Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving On! Part II

I titled this one Part II - because apparently there is a "Moving On!" post already. Who knew? ;-)

First, I want to thank my bloggy friends for your wonderful sentiments and advice. Much appreciated.

Today, Praise God!, has been good. Peaceful and good. Unfortunately, I tend to feel a bit sick and my body shuts down after a stressful day (or days.) I have since slept, drank lots of water and all is well.

Drama Drama Drama. Lord have mercy. lol

I assisted the egyptian with his paperwork to get permission to leave the country. Yes - I am calmly helping him. Also, it looks like I have the option to join him - whether or not I choose to is another thing. It might be good for him to go home alone, though I would love to see his family again. (If you are just reading this for the first time - we are planning a vacation to Egypt. The idea in question - was whether or not I would go with him.)

My next idea.. now.. bear with me.. should he and I talk about moving there?

Follow me on this one...

Maybe it's just too much here. Maybe we should save up (b/c a little bit goes a loooong way there) - maybe we should go and give it a try...

Or maybe that is just the craziest idea I have ever had.

I want him to be happy. We all know that the American dream is not as easy as many foreigners believe it to be. It just is not. I think he thought it would be sooo much easier here, and that the roads were paved in gold, and that he would have a house, new car, excellent career all fall into place in his first year. Patience is what he needs.. high hopes is what he has.

I'll say it again - I want him to be happy. I am happy when I am with him, and he is happy. I have worked the jobs/career I have always wanted, I have purchased the cars I wanted, I have visited the cities I have wanted to see here. I hardly see my family as it is - why not give him an opportunity to live his adult/married life in a way that makes sense to him?

I doubt he would ever want to officially do that, unless there was an excellent job just waiting for him there. But it is something I think we need to discuss. I think we need that 5 year plan. Goals to reach - together.

Either way, is fine with me. I know he is homesick, and it hurts me to see him sooo lost and sad. There is nothing worse than seeing a strong man full of pride, sulk and feel completely useless and lost.

I hate it.

There is a great big world out there - and people flourish wherever they plant themselves and reach for the stars. Whether it is here or there - or somewhere else... plans need to be made. Right now, we're both just floating along, waiting for "something" to happen, but afraid to say just what that something is.

I will work on this next part - the making decision part. We have passed the one year adjustment period - now let's make those plans.

What advice do you give newly weds? For us, it's different. I am 37, established in my career, and have everything I need to succeed and do well in life. He is 29, still on the thresh hold of his future, and it's all sooo new to him. I have been married - this is his first relationship (ever.)

What type of advice would you give us for creating our future? Tonight, even more so than other nights - our destination is simply unknown.


Leanne said...

Wow - Nicole - Wow! I actually think I am speechless (and you read my blog - so you know that I am rarely speechless). I think I need to think about this one a little bit longer.... I'm thinking about you, friend, and sending you peaceful thoughts . . .

Nicole said...

Thank you soo much! I am just sending it out into the universe... you know? We don't know what's next. What I do know for certain.. we need to start thinking about the future soon! ;-)


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