Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bloggers Make Excellent People!

There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.
~Walter Wellesley "Red" Smith

Making the commitment to write and keep a blog is hard work. HARD work. I know tons of people that claim to keep a blog. They do - but are more sporadic in their writing. Some of the best writers I know only commit to one post a month or so. To me, in all honesty, that's not really committing to a blog.

I am so thankful I decided to branch out and network a bit more. It all started with joining "Networked Blogs." One day a random person from the blog-o-sphere stopped by and left me a "Blogger Award." (Thanks Dewin!) Then I ended up finding blog resources.. then a blogger's network.. then a few blogs I really, really liked.. and next thing you know - BOOM - you have a following and you are a follower!

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Cassagram! A few weeks ago she announced she was taking a trip cross country! When I read her blog post, and saw she was passing through Alabama, I suggested she give me a buzz and let's do lunch!

Well.. lo and behold - we did just that! Here is one of the goofiest pictures of me - lol - (Cassandra, I am sure you would agree! I have a cheeseburger smile! LOL) -

I was thrilled to have lunch with her and her sister and the egyptian. (Yes - one of my fellow bloggers met the infamous "egyptian."  I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of her journey - and what a journey it is turning out to be! I am looking forward to hearing all about it once she returns home.
The blogger community is an excellent place to meet some really interesting, talented people!
PS - Make sure to follow Cassagram. You will NOT be disappointed!


Leanne said...

Awe - so super cool and exciting. I can't imagine meeting my blog friends. I think I would be, like super dorky, and just keep smiling and smiling ... like, 'hey - I know your secrets and you know mine - because we blog about them! heeheehee' So glad you got to meet one of your blogbuds - I'm going to head over to Cassagram (I can't believe I haven't been there before!)

Nicole said...

Leanne - Cassandra is a brilliant writer!

Also - I assure you - if my work/travels bring me to chicago anytime soon - you will be the FIRST person I call!!

cornflakegirl74 said...

That's so neat you were able to meet a fellow blogger :) Glad you enjoyed your lunch together. Hopping over to Cassagram to check her out now--thanks!


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