Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 SUPER COOL THINGS.. in my humble opinion

It is almost Wednesday, and in proper mid-week fashion, outside forces try to break a sista down. ;-)

Soooo.. I will go ahead and recount the super cool things since Sunday!!

1. a 52 inch flat screen TV for the egyptian and I. Did I mention it was GIVEN TO US??? Yep.. Yep..

2. Turkish coffee with my favorite egyptian family

3. Frozen Yogurt bar with my friend Crystal

4. The celebratory lunch at work today (free food!!)

5. Oreo Ice Cream Cake at work

6. Getting a new media sponsor today with Alabama Magazine!!

7. Dancing around my house with my ipod. Ahhh.. sweet pleasure

8. Getting confirmation that Bangkok for New Year's is totally doable.

9. New goat cheese for the me!!

10. Finally - I am sleeping like a baby now that I got a piece fixed on my CPAP mask.

Yes.. it is the little things..

Now time to return to the real world!


The Bipolar Diva said...

Ok, my first thought is that "You so SUCK!" I'm stuck here with nothing in the fridge, yowling kids and New Year? HA, I'll be lucky if I even get dinner that night!

I'm so happy for you! It sounds like a fantastic day all the way around! And the TV....very cool!

leazaindenver said...

Some of my favorite things since Sunday...

summer thunderstorms
7.5 hours of sleep
a good, good hair day
drinking sangria with a good friend

Glad you fixed the comment issue. Keep blogging!


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