Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Nighter with Some Great People

I wanted to share the pictures from the all-nighter with the youth group from Prince of Peace Catholic Church.

(I am a youth leader there.)

Sorry - they were taken with my mobile phone - so they are dark and sometimes blurry - but it does the trick in a pinch!

Kaci and I are getting the kids together at the church. It is about 7:30pm here.. not too tired yet!

Oh how lucky am I? I get to drive one of the vans.. LOL. Here is my little group - slowly getting in the van..

We started off at Giano's Italian Restaurant in Vestavia. I ordered the cheese ravioli and salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and garlic bread!

Next we drove down to Carmike Cinema at The Summit and watched Toy Story 3. Here is my group (from the van.) We arrived safe and sound!

Second van group made it safe and sound also!!

After the 9pm movie - we headed across the street to 32 degrees Yogurt Bar! It was about 10:45pm.

The group immediately began getting all the yogurt they could! It was a neat little place - the wall have the mosaic designs.

I went a little traditional - Dark Chocolate and Tahiatian Vanilla with sprinkles!

Calina enjoyed the wildest mix of flavors!

It was almost midnight - and the workers were rude and wanted our group out of there.

By 1am we made it to a Bowling Alley.  This is Charlie waiting for his lane!

It is super dark - and Paul is glowing!

About 2am - Caroline and I trying to stay awake at the bowling alley!

Bowling complete with music, strobe lights, and a smoke machine..

Christina's nails are glowing! I always love a good black light.

2:30am - IHOP time.

Collen (our youth minister) and Marshall are holding on!!

Right before our candle light prayer service at 4am - the alarm goes off in the church's catholic school. We had to stand still while they were fixing it. I capture this "Breakfast Club" moment. ;-)

That's all!

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