Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mixed Emotions and Celebrations

I'm feeling a bit "off." I am fairly certain it is due to so much stimuli and "great" news. Perhaps that statement makes absolutely no sense. Here's the deal - I process things very slowly.

Typically my emotions catch up to the actual events well after the fact. I am fairly certain it is because when I grew up, my mother would often say, "Stop crying. You need to grow up." As it turns out, I grew up believing that crying was a sign of weakness and you HAD to toughen up. I learned very early on not to show my true emotions, and found ways to just - BREATHE. The positives with this technique meant I rarely "got my feelings hurt." I developed a very thick skin. The negatives? I ended up with good-old-fashioned panic disorder, which means my body decides to release the "fight or flight" response at the most inopportune times. I've learned to deal with it (sans meds) and I just push through it - like everything else in my life.

Which brings me to the news of the day - The husband; he is no longer "the egyptian." Nope. He is now, "the american." That's right! He received word that he is now an American Citizen (or he has been approved.. or whatever. The process is never that simple.) I am not sure what is next, but in his words, "I got my citizenship." That's great. That's what he wanted. That's what I wanted. That's what the American government prefers. But what does that mean for us?

If you followed my story for a long time, you know the naysayers love to leave comments on my blog. Typically, anytime I wrote about a falling out or disagreement, these individuals would say, "He's only using you for his citizenship." Of course, that's a terrible thing to say to anyone. But needless to say, it has been said and said numerous times.

Of course my stomach dropped when I found out he got it.
Of course the doubts and negative comments crept it.
Of course I just went on about my day.

Then I sat for a moment.. and I began to process.

What does this mean? Do we move forward? Does the bottom drop out? Will we feel like we are on a level playing field since I am no longer "legally" needed? Will we heal and feel that sense of pride? Or will I have to bury my head in the sand and listen to, "I told you so."

That's the hardest part about marrying an immigrant- the "I told you so."

The age difference (he's 8 years younger.) The cultural differences (muslim and christian.) The on-going issues with differences in norms. It's a hot bed for "I told you so."

I feel that anxiety creeping up.

I have to let it go. I've come so far and I have experienced a phenomenal week.

This is a time of celebration.

But why do I feel numb?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

The alarm never went off this morning. 
My eyes popped open... and I realized it was rather light outside. 
I sat straight up and grabbed my phone.
Sure enough, it was 9am on the dot. 


I dashed to work and got settled in by 9:45am.
Record time - including makeup.

And that is the end of the story.

Now back to the beginning!

All That Jazz was PHENOMENAL Friday night. After months of planning, we pulled off another amazing event. The good news? We did better than last year (financially speaking!) I hope to have photos to show later, right now, you'll just have to take my word. (Oh.. okay.. I'll share the fuzzy phone pics, not the good ones from our professional photog. But they ARE coming.)

PS - I cut like.. 4 inches off my hair. Don't freak!
Here is a shot of Kyle Warnke, from 41NBC, hosting the event. I sat at the table with him, his wife, our photo and his wife and my two friends.

There was a VIP reception prior to the event at the museum. Here is Phil Perry with two members of Pieces of a Dream goofing around with me. These are top jazz performers in the nation!

My friend Wendy went with me as my plus one! Here we are having a wonderful time!

A shot of  Kyle and his wife with Shamani (a professor at Macon State) relaxing prior to the show.

Wendy and I at the VIP reception. (The egyptian really missed out!)

Me and Yvonne at All That Jazz. She is the photographer's wife. This was held at the Macon City Auditorium

Phil Perry performing..

My intern and I, Kelsea. BTW - you can't tell, but my dress has kimono style laced sleeves. Pretty cool!
We started off by having lunch at our favorite Mexican dive - Polly's La Mesa and then headed straight for Monkey Joes in a neighboring community called Warner Robins. 
Later that night I cooked a delicious dinner of pasta Alfredo, Italian pot roast, corn and french bread!

After Autumn left, I went ahead and packed for a super fun two-day retreat with Leadership Macon. Now.. with the blog, it will be difficult to share my experiences because what happens in   LM stays in LM. But what I can share is how much FUN I had. I met some truly phenomenal people and had a really great time. I am looking forward to the relationships that will form out of this experience and the information I will obtain over the next year.

We started out with some basics about the program and of course, a personality exercise that involved colors. If you have ever taken the four color test, just know - I am a yellow. Why? I had to choose 4 words that describe me best: Enthusiastic, Creative, Loyal and Independent. Two of those were a yellow - so.. I became a yellow.

Later we headed off to Rock Eagle and had a BLAST. The only photo I can share from that night is this:
Yep - campfire and s'mores.

Lots of good wine, lots of good food AND we got to do something no other group could, we got to stay in these POSH - BRAND SPANKING NEW cabins. Well.. okay.. not posh, but really nice.

The second day consisted of team initiatives and a ropes course. I was a little hesitant on one activity for two reasons- 1. I am short. 2. I am not exactly skinny. At the end of the day, let's just say that we all had to get super close and break down all physical and emotional boundaries. hahahahaaa.. oh.. the fun.

I guess the whole point of today's post was to say: I just experienced many things that I had not established any preconceived notions about. I sort of went with the flow - was open and honest - and remained authentic.

From All That Jazz to Leadership Macon - there was a lot of uncertainty on my part. But in the end.. it all worked out okay.

And it's only Wednesday.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things I have learned this week

1. If when you get home from an event, and you can't feel your toes, that means you had a great night and super cute shoes.

2. Apparently I am allergic to the Wobble. It's just not my thing. Have you actually listened to the words to that song? Kind of gross.

3. 4 or more inches off my hair does the body good. My hair looks healthier, and it will grow back - mark my words, 4 or 5 months, right back where we started from.

4. I was also allergic to the gym this week. I promise to remedy that next week.

5. I love painting my nails red and wearing fire engine red lipstick. POW!

6. Yeah yeah yeah

7. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am looking forward to the warmer weather. (EEK.) I think I am over winter (which never really came.) This faux fall is bothering me.

8. I teeter tottering on a few key issues in my life. Got to either stay the course, or make a swift change. Hmmm

9. I am actually excited about Leadership Macon. The retreat is Monday & Tuesday! I am sure it will be fun.
What is Leadership Macon?

In 1979, through the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, Charles Jay and Bob Hatcher brought 25 local leaders from diverse areas and backgrounds in Middle Georgia to form the first Leadership Macon class. It has been an annual program since then. Formally organized as an unincorporated association on October 16, 1984, Leadership Macon boasts over 600 alumni.
Each monthly Leadership Macon seminar provides a forum for community decision-makers to present topics of interest, and issues of importance and concern. During the course of one year, several speakers and facilitators discuss challenging changes, complex situations and various viewpoints. The seminar format provides an opportunity for hard-line questions and answers. It also sets an appropriate stage for digging deeply into topics that are perhaps only lightly addressed during formal, but routine, newscasts or other public forums. Therefore, each year the class focus changes somewhat to reflect the pulse of the community. Also examined are leadership styles, characteristics, and effectiveness. Traditionally an orientation retreat begins the program each year in January; the class meets monthly from February through November; participants graduate in December.
Each year Leadership Macon brings together outstanding individuals, and each one brings with them matchless and unparalleled perspectives of our community. It has been said that Leadership Macon attempts to draw upon this unique feature during the frank and candid exchange of ideas. It is indeed upon this foundation that this vital program will continue to build.
Through the years, Leadership Macon has also promoted civic responsibility by encouraging involvement, as well as breeding enthusiasm and dedication. It is the ultimate goal of Leadership Macon that its participants will enrich our community through active involvement in shaping its future. By encouraging the utilization of the leadership capabilities of its participants and its growing alumni, Leadership Macon is meeting the challenge.

10. I miss my Auttie Blossom. I have not had her spend the night in a while. It's time. I'm on the phone now..

11. My Autumn fix is complete.

12. Skipping laundry for an entire week is a TERRIBLE idea. Though I could probably go well over a month without ever re wearing something.. I do hate the stack that I have to tackle this morning.

13. Ever been surrounded by people and yet, feel alone?

14. I would like to sign up for another class of sorts. I am enjoying my french lesson. However, I need more.

15. I've always wanted to join the Peace Corps, but I thought, in the meantime, what if I volunteered to do "mission trips" (not religious affiliated or religious.. doesn't matter.) and traveled each year THAT way? Fulfill my goal, but hold down a full time job?

16. I've met some truly fantastic people this week. Really amazing people. I love when that happens.

17. My closet is slowly turning blue. Literally. My clothes.. so many shades of blue.

18. Which may be a problem this spring. Apparently green is the color.

19. I want to go camping in March. Who's with me?

20. The book idea - completely out the door. I just don't have the time. Or motivation.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can One Get Too Much Sleep?

For two nights,  I have ended up with over 12 hours sleep. Yes, you read that right - in 48 hours, I have slept 24 of those. Ha!

Last night I went to bed at 7pm, the night before 8pm. Wild, I tell you! 

Yes, I am have been super busy. SUPER busy. But it's all good stuff. I honestly believe the out of town guests arriving the weekend that I happen to have an event was a bit much to deal with. 
Oh yeah.. and there is this little thing called "All That Jazz" this weekend. (Little.. as in.. about a 1,000 people in formal wear enjoying jazz, dinner, dancing and supporting the museum.)

So yesterday I wrote this extremely short, catty blog post. Honestly, it was the end of the day and I was feeling, well, punchy. There was nothing wrong with the categories, and some of them I happily chose someone or some place, others... it began to feel like, well, one of the biggest issues this place has - it was the same people or places over and over, and all of these people happen to be friends with each other. That's where the "interesting" part came in. It was a survey for people to vote for the "Best of Macon." Again, many choices were great - but sometimes I began to just raise an eyebrow and say to myself, "There are so many BETTER choices..." Thank God I saw our museum on there for best art. That's something, right? 

Something really interesting happened yesterday. At my Rotary meeting, I was sitting next to the Director of the Salvation Army and the President of the Children's Hospital. For one, I learned so much about how the "Bell Ringing" program actually works for Salvation Army and then I learned about the importance of the Children's Hospital. Yes, yes.. obviously it's important, but did you know that the hospital in Macon is the ONLY spot for children from here to Jacksonville, up to Atlanta, and from the Alabama State line to the Atlantic Ocean? That's  a HUGE territory. The gentlemen was calling this area the "Death Belt" - since the number of traffic accidents that take place and the lack of "close" trauma ready hospitals. Luckily, our Children's Hospital has a helicopter pad. Hmm.. who knew? Very important place. I will pay close attention from this point on if there are any fundraising opportunities for the hospital. Sounds like a worthy institution.

Well.. I totally bombed on going to the gym this week. Clearly I am physically and mentally exhausted. I think the rest is needed and I can jump back on the wagon on Saturday. It's simply just not going to happen this week.

As for the upcoming weekend: Tomorrow night is All That Jazz. I am sure I will share the pics with you on Saturday or Sunday. I am excited about my dress. Then on Monday I leave for a retreat. I am in the Class of 2013 for Leadership Macon. The retreat sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to share that experience when I return. 

I want to welcome all of my new followers! I have noticed the number of views were going up again and if you are stopping by for the first time, take a moment and look around! Welcome!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Laugh In Your General Direction

I started to take a survey about the "Best of Macon."

I got half way into it and stopped.

These are my options?


Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh Happy Weekend

Certainly, there MUST be an award for someone who was able to make it to almost all of her commitments, host out of town guests, and somehow complete the shopping needed for my birthday party in a few weeks.


Let's start with Thursday - I was super exhausted and super stressed. I wanted a mid-afternoon indulgence and I got it - A walk to Dolce Vita on Cherry Street and ordered a piece of tiramisu and a english toffee latte. Worth every calorie.

Let me back up another week. Guess who led a financial fitness workshop at the museum for our First Friday Forum? My husband - the egyptian!

The very next weekend - we celebrated my sister's 36th birthday at our Second Saturday Storytelling!

Did I mention the fantastic jams that are available at the Macon Bibb County CVB? Oh yeah.. been eating the jam on my biscuits all week.

Friday was my mom's 62nd bday. I took her to lunch at Molly's Cafe at the corner of MLK and Cherry.

After lunch, she and I went shopping for my birthday party supplies!

That night - I went with our Curator to see the closing reception of "Connections" at Macon Arts Alliance's Gallery

Then we bolted over to my mom's gallery for the opening reception of their show - AND to celebrate her birthday.

THEN my friends Margaret, Tonya, Jeff and I all headed down to Roasted to relax. 

The very next day we ended up with out of town guests from Birmingham. Helen (from Russia ) and Colin (from Jamaica) stopped over for the night. I took them for a stroll through downtown and we stopped at Roasted to warm up.

Here my husband is chatting it up with Colin

This is funny to me. The egyptian is very particular about his Turkish coffee, so he insisted he teach this guy the proper way to make it. I seriously cannot make this up. We were all laughing (including the guy.) Who was very sweet... and patient.

The next morning we hit all of the historic sites in Macon

Typical style of home in downtown Macon. BIG. Beautiful. 

THEN - we headed to my museum for the opening reception of "Full Spectrum"

Here's mom - she's the president of Middle Georgia Art Association

With her painting - the Bottle Tree. (FOR SALE)

Aren't they cute? My mom and dad with her painting - Sunflower (FOR SALE)

Mom with her painting - Check mate- FOR SALE

That's me

Here is the egyptian, the founder of the museum, the russian and the jamaican all enjoying a little conversation

Dean Brown performing

Jeff (our curator) and my friend, Wendy

NOW - today - Tonya and I taking off for the MLK march through downtown

Here is my boss chatting it up with a little girl on the march

Tonya and I celebrating.. well.. not being oppressed!

I love the sign

This was adorable

A little "power to the people" moment

Good times


My hometown

Heading back..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

Now for the weekly dose of "What Nicole Has Learned This Week."

1. Smiling all day is an art form. Since my job requires me to be friendly, I believe I need a line in a contract somewhere promising me that once I begin to develop laugh lines (God forbid,) my place of business will underwrite any botox injections I may need.*

2. When attending your own birthday party where you have asked everyone to dress as Holly Golightly, it is important to remember that I should not dress as Miss Golightly.

3. I am allergic to cheap coffee. The symptoms? My nose suddenly turns up in a squinched position. My mouth begins to smack its tongue against the roof of my mouth in an attempt to remove the flavor from its taste buds. Then I proceed to gag a bit. It's an awful sight.

4. Sweet Jesus, the Georgia pines are killing me. Or the mold. Or whatever else is in the air. I think I am allergic to my home state. (Readjustment period.)

5. I am disappointed the Macon Film Festival falls the weekend of my birthday. I would love to attend, BUT.. I have to turn 40 in grand style. Hmmm.. maybe next year.

6. No more roast beef. I am not sure what happened to me this week, or what nutrients I have been lacking, but I have craved roast beef all week. Soooo.. I indulged all week. However, I hardly EVER eat meat. Belly is suddenly rounder than normal. Not good.

7. One day, I hope to write a tell-all book about the ridiculousness of small town politics, made-up local royalty, and gentrification. O.M.G. Deep in it.

8. Retail Therapy works for me. I hate to admit it. It puts me in a good mood. Dress for All That Jazz and my birthday - DONE. Shoes - DONE.

9. I feel a little jipped by my wonderful friends at the CVB. The first month I began working at the museum, I came up with an idea for a PSA called, "I am the Tubman." Now.. they are coming up with a program called "I am Macon." *sigh* That's okay.. my idea still may work and I might be able to find some way to collaborate. At the end of the day - Creative minds think alike.

10. No gym this week= lazy Nicole, with a belly full of roast beef. WTH?

11. Snippy is as snippy does... but not with me. Keep your snips to yourself, people. Trust me.

12. This week's obsession? Michael Buble. I downloaded all of his albums. Seriously. I am also on a Man Men marathon. Yes.. I am always a little late to the game in some aspects. I like to "like" things on my own accord, not because it is the latest and greatest.

Unfamiliar with Michael? (Which I could not imagine!) Here is my favorite song by him:

Mad Men? Here you go:

13. Favorite KCup this week - Kahlua flavored coffee with Bailey's White Silk & Spice creamer.

14. I hate to admit it, but I am really disappointed more of my friends can't make it to my birthday party. :-( It's a nice little group, but there are so many people I would love to see.

15. Looks like Chicago in May

16. PLEASE purchase a ticket to ALL THAT JAZZ. (If you are local.) Or make a donation. You would make me so VERY happy.

17. This is terrible to say, but I saw a list with potential presenters at a certain workshop and I'm super disappointed. Folks... oh.. never mind.

18. In book three of the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I'm ready to finish it. They are losing me.. quickly...

19. I got to thinking the other day about my husband's religion. Let's say I decided to convert to Islam (which I am not,) and I suddenly wore a hajib, would I be able to keep my job? What would the people of this community say? It sort of irritated me to think of the ignorance that would probably erupt. The questions. The whispers.  I don't know... just something that crossed my mind. It is very easy for him to be a Muslim, there is very little outward symbols. But as a woman, that's a different story. Also, what if I (being who I am, and what I know, and the experience I have) tried to get a job somewhere as a Marketing Director? Would I be taken seriously? Would people whisper, "She's got great experience.. but.. will she resonate with our volunteers and the community at large?" Anyway.. just something I was thinking about. To my friends and readers that are female/Muslim and wearing the veil, I wish you all the best. It can't be easy.

20. Finally, oh what I would give for a seriously permanent hair color. Sheesh. Every four weeks just to look young? KILLING ME. (financially that is.)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why I Could Never Be On A Reality TV Show

I will admit it- I love reality television.

I used to proclaim it was just a guilty pleasure, but I know it is more than that. It's my bittersweet addiction to observing human behavior. It's true. I am a classic people watcher.

Heck, I subscribe to Psychology Today and I never once took a psych class.

With this crazy addiction to reality television, comes the realization I would never be on a reality show. I have tried to imagine myself on everything from Survivor to The Amazing Race to Rock of Love.. so on and so forth. When I was in college, I was a huge fan of The Real World, the original reality show about seven strangers living together in this fantastic house in some incredible city. It used to have a little substance, but the latter seasons ended up with lots of hot tub scenes and massive partying.

In true Nicole fashion, I have decided to make a list of the Top Ten Reasons I would be terrible on a reality show.

Here it goes:

1. I suffer from word vomit. Sure, it would be great for the ratings and be extra helpful to the producers if I contributed to conflict, however, it can sometimes be hurtful and hateful. After seeing how.. well.. (for lack of a better word,) DUMB a lot of the reality stars seem to be, it just wouldn't be a fair fight.

2. I would not engage in sexual activity on camera. Or off camera for that matter. It seems the whole three-way kiss and insane make out sessions with girl on girl and groups in a hot tub is a bit much for me. Too much. Would. Not. Participate.

3. The confessionals. Oh my goodness. I would probably sit down on the stool in front of the camera, look dead into it, raise an eyebrow and ask the viewers, "Seriously?"

4. Eating insects, animals guts, and bull testicles is NOT even possible for me. Actually, I gagged twice while typing the sentence. Blech. There goes my million dollars right there.

5. Not enough crying. I seriously do not believe I would tear up and cry over anything that happens. Not good for ratings.

6. Scared of Heights. I have MASSIVE vertigo. If I had to walk across a tight rope between two high rise buildings, I'm fairly certain I would have a massive cardiac arrest. Maybe good for ratings, bad for me.

7. The giggles. Though I took tons of acting classes, I think I have gotten waaaay sillier in my old age, and unfortunately, if people were arguing or trying to be serious, I would completely burst out in a giggle fit.

8. Panic Attacks on Jeopardy. I consider game shows to be a form of reality tv, and I am fairly certain between the audience, the super nerds on either side of me, and Alex's condescending tsk tsk.. I would totally have a massive panic attack on set of Jeopardy.

9. Smelly people. Survivor would be sooo much fun, but there is one thing I simply could not handle - THE SMELLY PEOPLE. I need to bathe. I need perform. B.O. is not good.

10. Finally... I am not willing to make a fool of myself for a million dollars. I would probably be the most hated "character" due to my snarky comments, and let's face it, I look terrible in a bathing suit.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Sooo.. my day was much better today than yesterday!

It's nothing crazy fancy.. but I walked out and said to myself - THIS IS THE OUTFIT.
You know that feeling, right? Remember searching for your first prom dress? How about your wedding dress?  A super special Halloween costume?
Oh yes.. that's what this feels like.
I have an adorable outfit for my 40th birthday.
And GREAT shoes also!
Now I will just wait for my birthday supplies to get here. Then I will settle on a menu. Hopefully have a few more guests RSVP, and I just might have myself a party.
Oh.. how I NEED this party.
I am pretty sure, if you are following this blog, you know what I mean.
It's time to choose my third option, just like the psychic said.
That third option? ME.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snarky is as snarky does...

I have tried. 
Sincerely, I have.

I have tried very hard to quit being so damned snarky.

It's honestly like breathing to me. 

In with the, "Did you seriously just say that out loud to me?"

Out with the, "Here comes the word vomit comment du jour."

Like Breathing.

I went so far as to close my door at work today. 

That's right.

The girl who is trying so hard to be open, positive, and happy, just basically said, "That's all I've got folks."

My boss came in and asked, "Everything okay in there?"

I replied, "Yep. Just feeling grumpy. No particular reason."

It's true. I don't really have a reason to be grumpy.

It's not even so much in my attitude toward others outwardly, but more so in the sarcastic comments I keep to myself. I actually came home, took a long hot bath, and prayed to God asking Him to, "Let me do good."

Who does that? Who comes home and actually admits to God, "Hey God.. I know I have been an absolute brat the past week. I hate that I behave this way sometimes. Could you make me nice?"

That's the problem folks.

Sometimes, I am simply not very nice.

I lack patience. I can be judgemental (without even realizing it AND over the most random things.) Not the big things, mind you. No - things that are not typically offensive, but very odd. (Ask me about open toed shoes and people who wear flip flops. I am fairly certain you will raise an eyebrow.)

The worst part of all of this? I lack patience and I judge MYSELF, more than anyone else. It's true. 
If I screw up, even if I make the tiniest mistake, I will just go on and on about what an idiot I am. You will think I am joking or fishing for a compliment. No, I actually mean it.

I think it's called being a wee bit of a perfectionist. I am my worst critic.

How do you deal with making mistakes? Losing motivation? How do you deal with knowing you said or did something that you want to believe is out of character, and you know to be a "not so nice thing to do?" 

These are questions I ponder in this snarky mood.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Planning a Party!

It's actually almost time to celebrate my 40th Birthday! I think it will be a splendid year - because years with a "4" in them are always truly magical for me!

Take the age of four, I saw the Nutcracker Ballet for the first time and fell madly in love with ballet! That would set me on a path to hours upon hours of dance classes, dozens of ballet slippers, and probably stacks of pink tights.

Age fourteen was pretty spectacular also! I fell madly in love for the first time, began dating, started high school and spent a rigorous summer in advanced ballet lessons, theater lessons, and so much more. That's the year I met so many people at Southwest High School, people that are still very dear and important to me. Fourteen was a great year!

 Twenty four was excellent also! I was the Executive Producer of our student run television station at GC&SU. I was a radio dee jay. I grabbed a coveted internship slot and not only did I do well at that internship, once it ended, I was hired as a television producer just three days later. Twenty Four was fantastic!

Thirty Four was truly life changing. That's the year I met my egyptian. The year I divorced my first husband. The year I ended up in a fantastic job - making fairly decent money. The year I met so many people who are now my very best friends. I moved out on my own. Once again, transitioning. Thirty four was a good year.

Now I find myself entering my forties. WOW. A whole decade with fours. This may be my time. 

Soooo.. (again.. I buried the lead)... I am planning my BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Yeah, you heard that right - I am planning my party. I have always believed, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." There is no shame in my game. I'm a planner by nature, a perfectionist, and I hate to admit - every time I leave it up to chance, I have to pretend I am happy with the result. Nope. Not for my 40's. Maybe it's the producer in me..

Got to have it my way.

And what way is that?

Well - you all know there are TWO women I adore in this world. One is super strong and save the world. The other is high end escort. 

For my 38th birthday, we did Wonder Woman. (Which we all know that I am.)

For my 40th, I wanted to have a little fun with a theme. I have loved the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the past 15 years at least. Over a decade ago, my family bought me the DVD collection of Audrey Hepburn's movies. I always thought she had tremendous style.

Sooo.. I want to have a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed party.  

Good news - I was able to secure the Gallery. It's an awesome space, complete with bar, two restrooms and a small kitchen.

There will be fantastic art work hanging on the wall, and it is in the cute little artsy shopping area called, Ingleside Village. 

I have so many ideas for the party, and I don't want to give them all away (since some of the attendees will be reading this!) I did come up with one thing that I am thrilled about - I plan to have a photo booth! I just purchased the prop kit today.

Prop kit, you asked? Oh yeah..

 There is more stuff, but I will save that for the party goers. 

I am working on a signature drink for the party. But somehow, I keep coming back to the idea of (since it is "breakfast" at Tiffany's) of having a Mimosa Bar. 
More than likely, we will go for more of a signature drink... but it's an idea all the same!

 I plan to have a "Holly Golighty" look-a-like contest. Heck, I even found some HILARIOUS games to play.. like this one:

There will be fantastic finger foods.. and of course, a "Tiffany Box" cake. Lots of bling, lots of fun. Great music. Good people. 

Leave your inhibitions at the door!

I bought the balloons, the table dressing and a few other goodies today online. There are soooo many options for a Breakfast at Tiffany's party.

 One idea I had was to have a candy bar. (I LOVE candy.) But not just any candy, but Tiffany Blue candy. Like this idea for homemade rock candy:
 Or this idea for Cosmo Jello Shots in a strawberry.

The options are endless. 

A few really good friends have made plans to come, and I am so excited. I hate being able to see the declines. Booo on those people. (especially without explanations. BOOOO.) ;-)

Here's to another fantastic party!

Get ready to dance! Get ready to laugh! Get ready to help me turn this next decade into one to remember!


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Email for more details.


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