Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am feeling a bit nostalgic, which always means I am about to post some pics. I have to admit, I love sharing the "visual" part of my life with my "blog friends."

I thought I would do a sprinkling of good times and great memories. Friends, places, whatever. A few pics you may have not seen.

I hope you enjoy the little "glimpse" into my life!

I snapped this picture this past fall in my bedroom. This is my niece, Autumn - she was checking herself - and me - in the little mirror.

My dinner one night at Ali Baba - Tabbouleh, Hummus, rice, and tatziki

Autumn attempting to construct her first gingerbread house. Notice my sad little advent wreath in the background.

Adorable! Autumn picked a "winning ribbon" to wear from my office, and topped it off with my Yankees cap. The egyptian opted for the Santa cap with Pink Floyd Tee.

The Egyptian - doing what he always does - sitting with the laptop.

One of my favorite foods - stuffed shrimp with ranch at Bernie's on River Street in Savannah, GA.

He is such a naughty boy!

I miss this little purse. It held everything I needed, without me lugging around a ton of junk!

This is the creepy eye shot.

Two of my dearest friends, that have moved away! One of our last weekend's together in Destin, Florida at AJ's.

This was a fun group - Ben, Keli, Lynn and Felipe (My Brazilian Exchange Student.)

Good times..

One of our American Idol Parties!

My Australian exchange student trying red beans & rice at Pat O'Briens in New Orleans. A must for all travelers.

My sister with Autumn - as a Santa Baby

My Colombian exchange student, Roslin and I at the Renaissance Festival.

Yes, I am a vampire and I want to suck your blood! Happy Halloween moment.

A precious moment between Autumn and the egyptian. Again - he is always on his laptop.

The tier of control - my managers - Erica, John and Bruce - in that order! :-)

Last summer, I took the egyptian to one of my favorite spots near my parent's home - High Falls, GA.

Relaxing after a looooong day!

Halloween party at my house  - Katie is a pez dispenser, I am trying to eat her (I am a gypsy), Christina is a fire girl, Collen is a character from The Office, and Keli is a vampire!

Keli and I at Halloween. (Keli and I were room mates!)

The day after Obama was elected, Wanda and I took a picture together. Wanda grew up in Birmingham (during the Civil Rights movement) and she stated, "Who would think I would see a black president in my lifetime, or even be close as friends to you and work side by side.. living in Alabama." It was a great day for us both!

Lestat, the vampire kitten.. well - biting my leg.

My friend Katie and her boy Moe and I crammed into her little mini cooper and went hiking!

Youth Leader's at Prince of Peace Catholic Church: Veronica, Katie, Keli & me!

The egyptian teaching my dad and sister how to smoke the Sheesha (or Hookah)

I took the Egyptian to the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds in my home town of Macon, GA.

You know!

Enjoying a rainy afternoon with friends/Co workers - Wendee and Ashly in New Orleans!

Cafe du Monde with Wendee and Jennifer!!

My favorite Memphis belle - Jennifer and I in New Orleans!

I love making friends with the statues in NOLA

Drinking heavily and enjoying an afternoon with co-workers in New Orleans. (Wendee is based in NOLA, Ashley represents Nashville, Jenn is Memphis and I am Bham!)

Look at the cutie picking out her pumpkin!

Moving in day!

Kristi and I at the American Heart Association Heart Ball

Carla and I celebrating National Wear Red Day!

I will end this with the funny pic of Obama - not quite ready for the picture!!


Leanne said...

GREAT pictures, Nicole!!! You enjoy life, and I love to see that!! Very exciting (PG LOVES NOLA, and Cafe Du Monde and wants me to travel to New Orlans with him one of these days! Your photos are inspiring me to do that!)

Mama Hen said...

Nicole you are beautiful! I loved this post! Your layout is great! I love the new look! I love the shrimp too! Yummy! Your eyes are gorgeous! I hope things are better with your hubby after that post you had written! That is so beautiful that you enjoy your time with your friends! Have a great day!

Mama Hen


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