypt - would I be married now?

12. If I had not thrown my 32nd birthday party and let my ex invite a friend, would my sister have met her ex and had Autumn?

13. If I had not tracked down my old friend, Wendy, from TX to attend my first wedding - would she have ever reconnected with her first love, get married and had her little angel?

14. Would she ever have to feel the pain of losing a child.. if I had not gotten in touch with her?

15. Would I be in the shape I yearn for - if I had just stuck with the Mediterranean Diet back in October and the personal trainer this past spring?

I could go on for hours..

Share with me 3 of your "what ifs.."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I really had to stop and think about it... but these seemed to be some pretty big "what ifs" in my life...

1. If I had gone with you on your birthday night - and not stayed to talk (long after our first date had ended)- would we (my ex and I) have had a second date... and then Autumn?

2. If I had chosen my first acceptance letter- Valdosta State- instead of waiting for a letter from UGA- where would I be now... who would I have been friends with?

3. If I had chosen to not take the job at the Highlands Playhouse- would I be dealing with arthritis today in my ankle?

Leanne said...

I'm right there with Heather... Wow. There a lot of "what if's" there... and it's taken me a little bit of time today to come by and comment, because I had to think about mine. My three "what if's?":

1) If I would have stayed as a theatre major in college. Would I be struggling in a one woman show on the Northside of Chicago? Or would I be living in NYC??

2) If I had not moved out of my parents home when I was 25 and moved in with my friend, PG? Would I have fallen in love w/PG? Married? Had my daughters?

3) If I stayed on Jenny Craig back in 1997, when I was much more focues (and not a mom or married - when I could focus on me alone). Would I have lost weight? Would my life have changed if I wasn't the person I turned into?

All really deep. Maybe a little too deep, huh?

I need an aspirin. Or maybe just a glass of wine, and a toast to what might have been, huh? ;)

Great great great post idea!

Gigi said...

I have to copy one of Leanne's:

1. What if I had not switched my major from theater in college? Would I be a starving actress or a famous one?

2. What if I had never moved to California in 1997? Would I still be frumpy?

3. What if we hadn't sold our house in PHoenix in 2006? Would we bankrupt?

If you haven't already, watch the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. it's all about this 'what if" concept.

Anonymous said...

I just had to add a little comment... wow, three former theatre majors in a row... crazy world!

dewin said...

1. What if I had found a drum teacher at one of the three places I looked into initially, would I have ever met my husband?

2. What if I hadn't switched from Marine Biology in college, would I be saving manatees right now?

3. What if I had married my first love(ugh)?

It's so much fun to think about the what ifs when it concerns my husband, but I believe that all the pieces come together regardless, and had I not met him one way I would've met him another.

**Congrats on the new baby(sorry if youd posted about it before, its been a busy coupla weeks)!!!


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