Thursday, July 1, 2010


You guys know how much I love taking pictures, but unfortunately my camera died a month or so ago. Sooo sad. I have turned to using my Mobile Phone to upload pics - booo. But at least it captures the memories.

This entire week I have tried to "capture" moments that made me happy. Perhaps this is something I will share, as I head into my weekend. Who knows! If you like the idea - let me know.

Sooo.. here we go - moments/items that brought a smile to my face and WHY!

This is a new candle I bought!! I LOOOVE candles - and this one is extra special. (Heather, you will get it!) - I bought it at Target, and it is Nature's Wick (has a wooden wick that makes a crackling fire sound) and the name of the scent is - Bonfire. But au contraire, my friends! It smells like CHRISTMAS. (Yes, Heather - I found the smell!!)

I LOVE my new candle. It was $12.99 if you are interested. The color of the wax? Brown.

Don't you just love when you purchase flowers that are not quite opened perfectly - then four days later, they slowly open?? That's what I got to experience this week. I bought myself some flowers, here is one of the surprises that opened up for me!!

Perhaps I will make it a weekly habit! Or.. maybe not.

This is my super "steal" of the week. I bought this new skirt at Ross Dress for Less for - $3.99 Seriously! It was totally marked down from $40.  SOOO loving it.

Here is a little more of the detail:

Part of what made me fall in love with the skirt was the sparkly detail! Totally my style. Sooo excited to sport this baby soon!

I bought this book today from Barnes & Noble for $4.99!! (Another Item on sale!) I am loving the book - really deals with our minds and whether we are adapters or people who hold on to memories.

I think I am the latter.

I will reveal as I learn more!

This is my guilty pleasure of the week. I bought a pair of zebra striped (the stripes are velvet) pillows for my black leather couch.

$5.99 a piece!! Again - Ross!!

Loving the pillows. Adds a little ZING! I am feeling jerseylicious!

My morning coffee. Always makes me happy - thought I would share my happy moment.

I am always looking for good coffee, but lately - with a good price. I bought organic, medium roast (Sam's Choice) for $5 and it is DELISH. Never thought I would say that. Then I bought the cheap Hazelnut creamer and I have to say - it's all A-Ok. Yep. 

Totally digging the flowering trees at my apartment.

PS - That's my little bug!

On Saturday, we had our Russian and Jamaican friends come over for lunch. Here you see Helena trying out the egyptian's new electric guitar in our sunroom. LOL

This moment made me smile.

Getting ready to set the table - and I started out with yummy homemade french bread and I put together olive oil with balsamic vinegar, and italian herbs. Was a hit for our dinner party!!

For the dinner party - my main dish (this is as soon as I put it in the oven) was an egyptian dish.

It's in arabic..


meat, onions, lots of spices, pasta, cheese (bechamel sauce), mozzarella cheese...

If you would like the recipe, I can share!

That's it this far. My little happy moments.

Thanks for checking it out! What were some of your happy moments?

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Leanne said...

Ooooo - email me the recipe (I love trying new foods and this one looks like an arabic mostaccoli, huh?) I love taking a look at your life and some of your favorite things. So cool (I'm a coffeemate girl myself - no flavoring - so good!) Such lovely things here! Lovely!


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