Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joys of using your work computer until..

I am fortunate enough that my job offers me a laptop. Very fortunate.
My husband has one - and refuses to let me near it. There seems to be there protective bubble around the area he is seated at.

It drives me crazy that he has designated the dining room as his personal desk. BONKERS, I tell you. 

To get back to the subject at hand.. my desktop computer (personal) completely died. DIED. So - for now, I have to use my work laptop for posting my blogs, or FB status updates or whatever. The problem is - there are sooo many firewalls set up.

Last night, as I logged onto my blog - I took a moment to look at the layout. I LOVE it. My dear Blog friend Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness did it for me. However, I noticed the background was scheduled to be deleted on August 1st - or so the little thing at the bottom of my page told me. Booo. So I had to go searching for a new background image. Low and behold - half of the sites were completely blocked by the office firewall. I had to settle for this mediocre background.

Friday is pay day. I am GOING to buy a new computer. That's final.

Also - gripe number 2 - camera. I have been shooting random photos with my mobile phone camera. YUCK. MY cute camera died back in December (I think.) The egyptian bought a brand new - NICE camera. He will not let me touch it. (Are you beginning to see a trend here?)

Personally I think it is ridiculous for me to buy a new one - but he has forced me to do so. First of all - he doesn't even know how to take good pics. Sorry, but it is true. Nor does he EVER use the damned thing. Thus - I must go spend another couple hundred on a new one.

*silent scream*

Joys Joys Joys of living with someone from a third world country that never really had expensive toys. You would think the items were made of gold.

Please be patient with my background. Plus, be patient with my crappy photos.

I realize this too shall pass.. ;-)


Anonymous said...

awe....I hear ya. My x-husband was like that. Now as for the computer & camera...have you checked the pawn shops in your area? Both my computer & one of my camera's came from there. They have never given me one iota of trouble. Could save you some $$$ if you are looking to save.

I am looking forward to what background you come up with next time.

Anonymous said...

Silly silly guy. Doesn't he know it's a LAPtop. Emphasis on the lap part. Hehe.


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