Friday, July 30, 2010

Taking tired to a whole 'nother level..

This girl is one tired little cookie. If you follow me on Twitter (which FINALLY I am getting better about updating) - you know I have been busy with work and with home. Just both in general.

Work is actually going pretty good! The fiscal year end came to.. well.. an end. We gained two BIG sponsors (which means lots o cash for cardiovascular diseases) and the media is trucking along just fine. We taped two PSAs this week for the Start! Heart Walk in August - and today we had a HUGE meeting with the marketing team from a hospital system here. Good.. good... good.

Home? All is peaceful. (Praise God!) The hardest part is all of the driving. Basically - I get up at 6am - drive to work. Then at 2pm drive to pick up the egyptian - then drive him to work. I head back to work. Then leave work - drive back home. TRY to stay awake until 10:30pm - drive to pick him up. Then we get home around 11:30pm. I hopefully head to bed, then get up and do it all over. (Please note - it is a 30 minute drive for me to get to work (with all of the traffic) - then 30 back to home. Then 15 to the egyptian's job. 20 to my work. Then 1 hour home (traffic jams at 5pm) - then 10 to his job - and 10 back. (Due to traffic.) I spend almost 3 hours a day in the car. *sigh*

This weekend I just KNOW I will be exhausted. I am about to leave to volunteer at my church to drive the van for the "lock in" for the youth group. Personally - that's not a lock-in - more of an all-night activity thing.. but whatever. We are going to take the kids (about 70 of them) to pizza then yogurt then movie then coffee (starbucks) then midnight bowling then ihop then back to the church for nighttime prayer and volleyball. Until 7am.

Then I come home - crash - get up - take the egyptian to work. He gets off at 11pm and has to return at 7am.

Can I just say it? Son of a bitch.

Pray for a peaceful Nicole. LOL Perhaps instead of stressing over the lack of sleep, perhaps I can concentrate on what fun and fellowship I am having...

Oh the naps I will take!

What are YOU doing this weekend?


The Bipolar Diva said...

I think I'll be recovering from your week! That made me tired just reading it, I cannot imagine how you feel. Breathe, relax, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I will be resting this weekend from my trip. Blah.


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