Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ring Around the Rosie..

One of the virtues of being very young is that you don't let the facts get in the way of your imagination. ~Sam Levenson

Do you remember Holly Hobby? Maybe she is still around, I would not know. Today's post is about being a child again and how glorious those days were.

When I was a little girl - EVERYDAY was magical. I never, ever turned my imagination off. I was always excited to start the next day, with a BIG smile on my face. The only time the tears would come was when someone would be mean, or was angry or hateful towards me. How innocent, to just skip through the days and the only time you felt hurt - was when someone brought that nastiness to you.

This Sunday morning I was thinking about my Sunday mornings as a kid. We would always wake up really early, have breakfast and run to Sunday School.  I recall my Dad always having his cup of coffee in the living room, listening to classic music and smelling of Old Spice.

My mom would be running around, a bit more frazzled, trying to get my sister in I in our tights with our Sunday dresses and out the door.

Once at church, we would go our separate ways. I always enjoyed learning about this guy named Jesus and how sweet he was and how much love he had for the world - especially the children. My Sunday school teacher made me feel special because she would always say - Jesus loves the children above all beings.

After class, I would run to the swing set outside and play with my friends. Then came the grouchy adults, gathering us up for worship. I had to be quiet for a solid hour! My mom would pinch me if I wriggled around too much. LOL We would stand, kneel, sit, over and over. Luckily - I was given a little program for kids, and I could color it while the loud organ played, and people sang. Luckily - it was only an hour!

After church we would dash home, change clothes. Mom would be yelling for us to hurry up, and Dad - I think he was watching tv. hahaha. We would then get BACK in the car and head to my Granny's house. We were soo lucky to have my grandma, grandpa and great-grandma all living in the same house.

We would run in and have lunch. A BIG lunch with all of the family around the table. Usually other relatives would join us too. My mom was an only child, so all of my cousins were distant. But I knew them! After words, the men would watch football or whatever else was on, and the rest of us would go outside and play. As the day wore on, I would retire to my papa's room and play with my paper dolls. I made these dolls out of catalog clippings. I would cut out rooms, and people.. and make amazing mansions. LOL I kept all of the dolls in a BIG garbage bag.

Thinking about those dolls got me thinking about my favorite toys. I actually found the very items I used to love so much on google images. THIS will take some of you down memory lane for sure.

My favorite record album that I would play over and over was GREASE. I assure you, I know every song, every line to that movie by heart. The movie came out when I was 5 years old, and I saw the original release when I was a kid. I LOVED that movie. Still do. But I would play this record over and over.. and yes, of course - I would pretend to be Sandy.

My sister and I had these matching Miss Piggy Puppet Dolls. My favorite thing to do was to brush the Miss Piggy doll's hair. It was the best for forming into curls, or waves, or whatever I wanted. I really loved that doll!

No doubt about it - 3rd grade or so, I got the Hall in Oates Record. AMAZING. LOL I loved it and would dance around my bedroom singing these songs every single day. Yes, I was really into music since I was super young.

Heart Attack, Make a Move on Me, Magic - these were the songs I sang in my daily concert in my bedroom.

I actually downloaded these songs onto my Ipod, and I swear I am transported back to the 8 year old little girl having a concert!

It does not get much cooler than this. Yes - I had the Donnie and Marie Osmond dolls. Don't hate - they were super cool!!!!!!

I actually have a picture of me holding my dolls up that i got for Christmas - I wish I had a scanner to show you!

Bath time was super cool time with my Fischer Price Boat. Every night the boat would sail away to exotic places... (I was a BIG fan of the TV series Love Boat - so this was ALWAYS the Princess Cruise Line.)

The Fischer Price Sesame Street town - OMG - when I found this image I almost burst into tears - this was my FAVORITE toy of all time.

Malibu Barbie.. ah.. my favorite of all the barbies. The one I had was able to get a tan if you lay her in the sun. Yes - this is the swimsuit my doll had. I actually cut her hair and gave her the coolest mohawk/spiky hairdo of the 80s.

My dad has a digital pac man watch. I snuck it to school one day and tried to play it in the classroom.

I loved this watch. I still remember it had a really strong leather smell.

Pom Poms for skates. WOW. I did not ever get to have any - but I was BLOWN away by the girls that had them. In my Girl Scout Troop meeting, we ended up making homemade pom poms and tied them on our shoes. Not the same.. but oh so cool.

My magical Ballerina Jewelry box. Come to think of it - I would like one now.. hmmm.....

I thought I would end things with an actual picture of me with my most "used" toy - my red tricycle. Oh man - what a coool ride it was.

Now what about you? Do you remember all of your favorite toys or special moments? Feel free to share them with me!


Nicole said...

Correction - the Pac Man watch had a RUBBER smell.. sorry.

Courtney said...

I love this post! I used to have a similar Sunday routine, but I went to church with my grandma instead of my parents then we always went to Wendy's for lunch afterward. I was also a Grease fanatic, and still know every word to the movie. It drives my husband nuts when it's on tv!

Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! I'm following you as well. : )
Loving The Reflection

Anonymous said...

My step mom had some of those fisher price toys!! It was a farm though. My sister and I played with them whenever we went over to my step mom's parents. Good times.

dewin said...

Blasts from the past! I haven't seen those Fisher Price people since I was five!! Oh, and I just saw Hall n Oates in concert. Theyre still touring. Had a great time. I still dance around to their record, in fact I just listened to it earlier tonight!

Leanne said...

fanTAStic post, Nicole!!! I LOVED Greese - and had a crush on a boy named Freddie (yep, seriously) - I remember singing "Freddie my Love" to the mirror, with hair brush in hand - right along with this record. LOVED it! And I had a big Holly Hobbie doll that was my very best friend!!! LOVE the trip down memory lane! Haven't thought of Holly Hobby (or Frieddie) in quite a long time! ;0


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