Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Longing - Word of the Day

I am finally nearing the end of the "word experiment" with my sister. Today she gave me longing.

Since I am in a very good mood - I thought I would make a list of things I long for.. keep it light.. keep it simple:

1. I long for a hot dog street vendor. I LOVE me some hot dogs. I always hope to "happen" upon one.

2. I long for long flowing locks of thick hair. Instead I ended up with fine hair, that can get a little scraggly.

3. I long for a flat, toned stomach.

4. I long for chips and dip. I guess if I get the chips and dip - #3 is out the door.

5. I long for that first cup of coffee each morning.

6. I long for a really fat bank account.

7. I long for the happiness of my friends. Wait.. what I am trying to say is - I REALLY want each of my friends and family to be super happy. (remember, I am sensitive to other's energy. If they are in a good mood - then I reap the benefits!_

8. I long for spiritual maturity.

9. I long for moments in nature that take my breath away by their beauty.

10. Finally... I long for this week of words to be over. ;-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

My new brand of Crack

There are a few things you need to know about me:

1. I am hyper. Seriously.

2. I used to be a pretty serious dancer (waaay back in the day.)

3. I am hyper.. oh yeah.. I mentioned that.

4. I am ever so slightly a stereotype (30 something and in need of losing weight.)

5. And I am hyper.

If you have been following my blog, you know I have been dabbling here in there in getting active.  You know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing.

Did the Flamenco thing - $60 for one class a week per month was a bit more than I wanted to spend. PLUS - I was only getting one good hour of exercise.

Did the personal training thing - yes it was free (thank God for my amazing hook up and mad promoting skillz) - but regular exercise makes me want to slice my wrists.

Then there was ballroom dancing- and yes, I thought I was onto something there. BUT that little introductory offer was not what was up. Turns out it was $300 for 5 classes... per time. Oh H-E-L-L TO THE N-O.

NOW.. God answered another prayer. Yes.. yes.. it was God for me. Deal with it. ;-)

One of the membership directors at the Y came by the AHA office and offered up the sweetest deal known to mankind. Waive the activation fee of ($87) and you could get 1/2 off the membership for the year. Which would have been awesome.. but in my world... procrastination is my middle name. I waited.. and the deadline passed. But I had weighed out my options, studied the group fitness schedules like I was studying for the College Placement Exam.. and gave the M.D. a call. She said she would waive the fee - but I would have to pay the regular monthly fees. DONE. So for $54 dollars a month I have a city wide pass (did I mention there are like 8 AMAZING Ys here.)

Soo.. I did my homework - printed all of the gym group fitness schedules - and highlighted all of the dance-oriented workout classes.

Again, in perfect Nicole fashion - I procrastinated for 2 weeks. THEN - on Saturday.. with news that sent me through the roof - I got up and took off to take my very first ZUMBA class.

Frightened like the new kid in a new school - I was driving up and down Pelham Parkway looking for the Y. Where is it? Where is it? Called my sister to call them.. finally found it and damn it, if I was not 10 minutes late for class. How horrible is that?

The only good thing - it did not allot me a lot of time to get nervous.. I ran into the gym and asked, "I need to know two things.. One, where is the bathroom and two, where is Zumba?" The girl smiled, and could clearly see I was out of breath and said, "Behind me are the bathrooms.. and behind you is Zumba." I smiled and took off. Literally - that class was like a Latin bullet! Consider it my first hit of crack.. we were moving 90-to nothing, a mix of Bollywood, hip hop, salsa, and African tribal. I was out of breath, pink faced with my heart racing! IT WAS AWESOME. The music was contagious and I knew right then and there I made the right decision.

Then Sunday rolled around and I thought.. hmmm.. the only class is right when mass is happening, and I made a promise to myself to head back to church. (I have not been to mass since Easter..)

So instead I went to church. But I thanked God for pushing me to join this gym (Did I mention - NO CONTRACTS!!!) (PS - you will never believe what the priest was talking about - our GIFTS/TALENTS. The same thing I heard the Sunday before at the church of our friend! Is God trying to tell me something??)

Anyway - today I did NOT feel good. So much so, I called in sick.. possible ear infection.. meds.. slept.. whatever. After lots of rest, I woke up feeling a lot better. The egyptian asked, "Hey - you going to one of those classes tonight?"

Ahh.. not going to be able to get out of this one. "Oh yeah... I am." (lazy me.)

Sooo.. at 6:45 I headed and check out another class.. thinking I would not like it - Body Jam.

Au contraire my dears - this class is my own special brand of heroin!! First of all, it kicked my a$$. Seriously. Stomped Zumba into the ground. It was definitely a mix of hip hop, latin, modern/contemporary dance on crack. Which means it was FAST. We were doing turns and jumping while we were turning.. and it was non-stop for one hour. NON STOP. When I got home, I pulled my hair down and it was completely soaked.

WHAT A WORK OUT. My body feels.. dare I say it??? At peace.

I think for someone as high strung as I, as hyper active as I, as spastic as I - this is what I need.

Granted I was the chubby chick in the back of the room.. and yes, my legs wanted to say no during the 50th times we did certain moves.. but I have to brag for just a second. When it came to the really complicated combinations that truly incorporated dance moves - I rocked it out! Others girls (the skinny bitches as I like to call them. And yes, I too, hope to return to being one of those skinny bitches) they were tripping all over themselves.. and might I add - had N-O rhythm. *insert giggle*

Ahhh.. I have found another great place to be. And I think for $54 a month - and I can take a class just like this 7 days a week - all year.. no contract.. uh.. yeah. I have a winner!

Sooo... with that being said. Dare I.. or dare I.. take a before pic and maybe monthly do a little check in. Hmm.. maybe it is too soon for that. But guys..

I think I found it!

The Scarecrow

My word of the day (again- brought to you by my sister) is Scarecrow. What an odd word to give someone to write about.

(Heck, what can I say - I gave her corn dog!)

I began thinking about what a scarecrow represents, historically why we have them, what are they (in a practical sense) used for, why we have them at Halloween and of course, the most famous scarecrow of all - from the Wizard of Oz.

I have to admit, the Scarecrow was one of my favorite characters from the Wizard of Oz. To be perfectly honest (and anyone in my family can vouch for this) - I am  HUGE HUGE HUGE Wizard of Oz fan. Sooo many lessons, sooo many parts to the story, and the movie was BEEE-UUU-TIFUL. As a kid I just loved all the bright - techni-colors. But I digress...

The Scarecrow never felt smart. He thought his brain was only straw. Why? Because that is what he was told. He was "created" and put into a very specific category and was declared a scarecrow. Many farmers still use scarecrows in their cornfields and gardens to scare away crows, but while this “make-believe man” might keep the large black birds away for a while, crows are really not easily frightened and soon return to the fields and even perch on the arms and head of the scarecrow.

The old custom of using a scarecrow was originally not to scare away crows, but rather as a cross-symbol to protect a cornfield. Superstitious farmers made scarecrows with two poles fastened together in the form of a cross, since the cross was considered a powerful charm against evil spirits. Clothes were then hung on the poles as a disguise.

Today, scientists claim that it’s not the scarecrow, but the scent of people clinging to the clothes that keeps the birds away at first. But soon, the rain and the wind carry away these scents, thus carrying away the “scare” out of the scarecrow.
 But what about our little loving man of straw? Did his purpose in life (as he was told) slow him down from what he was supposed to do?? In the Wizard of Oz he was very much the voice of reason, yet very insecure.
 Isn't that the way life goes? We are born - in whatever society/class/custom - and then we begin to move into these roles our society has placed on us. A few try to break through - but the baggage of our "roots" seems to also keep us humble... or is it insecure?

Let's also ponder Scarecrow's self talk.

In the beginning, he says: "You see, I can't even scare a crow! They come from miles around just to eat my fields and... and laugh in my face. Oh, I'm a failure, because I haven't got a brain! "

He doubts his own abilities (or what he thinks he is supposed to be doing.) He says the very words no human should ever utter - "I'm a failure, because I haven't got a brain."

How many times have our parents (or if you are a parent) said, "What were you THINKING? Use your brain!!" I hear it all the time from my friends with their kids, and I am sure my own mother said it a time or two.

After the Scarecrow meets Dorothy, and he makes sure to inform her of how "dumb" he thinks he is... she asks him.. what would he do if he had the one thing he wanted - a brain! He says, "Why, if I had a brain I could...

(singing) I could while away the hours,
Conferrin' with the flowers,
Consultin' with the rain.
And my head I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain. "

So here is the Scarecrow.. wasting his life on a pole in a field (b/c that's the society he was "born" in) - but he wanted so much more.

Later, after many adventures where he proves he is brave and smart and kind.. he meets - THE WIZARD." He makes his request- for the one thing he always wanted - and the Wizard says to him, " Why, anybody can have a brain. That's a very mediocre commodity. Every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the earth or slinks through slimy seas has a brain!"

Which means - what you need .. is what you have. What you have is what you need. It's what you do with it!

Unfortunately (just like most of us).. the Scarecrow needed some validation.. so the Wizard says to him, "Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Universitatus Committeeatum e pluribus unum, I hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of Th.D. "

With the validation and encouragment Scarcrow responds, "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. Oh, joy, rapture! I've got a brain! "

The one thing I really want is peace of mind.
One day, I hope to post - " Oh, joy, rapture! I've got peace of mind!"

What is your Scarecrow? What do you really want?

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Who needs some inspiration??

Day 4 - Scent Memory

I am really "funny" about smells. I find it odd my sister would give me the words Scent Memory to write about..

But.. okay.. I guess I can.

**insert long dramatic pause for the full effect**

Sooo.. when I have trouble getting my thoughts together, I make lists. Sorry.. here's another one for you:

Smelly things that take me back...

1. Coffee, Bacon, & Cologne. Those three combined - remind me of my father. Every Sunday morning he makes a big country breakfast, (used to put his cologne on before church) and he always had a pot of coffee brewing. It's a comforting smell.

2. Christmas Candle - It is a very distinct smell, and hard to describe. But from time to time I am able to find a candle or potpourri that smells like it. This "smell" comes from two fabric ornaments my family have that hang on our Christmas tree. It's that very smell!! (The ornaments STILL smell like this!)

3. Fire burning - reminds me of Girl Scout camp. Even the indoor fireplace - fire. It all reminds me of the 6 summers I spent out there as a camper and the 6 summers I spent out there as a counselor. Love a good campfire.

4. Jasmin - this always reminds me of New Orleans.

5. Sea Spray body splash by Bath & Body Works - reminds me of the sea mixed with floral.. the only time I smelled something like this was on Jekyll Island as a child.

That about wraps it up!

Tell me about some of your scent memories!

To the child I will never have

Dear child I never knew:

Where do I begin? I guess I could start by apologizing for not taking better care of myself. I suppose if my body had not "turned" on me, and I did not have to have that hysterectomy.. maybe.. in time.. I might have changed my mind about having children.

Soo.. for that, I am sorry.

Though I often joke about what a horrible mother I would make, I actually think I would have been a great mom! One thing is for certain, you would have grown up in a very interesting house! Your father would have been an egyptian (which means more than likely, your name would have been different!! Also, the chances are your hair would have been dark, and curly and you would definitely have more of a tan than me!) Unfortunately, the egyptian and I are not very tall, so height would not be a gift for you.

You would have been bilingual - which is pretty cool. Arabic and English. The thing is, we both actually speak fairly decent French.. so maybe even tri-lingual! You would have been a world traveler at a very young age.. transatlantic flights between grandparents!

If you were a girl, oooh you know your room would be decked out in ballet goodies! Unfortunately I would probably have pushed the "girlie girl" look on you. As a boy, I am sure you would have been a strong little man. Soccer ball in hand before you could walk!

Your father would have sang Arabic lullabies to you ( he loves to sing and play the guitar, however - he is not very good at either!) I would have held you in my arms and danced with you around our house.

But I guess we will never know each other. I am okay with that.. I assume it was all pre-destined. We never know where life will take us, or how things will end up.

One thing is for certain, you would have been one beautiful child, with an amazing personality, and some seriously cool parents! ;-)

If spirits do exist (the souls before they reach the body) and things were supposed to be different - I hope you will watch out for your "should have been father and I." We offer our apologies..

Perhaps your spirit/soul came in another form. Just.. maybe.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day Three Word - FANATIC

**image from cachegawker.com

When I moved to Alabama almost six years ago - one thing I noticed immediately - the number of University of Alabama football fans.

This brings me to the word of the day (bestowed on me by my sister) - FANATIC.

Let's define fanatic (just for kicks.)

A Fanatic is - a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal.

Yep, that would just about sum up an Alabama fan.

You see, in Alabama, there are absolutely no professional sports teams of any kind. None. That was weird for me. I grew up in Georgia where we have: The Braves, the Thrashers, the Falcons and the Hawks. Yes, we have college football, and yes you will generally decide if you are a GA Tech fan or a UGA fan... but all in all.. it does not get quite as cultish as it does in Alabama. (Well... maybe a Braves fan.. but come on.. who wouldn't love the Braves?? ;-) )

Now let's take a closer look at the culture of Alabama football.

One thing I noticed the first day I stopped into the local Winn Dixie to pick some extra paper towels and coffee creamer, after a man grabbed his grocery bag - he bent over, put one arm up and said, "Roll Tide!." I scrunched my eyebrows together and was like.. Roll What? Is he a big fan of Tide detergent?? Or does he hate it and wants to "roll it." Like rolling a house with toilet paper. I was CONFUSED.

Needless to say, I am NOT sports fan. Not in the traditional sense. I understand baseball. I can play tennis. I enjoy basketball. But football - I can honestly say I have only been to 2 games in my entire life (and that was high school.) Yep. NOT a big fan. I have watched the super bowl a total of 3 times in my 37 years. Tragic.. yes?? My sister even attended UGA.. but I never went to a Bulldogs game. (Though, isn't that dog just as cute as a button??)

Now that you understand that I had no idea what "Roll Tide" meant. For other non-SEC football followers (and God knows, the south plays HARD) - here is the terminology of an Alabama football fan:

According to the Crimson Tide website, the hat of Bear Bryant was his mojo, it was unique symbol that brought a sense of pride to the Alabama fan base. Today, you will see everyone from the blond Bama twins to new recruits to fans donning the famous Houndstoooth hat.

I guess I needed to back up and explain who Bear Bryant was! He was best known as the longtime head coach of the University of Alabama football team. During his twenty-five year tenure as Alabama's head coach he amassed six national championships and thirteen conference championships. Upon his retirement in 1982 he held the record for most wins as head coach in collegiate football history.

"Roll Tide" is what the fans of the University of Alabama yell at you!
I have searched and searched for the history behind this saying, and have come up with NOTHING.
Basically they call the team the "Crimson Tide." And "Roll Tide" is actually a military (classical) music score.. sooo.. maybe.. the battle is on!
Here is the official mascot of the 'Crimson Tide'. A BIG mean looking elephant.
I keep seeing things that say "Rammer Jammer" - so I tried to look it up. Basically The "Rammer Jammer Cheer" is a traditional cheer. It goes like this:
Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer, gave 'em hell, Alabama!

(found out the yellowhammer is the state bird.. huh.. interesting!)
Soo.. apparently Alabama has 13 National Championships (tied with Notre Dame.) The team is the current NATIONAL Champions.. and that was a really big deal here. (Like winning the Super Bowl for these guys.) Nick Saban is the "GOD" in these parts.  Have you met Nick yet?? Here he is.. he's kinda cute, and apparently a DEVIL to play for.
Needless to say, you do NOT go head-to-head with an Alabama fan. Literally - they get pretty passionate.. even if they never attended college! (Which is sooo bizarre to me.. EVERYONE follows college football here.)
As you drive around you will see a big magnetic A on the back of cars. It is clear - you are in ALABAMA football country.
I thought for fun, I would show you some fan pics of ALABAMA football fans..
Tail Gating!
They start young!!
Even your casket can say "I am a DIE hard fan."
Yep... I don't think I need to explain.
The famous twins.
Celebrating at Christmas.
(I just can't make this stuff up.)
I was not too far off on the whole "Tide" concept!!
An Alabama Football Themed Christmas Tree
A Roll Tide Roll car!
THAT my dear friends - is in my humble opinion - a fanatic. Nothing wrong with it, just a different culture all together. I will close with a few Alabama videos and I want leave you with a question - What type of fanatics do you have in your city or state?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Things I do not like that MEN sometimes do!

**image from frakincool.com

I cannot believe I never broached this subject.

Yes, I am about to list the things I do not like that MEN sometimes do.

I have a feeling, I just might have a bit too much fun with this post.

What I would love to know from you- what would you add to the post? What do you agree with? And what do you disagree with??

Without any further instructions - here is my highly anticipated list for the evening!


1. Gel in the hair. I honestly feel sick to my stomach when I see a man with too much gel in their hair. Okay.. maybe a little if you are going for some spiky look - but sooo much so that it looks hard as a rock scares me. Totally scares me.

2. Men with very little hair trying to gel their sprouts into spikes. Do you need a visual?? Just go into a night club, look for the 30+ year old men standing there.. you will see it.

(Clearly I have issues with men using gel!)

3. Men who completely shave their chest. I will admit, I am not a fan of hairy-hair monster - but the guy who is completely clean shaven (on his chest or legs) freaks me out. *cringe*

4. A Uni (as in Brow.) Hate it. Yes, my egyptian husband has one and he refuses to let me trim it up. I swear... one day.. when he is sleeping...

5. Hair on the back. Okay - I would rather the men have hair on the front versus the back any day.

6. Visors.. all.. the.. damn.. time. Seriously, it's 11pm and you are in a pub.. WHY are you wearing a visor?

7. Don't fart anywhere near me. Or make jokes about bodily functions.

8. Start to Peacock. Don't ask me to explain...

9. If you are out on a date - why oh why do you think a polo shirt with khaki shorts and flip flops are appropriate?

10. Too much tanning.

11. I know I mentioned I don't like the uni - but a man who waxes his eyebrows freaks me out. I am sooo not into the metro-sexual thing.

12. Buttoning your shirt waaaay low. (Showing too much chest hair -G-R-O-S-S.)

13. We want you to wear cologne. Just not too much. Also, let us pick it out - okay??

14. To decorate. Don't. Even. Attempt. It's our nest.. we can handle it. (Well - unless you are a fab, gay interior designer - then decorate away!!)

15. Stare at other women when you are with us. It's rude.

16. Tell us to stop talking, or that we are talking too much, or we talk a lot about nothing.

17. Comment on our weight... unless it is to tell us we look nice.

18. Make major purchases without running it by us. OR bringing home BIG electronic things (like that 52 inch flat screen SITTING on my living room floor.)

19. Always suggesting the action movie at the cinema.

20. Finally, at least PRETEND you are listening.


Is Tom Cruise a Whacko?

Day two of seven words in seven days. My newest word bestowed on me by my sister is - Scientology. What I find interesting about this subject is - my reaction to it.

I stopped. I sat straight up. I said.. "Ugh."

I judged. Something I have screamed and yelled about others doing to the BIG religions.

No - I am not in favor of Scientology. Not in the slightest sense. But do I believe followers/believers have a right to study/worship/live according to their teachings - yes.

I decided to track down a few facts about this "movement/religion" and share them with you -

1.Scientology is a body of beliefs and related practices created by pulp fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (1911–1986), starting in 1952, as a successor to his earlier self-help system, Dianetics. Hubbard characterized Scientology as a religion, and in 1953 incorporated the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey.

2. Scientology teaches that people are immortal spiritual beings who have forgotten their true nature.Its method of spiritual rehabilitation is a type of counseling known as auditing, in which practitioners aim to consciously re-experience painful or traumatic events in their past in order to free themselves of their limiting effects.

3. Scientology sponsors a variety of social service programs.These include a set of moral guidelines expressed in a brochure called The Way to Happiness, the Narconon anti-drug program, the Criminon prison rehabilitation program, the Study Tech education methodology, a volunteer organization, and a business management method.

4. It has often been described as a cult that financially defrauds and abuses its members, charging exorbitant fees for its spiritual services.

5. Scientologist  believe that souls ("thetans") reincarnate and have lived on other planets before living on Earth. Former members say that some of Hubbard's writings on this remote extraterrestrial past, included in confidential Upper Levels, are not revealed to practitioners until they have paid thousands of dollars to the Church of Scientology.

6. Another controversial belief held by Scientologists is that the practice of psychiatry is destructive and abusive and must be abolished.

I began to wonder, just how many Scientologists are out there? In 2005, the Church of Scientology stated its worldwide membership to be 8 million, although that number included people who took only the introductory course and did not continue on. In 2007 a Church official claimed 3.5 million members in the United States, but according to a 2001 survey published by the City University of New York, 55,000 people in the United States would, if asked to identify their religion, have stated Scientology. In 2008, the same survey team estimated that only 25,000 Americans identify as Scientologists.

Now let's get down to the basics - what EXACTLY do they believe?
Body and Spirit
Scientology beliefs revolve around the thetan, the individualized expression of the cosmic source, or life force, named after the Greek letter theta. The thetan is the true identity of a person – an intrinsically good, omniscient, non-material core capable of unlimited creativity.
In the primordial past, thetans brought the material universe into being largely for their own pleasure.The universe has no independent reality, but derives its apparent reality from the fact that most thetans agree it exists.Thetans fell from grace when they began to identify with their creation, rather than their original state of spiritual purity.Eventually they lost their memory of their true nature, along with the associated spiritual and creative powers. As a result, thetans came to think of themselves as nothing but embodied beings.
Thetans are reborn time and time again in new bodies through a process called "assumption" which is analogous to reincarnation. Like Hinduism, Scientology posits a causal relationship between the experiences of earlier incarnations and one's present life, and with each rebirth, the effects of the MEST universe (MEST here stands for matter, energy, space, and time) on the thetan become stronger.

Scientology presents two major divisions of the mind. The reactive mind is thought to absorb all pain and emotional trauma, while the analytical mind is a rational mechanism which is responsible for consciousness. The reactive mind stores mental images which are not readily available to the analytical (conscious) mind; these are referred to as engrams. Engrams are painful and debilitating; as they accumulate, people move further away from their true identity.

To avoid this fate is Scientology's basic goal.

Dianetic auditing is one way by which the Scientologist may progress toward the Clear state, winning gradual freedom from the reactive mind's engrams, and acquiring certainty of his or her reality as a thetan.

Sooooo.. when my sister gave me the word Scientology one picture came to mind - Tom Cruise. Yes, he is the unofficial celeb representative of Scientology. Which made me think - who else out there is a famous Scientologist?

Kirstie Alley 1951– Actress
Anne Archer 1947– Actress (mother of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis
Jennifer Aspen 1973– Actress.
James Stacy Barbour 1966– Broadway actor.
Lynsey Bartilson 1983– Actress
Beck Hansen 1970– Musician
Catherine Bell 1968– Actress
Karen Black 1939– Actress
Sonny Bono 1935–1998 Entertainer and congressman (R-CA 44th)
Nancy Cartwright 1957– Voice-over actress
Kate Ceberano 1966– Actress and musician. Ceberano is a third-generation-Scientologist; her grandmother worked as a governess for the children of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Erika Christensen 1982– Actress, raised Scientologist
Jeff Conaway 1950– Actor
Chick Corea 1941– Musician
Tom Cruise 1962– Actor
Tom Constanten 1944– Former keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.
Sky Dayton 1971– Founder of EarthLink
Doug Dohring Ex-owner of Neopets
Jason Dohring 1982– Actor, raised Scientologist
Bodhi Elfman 1969– Actor
Jenna Elfman 1971– Actress
Richard Elfman Writer and director
Doug E. Fresh 1966– Musician and actor
Peaches Geldof 1989– Celebutante
Kenton Gray Car and motorcycle race driver
Josephus A. Havenith –1980 Scientologist whose controversial death occurred at the Fort Harrison Hotel
Isaac Hayes 1942–2008 Musician and actor
Katie Holmes 1978– Actress (raised Catholic), introduced to Scientology by Tom Cruise while they were dating
Nicky Hopkins 1944–1994 Musician
Jason Lee 1970– Actor
Juliette Lewis 1973– Actress
Christopher Masterson 1980– Actor
Danny Masterson 1976– Actor
Lisa McPherson 1959–1995 American woman whose death has been a source of controversy for Scientology
Bijou Phillips 1980– Actress and model
Priscilla Presley 1945– Actress
Lisa Marie Presley 1968– Singer
Kelly Preston 1962– Actress and wife of John Travolta
Leah Remini 1970– Actress
Giovanni Ribisi 1974– Actor
John Travolta 1954– Actor

And in Forrest Gumps famous words... "That's all I have to say about that." ;-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tag - I'm it!

Oh my... that little Food Floozie threw me a curve ball. NOW I have to identify 8 of you and answer 8 questions about myself.

Here are here 8 questions:

1. What item of yours has the most sentimental value, and why?

That would be the crucifix that hangs above my bed. It was my great grandmothers (on my mom's side) and it hung above her bed until the day she died. Since then, it has hung above my bed. My Granny was an angel to me - and I miss her deeply. I did not receive anything else from her when she died, just this... and it means the world to me. If there was a fire - yep, this is the one thing I would grab... (well.. that and my passport. ;-) )

2. What is the best compliment you've ever received?

One time, a certain well-respected journalist said to me, "You have such a light in you.. such curiosity and intelligence. Put it to good use.. I have a feel you will do amazing things in this life."

Hmmm.... still waiting for the amazing!

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I went through phases. I think I originally wanted to be a nurse. Since, at 3 that's all you saw (besides your mommy.) By 5 I wanted to be a ballerina. By 12 I wanted to be a journalist. Did that.

Now I want to become a photographer or (get paid to ONLY write.)

I am currently a Communications Director (Media Relations/Public Relations.)

4. Do you love or loathe family get-togethers?

I actually enjoy them (for the food) - but can grow weary of them as the day progresses. LOL

5. What is your favorite breakfast?

I am a southerner through and through - I like scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, biscuit with gravy and bacon!

6. Where were you born?

I was born in a charming southern town called Macon, Georgia. Home of the Cherry Blossom festival! Check out the link - you might want to visit sometime!

7. What is your favorite holiday?

It is a toss up between Halloween and Christmas. I love decorating for both. I love the treats and traditions of both. Fun Fun Fun! But I guess Christmas would trump Halloween b/c I like presents (giving and receiving) and I enjoy a month long party scene! Ahh.. and the music and twinkle lights!

8. What are you going to do for yourself today to make yourself happy?

I hate to admit it - but I am going to treat myself to an amazing lunch. Had a rough night and busy morning.. ready to drown my cares away in some carbs and caffeine.
Now my 8 unsuspecting Bloggy Buddies (and don't forget to scroll down for your questions!)
My 8 questions for you guys are:
**insert evil giggle here**
1. If you were allowed to only read one book for the rest of your life - what would you choose?
2. Imagine you are on death row, and it's time to pick your last meal - what would it be?
3. If you had to do it again (or do it for the first time) - what type of wedding would you have??
4. If you could live anywhere in the world - where would you choose and what type of dwelling would you live in?
5. What are your thoughts on organized religion?
6. Describe your most embarrassing moment!
7. What are you most proud of?
8. Finally... who would be your arch nemesis and why??
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My sister and I are giving each other a little writing assignment. She gave me 7 words for 7 days (as I did the same for her.) Her first word for me is Fierce. Hmmm.. wonder if that was her subconscious mind working on this one.

It is 12:33am here. I am feeling kind of down in the dumps and the exact opposite of fierce.

However, I would be lying if I did not admit that I am a big fan of the word fierce. I like "strong". I like "powerful."  Fierce is just another word I "look up to."

There are all kinds of "fierce" in the world. There's a ferocious dog. There might be a fierce Lion. There might be a "fierce" dress (strong, powerful, sexy) - then there might be a fierce person. I supposed you could choose between Fierce (powerful) or Fierce (scary.)

One image that comes to mind is Tyra Banks calling her super top models "fierce." Makes it okay to come off as a strong, sexy female.

Again, perhaps it is my mood, but I am having a hard time relating to the word fierce tonight. It's a feeling and it's a label. That's about it. When you aren't feeling either - it's hard to express whatever it is that is in your head.

I will ask you this - when you hear the word fierce - what comes to mind??

PS - My writing is totally suffering.. I need some inspiration - FAST!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things I have.. things I like.. things I am doing..

From time to time I take a moment and share with you some of the things I am doing, or some products I am in love with, or perhaps what I am reading.

Well.. it is that time again. Random picture tour of the "things" that have brightened my week. As always, I hope you might see something either you like, or would not mind trying!


Check this out - I got my egyptian to actually take a tour of a Jewish Synagogue. Slowly.. but surely... opening of the mind!

I fell in love with this exhibit at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Pieces of glass, encasing different items - set with light and shaped like a house.

Very cool...

Fell in love with the roses and the holy family painting... too beautiful and romantic for words!

Were you aware that I love swords - or that I love wedgewood design??

Well.. well.. well.. lookie here!

Ganesh is my FAVORITE Hindu icon.

My new favorite way to give flavor to my water! This one tastes like a margarita!!!

I am in love love love with the Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack.

Put the movie and book aside - and just enjoy a really "chill" CD!

These shoes are slowly getting worn down by me. I bought them at the beginning of summer - and I LOVE them. They are by the super comfy brand naturalizer.. about the only half way stylish ones I could find. Excellent for walking - they are sooo cushiony!

 My new laptop cover has all of my favorite colors!! I love it!

Left over summer reading that will be my fall reading - The Importance of Being Earnest, Searching for Pemberley, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

My insane creation. I love peacocks.. I love eucalyptus and I love lavender... why not put them all together in that vase we got for our wedding over a year ago??? LOL

But it smells divine!

Aloe plant #1... hanging in there...

Aloe plant #2 is doing even better than the other. (I re potted them 2 weeks ago..

Here's hoping - PLUS = aloe plant #1 has saved my arm from scarring!!!

Give me my cappuccino.. and dunk, dunk away!

My new BIG mirror for putting on makeup. Had to show you how BIG it is. Shows me all of my flaws!!

yes.. calming.. for night. Excellent way to watch tv and take off your makeup at the exact same time!!

The best damn feta cheese in the world!!!

To put the feta on.. my new best friend.

That's it! My little what's hot now in my world photo list!!

Wrapping it Up!

Can you believe we have four more months until the year ends?? Say it isn't so!

Yes, the time has flown waaaay faster than I can handle. There are still so many things I wanted to accomplish in 2010 - I wonder if there is still enough time?

I went digging through my posts and yes, I found the "New Year's Resolution" piece back in Dec/Jan. I think it is time I revisit and see if I can check off anything on that list. (I have a feeling.. it's not going to be good!!) However (and here is the kicker) I wrote my resolutions in September. Why? Well... September basically kicks my a$$ and I wanted to concentrate on something.

With September fast approaching, let's take a look at my September Resolutions:
For the full version of the story click HERE. Now - let's take a look at Sept. 09's hopes & dreams:

1. Exercise - again. Some how I fell off the wagon (literally, I have a chronically sprained ankle.) But I have got to move. Must Must Must. Not so much to lose weight, even though I need to, just to feel the energy and make my heart a little healthier.

Okay - I can generally say I have tried to get back on the wagon. From a personal trainer to ballroom dancing to joining the Y - I have attempted this. Not at 100% but it is JUST September.

2. Daily Devotion. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I buy books to force me to spend a little time in "the word" (as people call it.) I need to schedule time to actually do this. I never forget to eat to feed my body. I need to read -to feed my soul.

Opps. Not even close - I got even further away from this one. Okay, okay.. this is an easy fix. No day to start like today!

3. Volunteer someplace new. I always add a little activity each year. Last year I became a youth leader at church. The year before I became a dog walker at the Humane Society. This year I would like to serve the under privileged. Need to do a little research on a group that does not get as much attention (as say - a Jimmy Hale mission.)

Hmmm.. did not come close. Almost forgot about that. However, one of the things the youth director/minister at my church asked me to take care of was to call around and find a homeless shelter/soup kitchen the kids could volunteer at. DONE!

4. I want to do something about this immigration BS. I am quite the little advocate - I think I need to hook up with my friends who try to make things happen. I am going to jump on that band wagon and try to push for a change.

I actually stepped away from this one. On purpose. Most of the immigration piece people are pushing for now is amnesty for illegals. I don't necessarily support illegals gaining citizenship - as I am for making it a bit easier and less expensive for foreigners to gain temporary work visas and make it easier for fiance/alien to marry.

5. Clearing up some past debt. Yep. Piece by piece. Starting with the IRS. Oh yes - I have an ex-husband who left some things for me to clean up. Let's pretend this is tennis. I filled out some forms to protect myself - the ball is in his court now.


6. Work. Either re wake the spirit that brought me here - or make some changes. Something has got to give.


7. I WILL learn to sew. I put this on my list each year. I have got to learn to do it. I have sooo many ideas - yet, I can't even sew a button. Someone out there will help me. I guess I need a machine first.

Making plans now!

8. I want to do a mission trip. Where do I look?

Put on hold. Interests changed. Going to Bangkok, Thailand instead.

9. I will head back to dance class. Flamenco - here I come. I promise- Sept.

Changed the format of dance... but I did go back!

10. I want to take some photography classes. I found a program online - 16-months. I am seriously considering pursuing this. This is for the future.

I really need to do this. Just got to figure out the finances first.

11. Change this cynical little attitude of mine. I realize I will always be cynical - but I can add a little encouragement also. I am capable. I just choose the wrong avenue to take.

It comes.. it goes...

12. Get those little things fixed: head back to the dentist, go to the gyno, get that mammo I avoided last year - work on the other little body parts I keep putting off.

I am back at the dentist, did go to the gyno (all good) - got that mammo - ooooh my ... that was a scare, remember???  Done!

13. Re-planting my herb garden. I need to brush up on container planting. (Since I do not have a yard.)

Just planted aloe in containers. Slowly.. but surely. I want to see if I can keep these succulents alive. If I kill these.. then I am doomed for sure.14. Find a yoga or meditation class.

I found the yoga - now.. meditation.. yes.. let's see if I can find that!

15.The Egyptian has seen many pics with my hair long - and has asked for me to grow it out. I can do that.. let's see what will happen in one year!!

Doing it!

16. Head back to the theater. Some way.. some how.. head back where I belong.

Hmmm.. not sure if I still want this one.

17. Paint this apt. If I plan on staying here.. (which remains to be seen) - let's make it home.

Hmmm.. well.. I have not revealed something, sooo.. here it goes. The egyptian wants to move to a much larger city (north, north, north) where there is public transportation. He gives us to February..... the ultimatum - if we can't figure it out by Feb - we're moving out of country. My HOPE is to talk him out of it. But you KNOW he HATES Alabama. Imagine why?? ;-)

18. I need a 5-year plan. I make strategic plans for work all the time - what about my plan??

See above.. working on it.. Priority One!

19. I want to plan a BIG family trip. Surprise them all.

Maybe for Thanksgiving???

20. Clean out my storage. Time to simply.. and Go Green. Can I do it??

OOh.. I think I put this one off each weekend! I have a few vacation days coming up - I will do it then!

What about you??? What did you hope and plan to do in 2010? You onlyhave 4 months!!


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