Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Lord? WHY??

There are some things in this world I would prefer not to experience.

One of those "things" happens to be a trip to the Ladies' Locker Room.

Dear Sweet Jesus, why oh WHY do I have to go through that room to get to the toilet at the gym?

Is it too much to set aside a separate room for toilets, or at least put them at the front??

Why must I walk past the area with the lockers and benches?

I know that men are accustomed to standing in bathrooms and urinating next to someone, and I know that they have no problem showering out in the open or changing clothes, or stalls with no doors. I, on the other hand, the more delicate gender - AM NOT.

My Zumba and Body Jam class happen to take place in the evening, around 6:45pm. I am usually tired from work, and hungry (since I learned a few weeks ago to NOT eat before bouncing around for one hour at crack-head speed.) So my mood is not exactly in "perky happy girl" mode. Apparently, right before I pop in to grab a small towel to wipe my sweaty brow and use the toilet (just once before I bounce around for an hour) - there is a Warm Water/Therapeutic class for.. well.. people with limited mobility. Not disabled - limited mobility. I think this is a wonderful class to offer and I am so glad something like this exists.

Majority of this class happen to be senior citizens. Perhaps 65 +. Many have probably not exercised in many, many years. I am so happy to see them at the gym.

What I am NOT happy to see - is one of these sweet ladies standing butt naked in the locker room. Just chatting it up.

What tops it all - is when they ask me whether or not I have a hair dryer.

Clearly I am not "packing" a hair dryer - one hand has a towel, the other has a water bottle with a key chain draped on one finger. I am in a hurry - making a beeline for the toilet - and trying sooooo hard not to make eye contact.

Damn it - if not every single time, someone stops me - NAKED.

You know, there are just some things one is not prepared for. It's kind of like when you were a kid and you were not sure how different your body would one day look, this too is quite the education and something I am not looking forward to.


Anonymous said...

Omg Nicole!!! I am laughing so hard I'm crying. Lol. I have that same thought when I get out of the shower & find myself in full view of the mirror in front of me. Time/age is not kind. It does however have a sense of humor!

Robin said...

This was painful to read. Gravity is so unkind.

Michelle Faith said...

That is so wrong, good thing you didn't just eat.

TV's Take said...

Oh no - you have to wonder what they are thinking. Perhaps you can wear sunglasses next time and run through the lockeroom.

Leanne said...


I needed that!!! Thank you.


Laura said...


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I've learned how to "not look" while keeping my eyes open. It ain't easy I must admit. Gotta give the old ladies credit for not being embarrassed about being nekkid.

Dawn said...

**snickerin** Only you Nicole haha I really needed this laugh today! Thanks!

But I am sorry you had to endure that! Like Elizabeth said - gotta give the lil old lady credit for not being embarrassed!

Anonymous said...


Oh man. Awkward.


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