Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food Coma

Dear God in heaven - for all that is good in this world - please oh please shake this food coma I have put myself in.


I woke up this morning after a blissful night's sleep. I went to bed a little after midnight and awoke somewhere around 9:30am. Watched a little Pink Panther and Cheaper by the Dozen on TBS, visited my peeps at the Lady Blogger's Society, and took a shower. That was it.

Note no food.. no water.. just that.

Around 2:30 I drove the egyptian to work, and called up a friend to meet for lunch.

It was a simple questions, "Hey where do you want to eat?"

I replied, "Johnny Rockets."

Out of all of the places in Birmingham to eat at - I went for Johnny Rockets. I was starving and really had a hankering for some cheese fries. (I have been out of control eating sooooooooooo unhealthy lately. I am sure it is stress.)

So we meet up. To be "good" I ordered water. ha ha. Like it mattered. We ended up splitting the chili cheese fries, then I ordered a hot dog and a butterfinger shake.

Lord have mercy. Half way into the hot dog I said, "Okay, I am full. If I were following Weight Watchers.. this is where I should stop." But I did not. I finished the dog and drank the entire big-ass shake. I have to say big ass - because that is what I am going to end up with after this pitfall of food hell.

I made it home, bloated like a tick, and thought to myself -okay - let's just put on the pjs, lay on the bed and read a few chapters of "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath.

Nope. No sooner did I lay down I feel asleep - HARD CORE - asleep. For 2 hours.

Important to note: I don't nap. Not usually. I was taken DOWN by the food. DOWN DOWN DOWN.

Man.. bleh.

Of course, I should not forget - did you notice me talking about drinking any caffeine today? Nope.

Amazing. But my addiction is calling... need to go get some. Well.. after my belly goes down a bit. Dear God.. I am STILL full...

1 comment:

Leanne said...

My belly was full just from reading this one!!! Augh ... nothing worse than emotional eating, huh? Never feels good when it's over.


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