Saturday, July 24, 2010


Memories I will cherish forever.

I LOVE Egypt.


Rapunzel said...

Amazing pictures, thank you for sharing! And might I say, you are one lovely lady! xoxoxo

Leanne said...

I think these are awesome... and you know how I've been "worried" about my virtual friends lately? Well, one of the things I was going to tell my virtual friends is to stop and remember what brought them to where they are. Sometimes remembering special moments/special trips/special conversations is all that people need to bring them to today. Does that make sense? I love this pictures - they are so amazing and make me hope to one day travel to this land. How completely cool!

Leanne said...

Oooo - and I forgot to say, I love the shirts you have on these pictures. Funny how I look at the photo and my first reaction was, "Oh, I love that shirt she has on! I wish I had that!!!" Silly!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to there. lol. But for real. Being a former anthropology student... I love Egypt.

Nicole said...

Cassandra - You officially have your Egyptian connection! Next time I head over - come on! ;-)

cornflakegirl74 said...

I have always wanted to visit Egypt, but your photos really fill me with some serious wanderlust. Looks like you have some fantastic memories there :)


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