Saturday, August 14, 2010

The one that got away

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. ~Charlie Brown

Okay - I am sooo bad for even broaching this subject, but I feel I need to discuss something that I KNOW we have ALL thought about. Here it goes: Do you ever wonder if your exes regret letting you slip away or leaving you?

I know, I know.. it sounds vain to even consider. But think about it - I don't know how many "boyfriends" or "dates" I have had. Seriously I would hate to actually count them all. Serious relationships - maybe 5 or so (I am a serial monogamer), but what if any of them had decided to stay and make it work. Would their lives be better for it?

Come on, you know we have all checked out our exes lives via this whole social networking phenomenon. Hell, I think half of the reason we even get into all of this is to see how poorly or how well an old friend/colleague/love is doing.  I probably know more about the people I have known forever (now) than I knew back when we were actually hanging out.

Words are so powerful, and most people are not great communicators orally.. but the written word, ahh - therein lies the power, the emotion, the innermost fears and insecurities.

So as I am scanning different FB statuses, or glancing at pics or comments, or even reading a blog/etc.. if I see an ex - single, kind of lonely, or whatever - part of me wonders (oh the sick twisted part of me) whether they regret leaving me. hahahaha. Or do they regret the decisions they made in general?

Now what about the people who were too shy to approach you. Now as adults, they see you are quite approachable. Do they regret not attempting to get to know you better?

These are just my silly thoughts.  But I have to admit - sometimes I wonder.. if they wonder..

What about you? Do you dare to even let something like that cross your mind?

PS- Sooo glad those past relationships did not work, b/c I am pleased as punch to be married to the man that I have!! I'm just saying!


Heather Callahan said...

LOVE this Nicole, you put into words what most of us can't or don't. THEN there's the one's that we regret leaving or letting go - those are the hard ones.... but sometimes they come back

Ash said...

I do let my mind wander. Only to one particular ex. Especially after I learned that he lives in the rich part of town and is still as handsome as the Devil. Married to the girl we broke up over.

How's that for an ego boost?

Absolutely no regrets though. I do love my life.

Holly Diane said...

Ha! I wonder about this too but never would have put it on my blog incase they read it...yea I know..CHICKEN..
I look at my exs facebook page..actually the wifes page, he doesnt have a page, and I wonder if she looks at my page and thinks about what he was like with me...or if I even come to either of their thoughts after all of these years ...funny what our minds wander off to.

Doris said...

Great post! I definitely have checked out past boyfriends via Facebook and high school alumni pages! And those girls who thought they were "all that" in school, too. Petty? Yes...but fun all the same! I actually contacted one guy I had a crush on in high school a few years back and we laughed together when he told me he never asked me out because he was scared of my dad! NOW I know why I never got asked out by anyone!!!

Mama Hen said...

I think we all think about the past and the people have come into our lives. I look back and often wonder what they may be thinking. Do they know that they lost such a great catch! Ha! :) Have a great day my friend!

Mama Hen

Kristine said...

Amazing talent you have!!!
How is it that you have such a knack for perfectly articulating those probing questions of the darkest recesses of our hearts and minds??!!..
Myself, personally on the question of past broken relationships..only 1..
was a boyfriend from high school and beyond..(6 yrs. in fact)..Yes..I learned so much through the social grape-vine!
And I must say..Such sweet revenge is a life well/better-lived..Lets just say, I'm happy he got what he ran after..He deserved it!..Yes, I'm sure he felt the painful consequences of his choices haa.ha!!

Shell said...

Love this post. I do sometimes think about my exes. I love my husband and wouldn't want to be with anyone else, but I think it's natural to occasionally think about someone who used to be a big part of my life.

My ex and his wife played out their divorce on their facebook walls- I'm not friends with either of them on there, but they have their walls PUBLIC. I felt like popping some popcorn and sitting back and watching the entertainment play out.

myfingerscrossed said...

hello. visiting from the Tea Party. And hey hey.. I LOVE the content of your blog!!! "Words are so powerful, and most people are not great communicators orally.. but the written word, ahh - therein lies the power, the emotion, the innermost fears and insecurities." That's highly likely to most! HaHa. Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

Absolutely. One of my exes friended me on facebook soon after I joined. So i assume he searched for me. Anyway, mostly I think THANK THE LORD it did not work out with any of them b/c I found the right person for me (my husband) and I wouldn't have if I was still with one of my exes. Although my first ex? GREAT guy and I'm happy he's happily married.

The Empress said...

Ha! LOVE what Shel said!


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