Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My experience with the Paranormal

I suppose we have come to the end of my little paranormal series. I thought it was interesting stuff - items I have always wanted to explore.

Now is a good a time as any to tell you my silly little "maybe there is something else out there" snippets.

Ghosts - not sure if I ever ever seen one. Only on 4 occasions has something happened to me.

1. First time I was traveling to Dallas, TX. I was living with my best friend from middle school in her apartment for a month. (Turns out she lived with a crazy, abusive husband - but at the time, I was not aware.) One night I went to sleep on the couch as normal, and I woke up and for a split second or two I SWEAR I saw my great grandmother sitting on the end of the couch. She was wearing a blue gingham dress, sitting with her hands on her lap looking straight ahead. Not sure what that was about.

2. One night I came home from college, and my sheets were being washed, but I was super tired, and I just decided to crash on my bed without sheets. I remember getting super cold in the middle of the night. I woke up and I was laying flat on my back (something I never do) and there was a striped towel laying perfectly over me. This towel was not in the room, or anywhere near where I would lay this over me. No one in my family said they brought it in there. Turns out the towel was gift from my late great grandmother to my parents.. *insert twilight zone music here*

3. In my old apartment, my friend Lynn came for a visit. I always got the creeps down there, but just sucked it up to my imagination. I was sitting at my computer, as Lynn was doing her make up in the bathroom when suddenly someone just pushed my ponytail. (You know when someone walks by and makes it flip to the side??) Well.. I said, Lynn stop. She called from the bathroom and said, "What are you talking about?" Freaky.

4. Finally, in the same apartment, my room mate Keli was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine, and i was sitting on the couch. The dog was with her, and the cat was on the dining room table. I felt someone pop me on the top of the head. I asked her - hey - what did you hit me with?? Was it the cat. That was a big NO to all of the questions. Crazy part is, my niece, had just told me on the phone the day before that her imaginary friend (if you remember reading about in the ghosts paranormal story) Mr. Mopey said he was going to come and see me.

So my room mate and I joked about Mr. Mopey coming to see me. (Which by the way, my family believes is a ghost in their home.)

Right after we were joking about that the picture on the wall behind me fell and crashed on the floor. Glass broke. Keli and I were like - WTH? I cleaned it up - as this was happening, we looked at the sunroom windows and they were completely fogged up. Again - we were like WTH??? I was not laughing now. I ran to my room to get my rosary (lol) and when I entered it wreaked of cigarette smoke. Neither of us smoke. I ended up sleeping in her bed that night. lol

Shadow People: I mentioned that I thought I had seen shadow people. All my life I have seen black "something" whisk by out of the corner of my eye. Down hallways, next to doors. However, I am going to opt for the optical illusion bit.

Superstitions: Bird Flying into windows.

In the south we have a strong superstition about birds flying into windows and that means someone you know is going to die. When it happens, it always does. Freaky, I know. One night in college a bird flew and got stuck on my screen door. The next day I got a call my bunny died.

While working at a camp, every morning the cooks said a bird would smash into the kitchen window. That summer 5 people lost someone close to them.

And so it goes.

Psychic Stuff: Okay.. Okay.. here is where it gets a little freaky for me.

When I was a kid, I could always say who was calling before they even called. I can still do that. Call it coincidence? Maybe.

I used to have a recurring dream (I shared about the egypt) - but I did not know it was egypt. Later, on my visit there - the entire scene I have envisioned in my dreams unfolded. Freaky.

One night, while lying in bed I had a flash picture of someone with blond hair. I got this feeling it was a cousin. I called my mom, and said.. hmm.. maybe it was cousin Cathy. I said, 'Is Bill okay?' (Bill is is actually Willie Mae, Cathy's mom.) Mom informed me, yeah - I think so. I thought maybe she died. I don't know why I thought that.

The next day - my mom called to inform me my other cousin (Holly - with blond hair) lost her husband suddenly. He died of an aneurysm. (He was young.)

Recently I got a quick flash of my ex-mother in law. Not sure why.. then the next day I received a message from her daughter telling me she was having heart problems. Coincidence??

One afternoon I was napping on the couch, when suddenly I sat up and got a quick vision of my dog that was living with my parents. I called home, and asked how Nanook was doing. My dad inform me Nanook had literally just died, and my father was walking in the house to call me.

When I go into certain places, I get a weird feeling. Energy affects me. People's moods affect me.

I could go on with crazy stuff - but that's my only personal experience items. What about you??
Share some of your crazy moments in the comment section!!


Yenta Mary said...

Oh, no, honey -- just been busy and haven't had a chance to read everything yet ... don't worry! One of my best friends is VERY knowledgeable about these matters. And when my son had a very bad (required hospitalization) reaction to a med 2 summers ago and had all sorts of odd sights and sounds coming at him, he told me about Shadow People and said he saw a native chief walking in front of our house ... my friend told me that's a protective spirit, who clearly knew my son needed it. So I just need more time to read through everything so I can at least pretend to say something intelligent in response ... :)

Anonymous said...

Making it official- loved your series... especially since part of it was about our crazy family ;-)


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