Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My form of window shopping

As a woman, I think it is somehow programmed into my brain to want to acquire stuff. I like things. I like buying things. I honestly get in a better mood when I purchase stuff.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the $$$ is not there to back it up. When this happens, you will never see me in a store. It's like taking an alcoholic to a bar - just stay away. Abstinence is better.

I have a friend that says, "Be damned that theory!" She will go shopping. Literally. She will try on items, put things in a cart.. walk around for a long period of time. (Or at least she told me she does this.) Then when she is finished getting her fix, she leaves the cart there and just goes home.

I was teasing her about this yesterday when I realized, OMG - I do the same thing - but with catalogs.

I am a catalog fanatic. I LOVE getting them. I love to slowly go through them and mark what I want. Yes.. I will spend hours just deciding what clothes I would like to wear, what items I would like to use to decorate my home.. etc. If it is for the living room - I will place an L by the item. Kitchen - K. Crazy.. I know. But it is my form of wish list/window shopping.

Maybe one day I will actually order something out of them. ;-)

I wanted to share with you my favorite catalogs and perhaps YOU might actually find one you like and maybe you will actual purchase something from these companies that have been killing trees to support my quirky "window shopping" habit.

1. Signals - This has to be one of my favorite catalogs of all time. Their tag line is "Gifts that Inform, Enlighten and Entertain. Ahhh...

2. Wireless - This is one that supports National Public Radio (my favorite station in the WORLD.) Lots of cute nostalgic items in there

3.  The Pyramid Collection - Their tagline is "Myth, Magick,  Fantasy & Romance." I just really dig the jewelry and some of the dresses.

4. Soft Surroundings - One of each please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. K. Jordan - Sells the most stylish items (in all sizes!!!!) So my plus size girls out there - check it out, you will NOT be disappointed. (PS for the men.. that's for girls sizes 14 and up.)

6.  Monastery Greetings - Their tagline is "Products from Abbeys, Convents, Monasteries and Hermitages.) Talk about excellent gifts and food items that are rare and hard to find. (Not the items that are hard to find.. but the fact that they are home made and from someplace like a monastery.

7.  J. Jill - To this day - my favorite style of clothing. (Actually - as you visit my catalogs.. I think it is clear what I like!)

8.  What on Earth - Their tagline is " A Collection of funware and delightful diversions" - Need I say more?

9.  Hammacher Shlemmer - Who doesn't know this one? Just in case, their tagline is "Offering the best, the only, for 162 years." Ahhh.. the best for certain.

10. The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book - Come on girls.. any self respecting woman with an ounce of style loves this catalog.

That's it - fantasy shopping 101. Actually .. that's not entirely true, I HAVE to order at least one thing from time to time just to keep the free subscription. ;-)

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Leanne said...

Ok, I am LOVING this post - because I love catalogs. The whole idea of shopping from the comforts of my patio chair is lovely (and drinking a margarita while doing it, even better!) Something about turning the pages of a catalog that is so much more appealing than shopping on line, for me anyway. (Guess that's why I'd never have a Kindle, either.) Can't wait to check out some of your favorite places to shop!!! Love it!


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