Sunday, July 25, 2010

What would I do with $56 Million dollars?

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition. ~George Clason

My friend at From Chaos Comes Happiness asked one of my favorite questions - "What would you do if you won $56 million dollars in the lottery? Oo La La... that's a tricky question, but I wanted to seriously consider it.

What WOULD I do with $56 million dollars. Please bare with me, I am not a mathematician, so this could get a little dicey.

-      20,000.00
= 55,980,000.00

That would make me debt free. Seriously. I hardly own anything. (No house, would just have to pay off the car and a student loan and some old medical bills.) That would still leave me with 55 million or so. Wowza.

I guess we should figure in the egyptian's immigration fees and citizenship fees coming up..
Another $3,000 or so.
- 3,000 = 55,977,000.

Then I suppose the nice thing to do is to pay off the debt my parents may or may not have and make sure they have enough to get by for now.

I will go with $1 million to them. Yes.. yes.. I know.. but let's get through some other things before we start dishing out the funds, alright?
That leaves me with 54,977,000. I can assure you, $1 million would keep them satisfied for now.

Then I would have to make sure my sister and Autumn were okay.. so I will also give them $1 million to make sure they are okay for right now. .. come on folks.. that's a lot of money for an unemployed single mom! That leaves me with $53,977,000.

Then I would need to send some to the egyptian family. $1 million American is enough to live off of the rest of their lives. So for now.. that will take care of their needs. $52, 977,000.

Now that my fam is okay.. time to PLAY.

I need to take care of the charity portion. VERY important. Okay..
1. St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Macon, Ga - $1 million
2. Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Hoover, Alabama - $1 million (with a portion of that going to the Youth Group for their own building.)
3. Girl Scouts of Middle Georgia - $1 million for girl programs and scholarships
4. Camp Martha Johnston - $1 million for operating expenses, scholarship for youth to camp, and for the amphitheater to be names after me. LOL (I used to teach drama there.)
5. Birmingham Humane Society - $500,000
6. American Heart Association - $2 million for research and education around hypertension
7. American Cancer Society - $2 million for research and education around cervical & ovarian cancer.
8. Amnesty International - $2 million - keep fighting the good fight!
9. Peta - $500,000
10. I would like to set up a foundation to protect against human trafficking. $5 million to kick it off.
11. $1 million to the Georgia College and State University Broadcast Journalism department
12. $1million to my high school - South West High School for scholarships for students interested in the Liberal Arts.
That leaves me with = 37,977,000.

(Should be a great tax write off!)

Now for ME!
I am buying myself a new car. A would like a convertiblee Black Jaguar. I totaled up the one I would like (fully loaded) on the website and it would only come to 97,475.

$37,879, 525 .

The egyptian wants a Shelby Mustang - sooo.. that's another $80,000 = 37,799,525.

Now let's purchase a home in my Home Town. I am sure I could get something decent around $1 million. That will take me to 36,799,525.
I always wanted a home in Savannah - I will invest $5 million. (Preferably a swanky historical home - 31,799,525.

We would have to build in Egypt - let's go crazy and spend another 5 million - 26,799,525.
I would like a loft in NYC - another 5 mil - 21,799,525.

How about a cute place in DC? Let's go 2 mil - 24,799,525.

Need to take a few trips - I will budget food, souvenirs, hotel, transportation, etc:
1. Greek Isles Cruise (3 weeks) - $10,000
2. Milan, Savona, Florence, Venice, Rome (1 month) -$20,000
3. France (1 month) - $25,000
4. England (1 month) - $15,000
5. Ireland (3 weeks) - $10,000
6. Spain (3 weeks) - $10,000
7. Germany, Austria, Poland (1 week) - $5,000
6. Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine - (2 weeks) - $5,000
7. Russia - 1 week - $5,000
8. Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland (3weeks) - $15,000
9. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria (3 weeks) - $10,000
10. Morocco (2 weeks - SHOPPING lol - $20,000)
11. South Africa (2 weeks) $15,000
12. Australia (2 weeks) $10,000
13. Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, China (1 month) - $20,000
14. Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Argentina 1 month - $15,000
15. Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras (3 weeks) - $10,000
16. Barbados, Virgin Islands, Cayman, Jamaica, Haiti, Turks & Cacaos - (2 months) $20,000
17. Tahiti, Fiji - 2 weeks - $15,000
18. US: Visit each major city for a couple of days that interest me - cap out at $1 million - 1 year of travel.
Basically 2 or so years of travel = 1,250,000$

Clothing allowance- $5 million
Jewerly Allowance - $10 million

Now - I will divvy out about $100K to the following:
1. Telisa & Peyton
2. Lynn
3. Keli
4. Crystal & Hesham
5. Islam
6. Bridgett
7. Margaret
8. Pennapa
9. Chiara
10. Elena
11. Matt
12. Mina
13. Felipe
14. Julie & Doug
15. Tonya
16. Wendy
17. My ex in-laws
18. Father Cuddy
19. My family in Georgia (to be split evenly)
20. My family on my dad's side (to be split evenly)
+ -2,000,000
= 8, 549, 525.

I will invest the rest and save for a rainy day with the family.

Now I ask YOU! - what would YOU do with $56 million dollars.

(PS - I know.. some has to go to taxes.. but we can figure that one out later!)


Telisa said...

Let's just assume the $56M is after taxes. And, btw, you don't have to give me the money, just pay for me to go on thos trips with you!!!!

Christy said...

I wouldn't even know where to start. Pay off student loans and travel.

Leanne said...

Holy Cow - Now I know what kind of student you were!! ;)

LOVE your list - you crack me up!!! SO great!!!

Nicole said...

Leanne - I am a crackhead.. I know! lol

Anonymous said...

Man, I've been wanting to write a post like this for a while. I need to put it in the memory bank... Though, I wouldn't even know where to begin!

-School debt
-A House
-Never have to work again...

Blah blah blah.

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