Friday, July 23, 2010

Happiness is in the product

Taking a quick break.

I decided to snap a few pictures of items that have made me happy today - and two that freaked me out.

Let's start with the freak out:

Look real closely - Yep. It's 105 with a heat index of 110. Welcome to the hot and HUMID south. Dying.

Not a high point (mood wise.)

I mentioned it before - yep.. was given this TV. Yep - our Jamaican friend just said - hey, got an extra - want it? LOL So.. why yes.. yes we do. 52 inches and all - BUT - no entertainment center yet. ON THE FLOOR. LOL

Will NOT be entertaining anytime soon. ;-)

It's like driving up to a trailer in a mercedes... having a TV with no stand. ;-)

Now on to the HIGH points thus far!! Today's happy moment is brought to you by material things.. yes.. sometimes, those things we buy - can make a girl HAPPY.

Remember that ice cream cone I was telling you about? (Oh.. maybe not. Check out my comment in the previous post.) These little babies make mama sing the hallelujah chorus! $4.98 at Walmart. WOO HOO.

NO - they are NOT heart healthy. But I think relieving stress is - so I say - YES to the ice cream cone. My favorite one is the one with the cherry in the middle!

I am not so much into hairspray like in the 80s - but with hair that is "fine" in texture like mine, you have a lot of crazy fly aways! My best friend in this hot and humid weather is this hair spray right here. It is SUPER flexible and really does help me.

Smells good too. Just a little spritz and humidity.. hah!

Sooo.. I am more of a french milled soap kind of girl - but I needed some bath gel for a trip recently.. I opted for this, and honestly - sooo glad I did! It was cheap $2.49 and smells delish and really makes my skin soft. Says it is a "Daily Detox" with White Clay and Jasmine. I don't know whether or not those elements are in there- but I am DIGGING this bath wash!

Okay, I am whitest white girl. I don't want a tan - though i don't want to scare people with my legs in the summer.. so every so often I put this on my legs. Just cuts down on the glare. LOL I like the mouse, because I think it goes on cleaner, dries faster, and does not smell as bad as the other stuff. And it hardly does anything - but just enough. It was around $8 at Target.

My hair changes during the seasons (texture wise) and since Spring - this has been the shampoo I desire! It's by Organix - this is the Cherry Blossom & Ginseng and it is supposed to "rejuvenate" your hair! I love the way it smells, my hair is soft.. and so far.. the past 4 months - so good! They run about $7 a bottle. I bought them at Ulta.

Sweet baby Jesus - this is what a girl like me needs. I use all types of heated items on my hair - that I have to protect it from damage. I have recently discovered this little love bug - The Aveda Damage Remedy. I put in own before I blow dry my hair. Smells divine and seems to be helping. It restores the protein in my hair! It's a bit higher in cost - $30 - but worth it!

This product makes me smile more than anything - Aveda's Smoothing Serum. Smells like lavender - works like a miracle. I use it for my crazy fly-aways.

Runs about $26

I think I have found the last body lotion I will ever need. I have been searching high and low for a lotion that will: 1. Moisturize like crazy 2. Not feel sticky or heavy 3. Smell clean 4. Not irritate my legs after shaving.

Who freaking knew - good old fashioned Johnson's Baby lotion - in shea & cocoa butter would be the winner. I LOVE both shea and cocoa butter - but all of the other creams are too smelly or heavy. If you have not tried this - do it!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stress that enough.  It's a winner. WOO HOO! I think it was around $3

Still reading The Bell Jar. I should be finished tonight. Excellent...

A little off-the-wall..

But excellent.

That's it. I apologize for the blurry pics. I used my phone's camera, and I think I need to clean the lens.

What items made you smile today? For me - it was smelling good, being moisturized and keeping the frizzies down in this humidity. It was ice cream and a good book.

How about you? What made you smile a little more?


Christy said...

Hi! It looks a little like my bathroom. Have to have the good stuff. I found you through the Bipolar Diva. She's awesome. I am now following you.

Nicole said...

Welcome Christy!

Anonymous said...

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