Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling like a Foodie

The past couple of days I have been fixated on food.  Trying to change up the frig, trying to get back to the things I like that are GOOD for me. Getting excited about planning my meals.. you know.. foodie stuff.

What is hard for me, is that in our culture all celebrations are done around food. Then most vacations you spend a bit of time trying to decide where you are going to eat. Food. Food. Food.

With food being the inspiration - I thought I would share my top favorite foods, in no particular order.

Some are good for you some are not.

1. Guacamole
2. Greek, Plain yogurt
3. Goat cheese
4. Tahini
5. Hummus
6. Baked potato
7. Salsa
8. Spinach & artichoke dip
9. Grilled cheese sandwich
10. Scrambled eggs with cheese
11. Hot dogs
12. Chicken wings
13. Potato chips
14. Fried pickles
15. green olives
16. chili cheese fries
17. quesadillas
18. taco salad
19. Gyro (with lamb)
20. Prime Rib with au jus
21. French dip
22. Philly cheese steak
23. Polish sausage
24. Mom's layered salad
25. Tomato Basil Soup
26. Potato Soup
27. Irish Soda Bread
28. Shepard's Pie
29. Falafel
30. Tabouli
31. Tatziki
32. Cucumbers in vinegar
33. Dill Pickle
34. Nachos with cheese
35. Pepperoni Pizza
36. Mashed potatoes
37. Roasted Chicken
38. Banana Pudding
39. Tiramisu
40. Frozen Yogurt
41. Sorbet
42. Ice cream Cake
43. Strawberries
44. Blueberry Muffins
45. Grapes
46. Watermelon
47. Bosc Pears
48. Bananas
49. Onions
50. Corned Beef Hash

I could go on.. but those are just a few.

What are your top 5 favorite foods? I look above and I see several things that make it onto my grocery list. What about you?


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I commented- so I thought I would play along, lol! I know I combined a few things- but that's just the best way for them to be ;)

1. spinach wrap filled with roasted red pepper hummus, banana peppers & lettuce
2. potato soup & Irish soda bread
3. lamb gyro
4. any seafood (specifically coconut shrimp, crab ragoons & Philadelphia roll sushi)
5. smoked gouda or havarti w/ dill cheese

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, that's such a hard question to answer! I guess ice cream, cookies, cake ... should I just make it simple and say "dessert"??? Caesar salad. BLTs. Anything Indian. A hot dog on a summer day ... sometimes context is important. A grilled Swiss cheese sandwich shmeared with mustard. Oh, I'm getting hungry!!!

Nicole said...

Yenta Mary - You are SUCH a Food Floozie! Everyone check out her blog!

Leanne said...

Note to self: Do.not.read.list.of.food.at.10PM...especially when you are hungry.

My list:
1. Cheesecake
2. Hummus (of course)
3. olives
4. blue cheese (see where we're going here?)
5. Fresh Mozzarella

I could go on and on - but I have to go find a snack. Thanks alot!


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