Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Fly Like Paper..

It's the last day of August! Yippee! To me, ending August represents the (near) beginning of Fall. You know.. September/October/November group!
I saw this picture, and it reminded me of the end of Summer. Not sure why... just seems appropriate. Summer 2011 turned out to be both eventful and uneventful for me, as well as several of my friends. Who knew so many of us would lose our jobs this summer? Who knew just a couple of weeks after my dear blog friend, Leanne, lost her job - then our readers would then learn of yet another job loss.

Sign O' the Times for sure.

As I was driving home from my friend, Telisa's house, I began to think about my journey. I need to focus on the journey part more. I think I am caught up (again) on the Destination. As I pulled to the stop light, all anxious about the interview the next day, I happened to look across the street and see these huge jets. The jets were on display at the Museum of Aviation (Warner Robins is an Air Force town) - and those jets made me think of going anywhere and everywhere. I started wondering, "Where have they been? What did they see?" Perhaps these very planes helped save thousands of lives. It did AMAZING things.. yet only to rest there - in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Perhaps that's how I need to view the future - maybe during the journey I will do "amazing" things, possibly "save lives" lol... who knows! And maybe I will just end up resting somewhere like middle Georgia.. the future is so unclear.

Destination: Unknown is sooo fitting. I don't think I will ever be settled or satisfied, because I am constantly looking at What's Next. Maybe I should just look at What's Now?

Luckily I have been through two interviews and will have a third interview on Tuesday of next week. So far I have interviewed for the Morning Show TV  Producer position with Fox; the Communications Manager with my hometown's CVB; and then just yesterday I received an email for an interview for the Web Producer position for Fox. It's been 4 weeks since I lost my job, and now I have 3 interviews. Solid positions - not a bad deal at all. The good news is  - I could see myself doing any of the 3.

Most of these positions are not planning on making decisions until mid to late September. It sort of freaks me out to wait that long, but on the other hand, kind of allows me some time to just BE.

Life is a little chaotic in the sense of the "Great Unknown." It is also equally exciting to be embarking on a new adventure - in the near future. Or September has always kicked me in the A$$ - and I could bomb out on all three. We'll see.

(If you don't know what I am talking about with September.. oh.. just look through my September Archives in any given year.. you will see. ;-) )

Either way - a new job is around the corner, cooler air will be sweeping through soon, and pumpkin spice lattes will be available at a Starbucks near me!

PS - YES - Leanne.. YOU DID win. ;-) Fair and square. hahaha

This song is stuck in my head..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm baaaaack

I suppose I pulled a little disappearing act on yor guys for a few days. I apologize! Or maybe you needed a break from my madness and dribble!

I think I needed some me time.. time to hash things out. Sometimes I pull a disappearing act when there is simply too much chaos going on. Chaos is - lots and lots of conversation. Remember, I live in a SUPER quiet house... but then I went home.. and discovered a world of families (including my friends..) with kids and people.. and questions.. and concern.. and love..

It was just too much emotion for me to handle. I don't process emotion quickly... so it was almost too much.

But all in all, I had a really great time. But before I go any further.. I wanted to reveal the winner of the two night stay in Florida. We only had 4 entries... and my little niece pulled a name.. and of course I had to read it to her.. and I am super happy to announce the winner is:

You got that right! ~ Leanne, From Chaos Comes Happiness. I started giggling, because she is just an awesome person and dear friend.

Thanks to everyone else who entered. Leanne, if I am not crazy, I should actually have your address in one of my emails - I will mail you the gift certificate in the morning. WITH your birthday gift (finally. LOL)
 - Just to be safe - re email me if you don't mind!

Now for a little pictorial journey of my weekend:

Driving into Georgia.. the sun was rising..

The Tiny Tiger!

These stars are for good behavior!

Beware of this Tiny Tiger - she is an Orange Belt!

Visiting with an old friend from High School - Lisa.

Lisa, Leslie and me... all from the same neck of the woods.. ;-)

It was Phillip's Birthday- we gathered at my favorite Tex Mex hole in the wall - Polly's La Mesa.

Another friend from High School = Erica. We chatted it up at a new Yogurt Bar in Macon, GA.

Our other friend from school - Amanda, joined us!

Later I drove to the next city over - Warner Robins, and had dinner with Kaprial at Thai Pepper.

Telisa joined us - and I ended up spending the night at her house!

On the road again!

On Monday - I drove up to West Georgia - RockMart - and visited some friends from college. They have a 4 kids - this is their adorable little Maddie!
This is my dear friend Tania, we have known each other since we were freshmen in college. This is her son Alex, my God son!

This is my other God Son - Jacob!

Dale cooked a splendid dinner. They both met our first week of our freshmen year at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA. They've been together ever since!

This is Daniel.. their youngest, who chose to dress as Iron Man for me!

All in all, it was sooo nice to see old friends and relax. The interview back home went really well.. and I guess you could say.. it is a good plan B!

Here is a little more fun for you:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things I learned this week...

Sorry for the crickets on this side of the blogospere... I am in Georgia at my parents home.
I will officially announce the winner of the vacation to Florida on Tuesday when I return home. I am taping the drawing with my niece today. It's just too difficult on THIS computer to upload video.

Now - things I have learned this week:

1. Patience is not a virtue - it's a requirement to survive.

2. If I could find a job where I just lay around and do nothing, I would excel at it.

3. Apparently I am allergic to my parent's cats. Or their dust.. not sure which.

4. That being around people I have not seen in ages - can really make me laugh until I can't breathe!

5. That Autumn (my niece) is the apple of my eye.

6. That I REALLY REALLY hate being away from the egyptian.

7. That I have about 6 different plan b, c, and ds floating through my head.

8. That operating on 4 hours sleep is not enough to drive long distances.

9. That I hate sleeping on couches.

10. That.. oh heck.. I am just not that into the list this week.

Ciao ~ I will be back on Tuesday... or maybe before... who knows.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And the winner is!

Last chance to enter to win the two night stay in St. Augustine, Florida! All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know you want to enter, then follow on Google Connect/Twitter and the FB Fan Page. That's all it takes!

I have decided to draw for the winner tomorrow. The Miss Priss herself will do the honors - I will let my niece Autumn pull a name out, and I will video the whole thing! *giggle* Should be fun. Remember, you don't have to be a blogger to enter!

Well... I really wanted something amazing to write about, but I am just tired. There's something a little off-setting about this whole situation I find myself in.. and I have mixed feelings.

I really hate leaving the egyptian here alone. I know he stays super busy with his friends, but for some reason, my heart is going out to him. I sometimes feel these random bouts of empathy for people. He's not talking about anything, but I feel something is hurting him.

I think this whole situation we find ourselves in is basically hurting us both. We both want the best for each other - it's just not happening as quickly as we would like.

So I leave around 4am in the morning for home. The unplanned trip - all for a job interview. I think the position would be fantastic, I am just a little sad about the possibility of moving again. I just wish things could be on my own terms for once, yet I find myself on God's good humor.

Did I mention - the egyptian bought a car! I am sooo happy. (That was my random update!) He officially has his licence and now a Nissan Xterra.

Okay.. I am babbling... nothing new to talk about... I hope to have great pics to upload for tomorrow!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heading Home for a Few

Looks like I have a little adventure coming up, not - until recently, planned.  I am going home on Friday for a quick visit and... get this.. ANOTHER interview. That's right... an interview.   It happened quit suddenly. I decided to actually open my email from my sister, read the job description she sent me, did a quick attachment of the resume and ta-da ~ five minutes later I have a reply email from the person I sent it to saying, "This looks great Nicole ~ I will forward it to the Director."

How cool is that?

The very next day, I got a call from someone from the place asking what my salary requirements were. I always hesitate on this one. I told them, and I could hear the disappointment a little. Then they said thank you. 15 minutes later, they called back and asked me to come in on Monday at 3pm for an interview!

The job is the Communications Manager position for the CVB in my hometown. That's kinda cool, and well - if anything, I definitely know the area. It's very antebellum and very historical. LOTS of touristy stuff and few really big festivals that bring thousands to the area. Heck, why not?

Of course, I am still praying the TV station makes a decision soon. I think it would make my life and the egyptian's life easier if we did not have to move. But according to my friend, they are not making the decision for a little while longer.

That was Plan A. I decided to move forward exploring Plan B. Then maybe... I will have an answer soon (either way) and can make decisions accordingly. I NEED an answer of some kind.

I suppose I will treat the next week as a true vacation week. :-)

I hope to visit old friends, relax with my niece and family, and get down to the business of exploring my options.

As a dear friend told me - you got to take care of "You." That's what I am doing.

The Journey

For two years, I have shared so many facets of my life! One of my favorite ways to blog is through "photo blogs" little peeks into my life. Tonight will be no different, but first I want to share some of my more favorite "pictorial journeys."

Please click on the following links...

Eight Hours of My Life


New Orleans



Those are just a few of my faves...

But now.. what have I been up to the past week??

Saturday night I went to The Nick in Birmingham, AL.  Some call it the CBGB of the South. This was Rock U Live Karaoke. (Karaoke with a live band accompanying you. Plus, it was all 80s hard rock & metal. LOL)

The Nick ladie's room reading material

Art Folk Gallery, Downtown Birmingham

B Metro Magazine CD Release Party at Art Folk Gallery

Leaving the CD Release party with fellow blogger, Shermika!

Amazing Photography Show!

August Release of B Metro Magazine

Fellow blogger, Tamika at the CD Release party.

Leaving the CD Release Party, Downtown Birmingham

Shemika and I about 1 mile or so from my home. Did you know Birmingham has mountains? ;-)

Middle Eastern Snacks

Little Renn came over for a visit.

The egyptian's mosque

Visiting with Baby Veda Jane and Laura

Shemika and Tamika viewing the more beautiful parts of Birmingham

A little mall walking with the girls

Dinner ~ Middle Eastern Style

Turkish Coffee & Baklava

Wings Baby!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Bloggie Besties

Today is Birthday #2 for Destination: Unknown. As I celebrate throughout the week, I want to remind you to visit the post right before this one, and enter to win a weekend in Florida!

As I was trying to think about what to actually write about today - I thought about my bloggie "besties" ~ The people who make a point to visit and share their thoughts with me. People who have been on this little roller coaster of a ride. Some have come and gone, and those folks I miss... but for those of you who have hung on and shared your experiences with me - I am most grateful.

I got to thinking about what these blogs sort of feel like sometimes - it's like having your very own little talk show. I pose a topic, and then let the conversation begin. We have "regulars" and some who make a one-time appearance. Though I do not typically reply to comments, I do read every single one of them and take them into consideration. If you take the time to email me, I always make a point to respond.

With that being said, I want to introduce you to my regulars. These are bloggers who make an appearance daily, if not at least once a week.

They are my "network" - if you are new to blogging (it's a network.) I met these people either through blog hops like -  Lady Blogger's Tea Party or the Red Dress Weekend Link up or Java's Meet Me on Monday.  Or maybe they just happened upon my blog, or maybe someone else wrote about me and linked me. :-) Whatever the case, these people are my biggest supporters.

I think at the end of the day, I would probably meet these people for coffee. ;-)

I'm going in alphabetical order:

Bossy Betty - Betty is AWESOME. She is kind of like the "cool aunt" I never had. ;-) She has a MASSIVE following and always, ALWAYS takes the time to stop by. I love her photography, her concise approach to advice, and just getting little sneak peeks into her life. I am not sure where she is from, but she seems to have a pretty good life!

Cassagram - Cassandra is one of the first blogs I really started corresponding on. I think of Cassandra as that really cool little sister - she just graduated from college in NYC and is now working as a nanny in Europe - why? Because she can. She is the neatest person I have ever me - yes met, she and I met for lunch one day in Birmingham as she was traveling across the US!

Dizzy C -  Dizzy is my favorite book maven across the big pond. I adore her and her kind comments. She and I have been following one another for a while now, and she always takes a moment to pop by and say hi! I love her LOVE of books - clearly she and I would have fabulous conversations about various writers.

High Heeled Life -  This is one AMAZING woman. She has gone through tragedy - only to come out on the other side and be sooo positive and she shares her enthusiasm with me! I love getting comments from her, and know she is a warrior (in heels!)

Yenta Mary  - OMG - can this girl COOK! And develop amazing recipes. Not to mention, she tells it like it is! Probably the nicest person I have "encountered" from Michigan. I love her ability to be open-minded and just be super supportive. I have a feeling she would be the type of friend to tell me like it is, and I would love her for it!

Foxy Pink Cheetah -  Here's the interesting thing about Foxy - she and I have similar blogging styles, in the sense we read everyone, but don't always comment. But I always knows she is reading by the fact she is always up to date with what is going on in my life (as I am with hers!) She is a Utah native who I got the privilege to watch go from Super Mormon - to on a quest for the truth (as she puts it.) Fascinating blogger, amazing writer and I am totally devoted to reading her blog!

Leanne - Do I even need to say it? Leanne is my number one BFF in the blog world. ahhahaaaa.. We laugh about it, because she has sincerely become an excellent friend (as well as her sister.) She sent me an amazing package for my birthday, she and I have chatted by phone - all in all, amazing supporter. She is an incredible writer as well as human being! God Bless Leanne!

Laura - Laura is actually a friend of mine in Birmingham, who happens to love photography and blogging as much as I do! (Except she is waaaaay better at it.) I adore Laura and consider her to be one of my biggest cheer leaders in real life!

Mitzi - Mitzi is a Louisiana woman and usually pops by at least once a week or so. She always provides a little encouragement as well as advice.

Leslie - Leslie is my favorite American living in Mexico! I love how she blogs about her life living as an ex-Pat and raising children in a completely new culture. She is truly a sweetheart!

Ruth - Ruth, sweet Ruth. She always has a wonderful word for me, and I love her visits. (Though I can't seem to comment on her blog - I PROMISE I do read them!)

My Inner Chick -  Another great commenter! I always appreciate your comments, and I love your blog!

Cristina - Cristina is a "real " writer, in the traditional sense of the word. I "met" her through a writing group her on the net. She is always full of great insight, and I HIGHLY recommend you go check her out.

Doris - Oh Doris, she just feels like someone I have known my whole life!

Renee - Renee is another one that makes an appearance from time to time! Check out her blog!

Sharlene - Sharlene is another fabulous blogger who makes an appearance from time to time. Unfortunately she is another one - that I can't comment on for some reason - but love her blogs!

Ruby - Sweet Ruby - I have followed Ruby from brighter days to struggling days and everything else in between. She lives in California and tries her best to live the life she used to have on a very tight budget. She is a wonderful person, and GREAT writer.

Peggy - Peggy is that voice of reason God knew I needed! What a wonderful spirit she has(and trust me, she has recently battled some wars) and she just exudes confidence (through her writing!)

Style Maniac -  The Style Maniac is the sassiest blogger this side of the Mississippi. (Or maybe the other side, I have no idea!) She always has fabulous comments .. because she.. is... well.. fabulous!

Laura - Another Laura, and a fabulous one at that. Laura is Leanne's Sister and is just as wonderful as Leanne. I adore my emails from Laura - while she is kind and honest, she is also sharp!

The Bipolar Diva - How refreshing to have someone in your "blog life" like the Diva. She and I have become "FB" friends and she is amazing. Candid, brash, and fabulous - just the way I like them! Adore her - check out her blog!! She lives an amazing roller-coaster of a life.

Cheeseboy - I actually "met" the Cheeseboy through Diva, and he has also become a good little FB friend. He is freakin' hilarious and an amazing writer. He always leaves fabulous comments! He has a massive following and is truly entertaining. I have a feeling, we will be hearing more of him on a bigger platform one day.

Carol -  Carol "the Gardener" is an amazing "blog friend." She and I have emailed quite extensively in the past, and she is just a really cool person. She doesn't live too far away - down near Pensacola. Awesome person!

Heather - Heather is actually my sister. Yep - if you head over to her blog, you will learn even MORE about our lives. She always acts as an honest mirror to what's up in my life. ;-)

Tamie Marie - Tamie Marie makes a point to drop by from time to time. I just wanted to give her a little shout out!

Ms Blase' - This is one blogger I have about 5 million things in common with. Even the most rare things! She is an amazing writer, and I always read her blog - BUT - I can't seem to comment on it any more. I hope she sees - I am READING!

TV -  TV is wonderful. She is smart, she says it like it is, and she apparently has the most beautiful child! To this day, I am just dying to know what TV (initals) stand for. It's her name.. I assume.. but regardless, she is a wonderful "advice" commenter.

Leslie - Amazing creative - and just a super nice person! She is sort of part of the Leanne triangle of peeps (Think Yenta Mary, Leanne, Laura, Leslie, Peggy, Betty... etc.) Love those ladies!

There are sooooo many more... but these were the few I could grab quickly. You see how LONG that list is?? That's how supportive this little blogging community can be. I don't put buttons on my blog anymore.. so this is my little "shout out" to the girls (and GUY.) A few others used to be regulars - not sure what happened to them, but I welcome them back with open arms.

In other words - TWO YEARS LATER- without these people, I may not have any inspiration to come on here and write. You guys inspire me. You motivate me. You are my virtual "cheering" corner.

Please take a moment and click on their names. These are super, loyal readers and in turn - I follow them.

PS - I got you guys something - ;-) -

PS - I have a song for you. :-)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look Who's Two!

It's true! Happy Blogoversary to Destination: Unknown!

On August 22, 2009, I wrote my very first post here.  Though this blog is just a little toddler, we've come a long way. In the beginning I only had a handful of followers (my mom, sister, and maybe one or two friends.) I never thought in a million years that just a short 2 years later, I would have met so many amazing people through comments, emails and even phone calls. Your appreciation for what I do and share so candidly, touches me on the deepest level.

This entire week I would like to take a look back through some of my favorite posts, some of my closest "blog friends," and where I hope to find myself in one more year!

In appreciation for all of the support YOU have given me, I have - for the very first time - a GIVEAWAY!! It's a pretty cool giveaway at that! I have a gift certificate for a two night stay near St. Augustine, Florida. One of my favorite followers will win this! It's so simple to enter the contest. All I need you to do is make sure you follow on Google Friend Connect, my FB Fan Page and Twitter (all of the links are found on the right side bar)! Make sure to comment below and on Friday I will video tape the drawing and share here!

It's been a tough two years for me. There is no denying that fact. After reading through my blog, it seems to just get progressively tougher. But one thing has remained the same - Destination: Unknown is my outlet to express (not repress!)

I am eternally grateful for your support, your comments and your advice! I have taken your recommendations and incorporated them into this "dribble." ;-)

I would love to hear from YOU. If you actually read this, or were touched by something, or maybe something so small inspired you - I would really like to hear about it. I have rarely missed a single day to stop and share something with you. Now, it would mean the world to me (more than you will ever know) to get some feedback.

Here's to another year of  Destination: Unknown! God willing, THIS time around - I'll be on a new path, with God's light shining the way.


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