Monday, July 5, 2010

Let me introduce myself..

I think it is about that time again - to reintroduce myself! I am excited to see sooooo many new readers (on various different networks!) I figure, if you are just dropping by and decided to follow, then you are probably a little lost on who I am, and what in the world is going on!

Let me help you with that!

Wait! Where are my manners? I want to thank you for deciding to follow me and my ridiculous random thoughts!! Second - got a cup of coffee? No.. I'll wait...



Okay.. let's begin.

Basic Overview:

My name is Nicole (now an Abdou). By looking at me, I am pretty sure you can tell I am not an arab, so you might be wondering why I have the arabic last name? Well.. I am married to one of the star characters in my blog posts - "the egyptian." I don't typically use his real name. He is actually a very private person, and to be perfectly honest - HATES me sharing any of the crap I write. But.. he loves me.. soo.. he has to put up with it!

I am in my thirties.. oh yeah.
Heading more toward the other end. I am not your typical 30-something.. I don't own my own home, I don't have kids, heck I don't even have a dog - so if you are looking for a mommie blog, or a home blog or a how much I love my pet blog. (Though I dream of having one.. again.. some day. Wait.. let me clairfy - a pet, not a kid.)

I am from Georgia - but live in Alabama. You maybe thinking.. so what? It's the south, they are next door to one another.. what's the big deal? Oh my friend.. as any southerner can tell you - it's a VERY big deal and big difference.


I work in the non-profit field, and I do share that with my readers during high priority times. I am with the American Heart Association which is actually the American Stroke Association also. If there is ever something that deals with cardiovascular disease that you would like me to blog about, please leave a comment and let me know.

I work as the Marketing/Communications Director. Right now my territory is the entire state of Alabama, eastern Tennessee and Pensacola, Florida. If you live in those areas - let me know!

My background ranges - I have worked in non profits since 2000 and before that was in television. Yep - did the whole News Producer bit and then transitioned to Marketing/Promotions Producing.

I miss it .. a little. But I LOVE the flexibility with what I do now.

In the end - it is important that my work means something. Literally.

I tend to be an avid reader. No, I don't do book reviews - but i promise to tell you if something is really good. I am always reading a few books at a time .. and it is rare you will hear me talk about it. If I do - drop what you are doing and GO GET IT.

The egyptian and I see about one movie a week at the theater. We are blessed to have a good friend that is a movie theater manager - so it is rare i ever pay for a movie. Man.. it's the small things. Again - I don't review movies - but I will always let you know if it is worth your time.

I blog - everyday. If I miss a post - something is up. I could probably sit here and just write all day long. LOL But I promise not to bore you!

I LOVE taking pictures. I would say I am into photography, but I do not have any formal training. I can't tell you what shutter speed or lighting or whatever the lingo is that I used. So, I have decided, to be politically correct - the truth is - I like taking pictures. Some are really good and some are your typical examples of a poorly trained person.

I take ballroom dancing. This is new to me.. not dancing, just this format. I have been dancing for years - different kinds, I always try to mix it up. I took about a 10 year break .. and slowly I am trying to give it a go again.

Hot topics:

Human Rights. Animal Rights. Freedom of Speech. Bridging the gap between cultures. Religion.

Belief System:
I am a Roman Catholic and I am married to a Sunni Muslim. My sister is a Celtic Pagan, and her daughter was christianed in the catholic church. My mom was raised baptist turned Lutheran turned catholic... dad was a Methodist turned Lutheran turned catholic.

I am currently trying to sort out what I believe. I am a strong believer in Christ as the son of God. I believe there is a God. I believe Mary was a virgin. I am not sure what heaven or hell looks like. I believe in evil. Though i think I have the basics down - I have a hard time believing there is not a little truth in all of the religions... finding that common theme, and learning - but worshiping in a way that speaks to your heart is truly how I feel.

Old interests:
I used to be a BIG scrapbook person. I used to make candles and soap and herbal/essential oil bathsoaps.

I have hosted 14 different exchange students.

I am battling my blood pressure. I need to lose weight. I have all of the resources available to me.. I go through periods of being a warrior and through periods of falling flat on my face. Lately.. I am on my face.

Need to know:
I am the worse speller and I can't type. Sometimes I use profanity. It that bothers you - too bad. ;-)

Final thoughts:

I am on a journey... I am trying to soak up as much of life as humanly possible. I have a passion for travel. I am still trying to figure it all out - always searching. Looking for peace.. looking for that "moment."

My destination: unknown.


Mama Hen said...

Hey Nicole, it is nice to get to know you. First, I love that picture! Ballroom dancing is so much fun! I hope you will love it. That is great that you work for a nonprofit organization. I have always wanted to do that. I did a lot of volunteering. You have another award waiting for you! You deserve it! Come and get it! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Dawn said...

Like the new look!

TV's Take said...

Great meeting you. Following you from Mama's Lil Chick

Grace Adams said...

Wow! 14 exchange students? Been there, done that, and would do it again in ten seconds flat. I love my "kids"!

Anonymous said...

Nicole! Thank you so much for sharing all this about yourself! I feel like I know you so well, especially with the "Insider Edition" that you have shared with all of us!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture :P


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