Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let's Get To Know One Another!

Oh how fun! Beth Carter from Rhode Island sent this fun little questionnaire for me to answer. Apparently, she is fairly new to Destination: Unknown and wanted to find out a few fun factoids.

Okay Beth.. Here ya go!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
I would be floating on a felucca through the Greek Isles. Yes... that's where I would be. ;-

What's your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
Put on my softest pjs, pour myself a cup of coffee, curl up somewhere there is natural light coming in, and read a book.

What colour is your room?
The walls are a boring beige, however the theme of my bedroom is an array of blues with a stark white comforter.

What the most precious thing you own?
I suppose my cats. But if we are talking inanimate objects - the crucifix above my bed. It belonged to my Great Grandmother, and hung over her bed all the years I knew her.

What are you wearing at this precise moment?
A beige sweater with some beige sequins randomly knitted into the fabric. Blue jeans. Brown riding boots. 

Is there anything in particular that you're thinking about?
Finishing this survey.

What's the last thing you ate?
A sausage biscuit and iced coffee.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

If you were stranded on an island who would you want to be stranded with?
My Sweet Guy

What's your favourite nickname?
Sweet Girl.

Who gave it to you and why?
See above a few questions. ;-)

What's the nearest thing to you?
Coffee. As it should be.

What's the name of your best friend?
I have a handful. Right now, my closest friend would be Lynn.

What would you do if this person ever had to join the Army?
I would be shocked. She is in her late 30s. lol

What would you do if it rained on your parade?
Pull out the most fabulous umbrella of all time and apply a coating of waterproof mascara. 

What are you listening to at the moment?
The humming of the heater.

Are you doing anything else apart from this survey?

Why are you even doing this survey?
Because you asked me too, and I like to oblige.

When was the last time you laughed and why?
This morning. Something I read on Buzzfeed about short people.

What would you do if you got lost and no one would give you directions?
I have a fairly good sense of direction. And GPS.

What about if dinosaurs still existed?
I would probably never leave my house.

What's the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
Any form of intimate conversation is romantic to me.

What couldn't you live without?
My phone. My laptop.

What's your favourite colour?
Tiffany Blue

Where do you think you will be in 5 years time?
I never know. Changes all the time.

How about 10 years time?
Again... going with the flow.. wherever life takes me.

When was the last time someone complimented you and what did they say?
Last night, at an Annual meeting at my museum, they complimented the work I have done. It was nice. Validation of sorts.

Look up. What's the first thing you see?
Painting of Wonder Woman. Duh.

How many siblings do you have?

Are you looking forward to your next birthday?
Yes! Apparently it is a surprise what I am doing!

What do you plan to ask for for christmas?
A picnic basket and a bike.

Are you religious?

What's your biggest fear?

What's your biggest ambition in life?
To leave some form of a legacy behind.

What colour are your duvet covers?

Do you sleep with any cuddly toys?

What do you never leave the house without?
My purse.

If you had any secret power what would it be and how would you use it?
Ability to change the mood in a room.

How many pairs of socks do you have?
A bazillion.

What about shoes?
A little less than a bazillion

What is your favourite outfit?
I have a favorite pair of jeans. That's about it.

What is the last song you listened to?
A Thousand Years

Does it remind you of anyone?

What would you do if the world was going to end within the next 24 hours?
Jump in my car, and drive to Sweet Guy.

What was your first kiss like?

What beauty product could you not live without?

Are you faithful in relationships?

Are you in a relationship?

Would you rather love or money?

What's your favourite film of all time and why?
Under The Tuscan Sun

Do you dye your hair?

What is the meaning of life?
You tell me.
Just kidding - to love. To serve. To leave the place better than I found it.

Do you think things happen for a reason?

What was your first best friend called?

Do you collect anything?
Wonder Woman/Audrey Hepburn/FrogPrinces

Last time you travelled by public transport?
About two weeks ago, I got a cab home from the bar.

Where's your favourite place to eat?
Polly's la Mesa. (I swear. lol)

Are you hot or cold?
A little of both.

What's your favourite season and why?
Each season has its wonders. I like fall for the colors and smell of leaves. I like winter because of the clothes I can wear. I like spring for the flowers. I like summer for the sunshine and blue skies.

Do you like exams?
No way.

What would you do if your ex confessed they still had feelings for you?
I would shake my head.

What's the best present you've ever received?

Are there any lights on in the room you're in?

Do you like pictures being taken of you?

What's your favourite smell?
Coconut, lime, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

Where's your favourite place to go for a holiday?

Find the nearest book to you, turn to page 82 and type out the fourth line:
"And each season, each time, leads into the next. "

If you look out your window what can you see?
Katherine Court Apartments (downtown)

Do you have your own room or do you share?
Own. Unless you count those cats. ;-)

What languages can you speak?
English and a little french

What did the last text you receive say and who was it from?
From Sweet Guy, and It said Good Morning, Sunshine

Do you believe in ghosts?
Not 100% sold on the idea

What do you think happens to us after we die?
Remains a mystery

What would you do if you got pregnant/got someone pregnant now?
I would call all news outlets and the Vatican. It would be the second coming/immaculate conception.

Do you believe in love at first site?

What in life completes you?
That feeling you get when you do something good.

Have you done any good deeds today?
Yes. I bought my staff morning biscuits. They had a long day with the event yesterday and had to start the day off with over 100 kids for a tour.

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
My mom.

What's your favourite number and why?

When was the last time you showered/bathed?
Last night.

How many weddings have you been to?
2 of my own - and a handful of others.

How many funerals have you been to?
A couple

Are you bored of answering questions now?
YES... but thank you for the opportunity.

What colour are your eyes?

If you could change anything about your appearance what would you change?
My weight

Are you in love?
LOL... Well.... 

Hard To Keep My Mouth Shut

I've got a bone to pick with a few people. 

When I get up in the morning to relax with my morning coffee and scroll through my social media sites, it becomes harder and harder to stomach some of the "hate speech" I see everywhere.

Just this morning, in less than 5 minutes of scrolling on FB, I read how one person believes, honestly believes, that Muslims are going to take over America and put everyone else in concentration camps. THEN.. another person says that homosexuals need to find their own religion and not consider themselves Christian if they want to get married. 


That's just the first two posts I read.

I can't people... it is too much. 
Of course, I respect the rights of these people to express themselves, but what really gets my goat is that I have allowed this into my life. Really, it is not just that, it is that I actually know people who think this way.


There was a time, many moons ago, that I voted Republican. Back when being fiscally conservative was the biggest issue. I agreed with that. Then something happened. There was a shift from just being a Republican or a Democrat. Suddenly it became, "I'm a conservative" or I am a "Liberal." Honestly, I've always considered myself to be an Independent. I decide according to the issues, but now there is this ridiculous spread of cruelness and ignorance that I can hardly take it anymore.

I grew up in the South and unfortunately, I was exposed to some deep seated racism, homophobia, and other types of hate related to anything that is not conservative/protestant/christian. I learned to tread all of those waters very carefully. Honestly, it took years and years to learn how to just turn the other cheek. Try being a Catholic married to a Muslim? Try being in favor of Healthcare & Immigration Reform? This is the land of ZERO tolerance.

I have chatted with some other friends, and because they tend to live in a little bubble downtown, they do not get to experience what I see. I am from here. The people I grew up with never left. I have access to their world views and let me tell you - it is limited and extremely scary. 

How do you fix it? How do you educate those that have formed such a hardcore opinion with such a limited scope of what the world is really like? The same people who scream we need better education for our kids, never really searched for education for themselves.

Yes, I realize, this is coming off judgemental, and I don't want it to be. I am just expressing how the ignorance is overwhelming. 

Mark 12:28-30
And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, “Which commandment is the most important of all?” Jesus answered, “The most important is, ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength…”
Mark 12:31 The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

You may ask yourself, why don't you just delete these people? In all honesty, I probably won't. Because maybe.. just maybe... from time to time... I can share something that will educate them, open their minds to a new way of thinking, and in my own little small way, create a better community to live in. 

With that.. I will walk away and simply take a breath. I'll admit, my blood begins to boil some mornings, but I have to remember to simply continue to live. I believe St. Francis said, "Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary use words."
There you have it. ;-)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How Not To Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants

For the most part, I am a fly by the seat of your pants type of girl when it comes to my daily routine. I have this random, swirling list of things to do just floating around in my head. When one pops into my thoughts, I make a point to stop and take care it. Luckily, I have a phenomenal memory, however, there are a few items that slip through the cracks...


I am easily distracted 

When I was a young girl, I went to summer camp in Lizella. It was a Girl Scout camp called Camp Martha Johnston. One of the things that I think the camp did really well was schedule out our entire day- down to when I could break and brush my teeth. I actually got things done and was less anxious because I knew what was coming next.

Now, when I actually take the time to schedule out my day, I discover the same thing: I am much less anxious and able to accomplish more. However, those days are few and far between, because there is the whole distraction thing I have to deal with. You see, when you don't have kids, or a husband, and you happen to be your own boss - life becomes a buffet of options. I typically will choose the things I want to do, then when I can't put it off anymore, I do the things I have to do. Of course, I always get things done .... it is just that I could cause myself a lot less stress and anxiety if I actually had a schedule of sorts.

Earlier this week I joined a gym and Weight Watcher. Meals and exercise have to be scheduled in order to meet my goal - a goal I chose to set for myself. I want to get healthy, and I am so incredibly tired of chasing this goal half-ass. I made a point to commit to it, and I am doing wonderfully. I've exercised three nights in a row and I have stuck to the diet and in one week (and it is only Thursday,) I have already lost 3 pounds. The plan is working. Now how do I apply that to the other things I want to do?

For example, I bought the entire series of Rosetta Stone in French. I have always wanted to speak it fluently. Why have I not scheduled French lessons for myself? I have all of the tools. I have the time. 

I want to do more writing... for me.. not for pay. Why I have I not carved out a little time to pursue this?

I wanted to concentrate on my photography, I want to explore new recipes, and I want to include meditation and devotions into my daily routine. What is the hold up? 

The answer to that is me. 

I did a little search on how to better focus your time and here are some tips I plan to incorporate, and maybe you can too!

Tips For Scheduling Your Time

1. Make a list of things you need to accomplish. For the week - for the month - for the day. Make sure to prioritize your plan. 

2. Balance your effort.  Work on small portions every day that would like to see done by the end of the week, starting with the most important tasks first.

3. Find time for your hobbies by bringing them to work. Think about all of the breaks you take during a typical work day. Between coffee runs, your lunch break, and 5-10 minute productivity boosting work breaks, you probably have about two hours of time that you could more wisely. If your hobby is portable, bring it to work and devote 10-15 minutes of break time to it every day.

4. Find time for your hobbies by making them work double duty. There are only 24 hours in a day, so sometimes the best way to make time for your hobbies is to fit hobbies into activities you’re already committed to.

5. Finally, just put them on your calendar. Treat them as sacred time. Block out 1-2 times a week and reserve those times for your hobbies. Be strict about keeping to your commitment.

Wishing each of you the best of luck! It's only mid-late January, we can still tackle those goals!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Project Me:

Okay, so I know you have read this before - if you have been following me the past 5 years...


Here we go again.

I joined Weight Watchers last night and I'm rejoining the gym this afternoon.


But I have a partner in crime, so perhaps I will stick with it.

My Sweet Guy and I both decided to go on this healthier lifestyle kick. Of course, I try to do a few things naturally: I drink plenty of water, I always take the stairs, and I tend to eat organic, whole foods. But.. I do like my condiments, and sometimes I need something to dip into those condiments (fried food.) I also love my chips...

Now it is time to see what I can do.


I know, I know.

The deal is this - I will do Weight Watchers and gym, and he will do South Beach diet and gym. We will check in each night with each other. No real pressure, just encouragement. We are both in our 40s and we know we could stand to lose a few (eh hem..) pounds. Sooo... let's see what happens!

There you go - a new project for the new year. Me.

The end.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Growing Pains

You ever just want to get to the next part?
You know, that place you are supposed to be, but because of commitments you find yourself trudging through life?

Learning to adjust to the path is never easy. I want to take off in a sprint to reach my destination, sort of like when I am traveling. It seems I start off a little fast, then some how I talk myself into trying to relax and enjoy the journey, only to realize I am finally closer to my destination where I begin to speed up - throwing caution to the wind.

I have been sort of feeling like that lately.

I'm ready for the next part. 

I have a plan, and I want to just make it happen.

But I can't. I have to be patient. I have to do my time. I have to stay the course, and in the end, every thing will go as planned.

I felt that way in high school. I wanted so badly to hurry up and go to college. Each year felt like an eternity. Then in college, I wanted to hurry up and get my first job in television news. Graduation seemed like some far away goal that I would never obtain. But it came, and everything went as planned. 

I read an excerpt this morning in my devotional that said:

"Cherish the winter. Cherish its quietness, the time of going within to rest and heal. Cherish this time of preparation that must come before new life. Cherish the hope that lies beneath the snow." 

It seems it spoke directly to my heart. It is exactly what I needed to hear. I need to treat this time as one of preparation for the next big move. There will be a new life. There is more to come.

There is always more to come, and the older I get, the more I treasure all of the twists and turns life has brought my way. My story has been a fascinating one for me. Nothing boring, that's for sure. I have lived as much as my courage, time, and finances have allowed. 

At least when it is all said and done, I can say I tried to make an interesting life. But for now, time to suffer through a few more growing pains. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Classic Case of the Mondays

It goes a little something like this:

I wanted to spend more time with Sweet Guy and his girls. His youngest began the case to get me to stay one more night, right after she got back from church with her MiMi (a nick name she and her sister give S.G.'s mom.) Of course, the oldest chimed in right after lunch. I mentioned it to my guy and of course he smiles and says, "I would like nothing more than for you to stay."

5:40am comes awfully early. We all gather our goodies at the cabin and head back up to the main house for my car. I stop in to use the bathroom, then hug and kiss everyone goodbye and I hit the road.

It is dark. It is incredibly foggy. I am tired, so very tired to say the least.

About an hour into the drive, I finally get off the back country roads and head north on I75 toward Macon. As soon as I hit the interstate, I have about 45 minutes to an hour until I make it to my apartment. I began making a list in my head of all of the things I needed to do before heading into work. Then it hit me - My luggage. It's in the back of S.G.'s car.

Quelle dommage.

I call him frantically, letting him know he had everything: my medicine, my shoes, my clothes, and my hair appliances, plus my makeup. He tells me, just turn around, head south on the Interstate and I'll head north and we'll meet up.

So I drive from Perry to Cordele and we finally meet up. I get my bag, beg for forgiveness, and head another hour home.

Now I decide - shower time! I go to turn on the water to first brush my teeth and lo and behold there is no water.


That's right, apparently there is damage to some of the pipes in my building and the repair guys had shut off the water. I sit. I wait.

Finally... I head into work.

It's only 11:30am.

Pray for my sanity. ;-)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Living Life

2015 has not disappointed, thus far! My job is fantastic, my personal life is good, and I am connected where I want to be connected.

I sort of disappeared for a while, here from the blog. I was transitioning and adjusting to my new life.
Normally, I would have shared with you all of the fun little stories and pictures, but I needed some things to just be as they were.

However, I want to share with you all of the things I have been "adjusting" to! I think you will like it.

Spending the last night on the Gulf (just a week ago) in Panama City. My Sweet Guy and I went for a walk after dinner. 

I finally got to see how someone picks out a Christmas tree! I've only ever had artificial ones (allergies,) and my Sweet Guy's girls are seen here carrying them to the truck!

Things were looking beautiful at the Cannonball House. Here is Nora's bedroom - and a "homey" tree. 

On New Year's Day, S.G. (aka Sweet Guy) and I sat and watched the sunset on Mexico Beach. 

Early December, I teamed up with my friend Stephanie. She wanted to throw one of her tea parties - but she wanted to do it on a grand scale. I opened up the Cannonball House for her!

This is where I work. My office is the second floor - right hand windows. :-)

S.G. lives on a 400+ acre farm. This is the little dock leading to the fishing cabin on the property. This has become a wonderful retreat for me. 

Meet Sweet Guy - aka S.G. He came up to Macon for a visit and we had dinner at Buca di Beppo

Just relaxing and enjoying my little tree. 

We had an Ole Time Christmas at the Cannonball House. Here we have some staff and volunteers dressed in period attire, singing Christmas carols. 

I spent last Friday shopping, eating, and exploring Apalachicola, Florida. 

Met up with my friends from Leadership Macon at a local restaurant called Twang. 

S.G. helped me put my tree together. Here we are just relaxing with cocktail. 

More Leadership Macon folks meeting up for lunch at Twang. 

Starting the new year off in Florida. 

Found a bucket of sponges in Florida

S.G.'s youngest daughter is Mistress of the Saw at the tree farm. 

Had probably the best martini of my life - Grey Goose vodka, pureed strawberries and a mint sprig at The Shrimp Boat. 

Bacon wrapped scallops

More of the decor for Christmas

S.G. with his daughters visiting me

We had a lovely Christmas party at the house. 

Made my first gum drop tree!

People dancing the Virginia Reel

Took S.G. to Ingleside Village Pizza with his girls. They LOVED it. 

Check it out - Father Christmas and his wife!

I took SG and his girls to Dauset Trails. 

Then we went to the Museum of Aviation

More period  attire at our Christmas party. Old South for sure!

More Leadership Macon lunch shots

Many of the lovely ladies of Macon toured the Cannonball House after tea. 

I had another article in Macon Magazine. About Otis Redding's son!

Brunch at my sister's home for Yule. 

The cabin on SG's property. He built this with his father.

Party Bus heading to Port St. Joe, Florida on New Year's Eve

SG has a baby girl- Miss Gypsy

Met this wonderful photojournalist and bought some of his work in Florida. 

Visted the Historic Raney House in Apalachicola

The Shrimp Boat in Panama City - Great dinner. 

Just know. that is NOT water in that cup. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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