Friday, July 9, 2010

Just a typical week

I announced yesterday that I am working on some really cool stories. When I posted the blog onto my Face book Fan page, one of the readers offered up his own account of the "paranormal" in his 90+ year old home. I am LOVING this!

It looks like the ghost/paranormal activity post will be first. That information is coming in faster than the rest.

Since most of my post this past week were SUPER stressful, and deep, and sad.. and angry.. I decided I just HAVE to lighten up this weekend.

Sorry for all of that, and looping you guys in. But as I have always said, I am an open book and prefer to live out loud. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

What have I learned this week?

1. That relationships (specifically marriage) is the hardest thing a person can work towards.

2. That I know without a doubt that I picked the right man. Yes, even after all of that - he did what I needed him to do. NOT cave in. NOT let me run over him.

3. That my work can bring fulfillment. I just have to look for it and commit to it.

4. That I do have some awesome friends out there - in my life directly, and the ones I have made here.

5. That my blog-friend, Leanne at From Chaos Comes Happiness, is one heck of a designer! (Click on her button on the right hand side of my page and FOLLOW her. Her writing is fabulous and she is just a delight!)

Now - I will share some of the silly pics i captured from my week on my phone. Just a few moments - just being silly - just bored.

Dinner last night. I decided to make my own homemade buffalo chicken tenders. The breading (I added cayenne & black pepper). Was delish!

Trying to get a peaceful morning's sleep after a rough, emotional week.

These are the spices you use to flavor meat in middle eastern recipes. What blows my mind (but is good) is the allspice and nutmeg. LOL

Watching a little TV and trying to avoid the camera!

Bye Bye old design!

My finest moment. I use Borghese's Mud Mask once a week. I thought you should see this. I am SURE it scares the egyptian.

Peacock hanging on my wall at work.

He makes me smile. I think we should name him.

Einstein Makes me smile.

He is taped to my little cabinet at work.

My work neighbor, Jamie. She works as the Start! Heart Walk Specialist (which means she does the logistic items and supports our fund raisers.)

She was enjoying her present from me - a cup of coffee from STARBUCKS.

The breakfast of Champions!

Finally - one of the cutest pics of my niece, Autumn.

Hilarious! My sister calls her the "Wild Child."

That's it for today!

Get ready to be spooked out with some paranormal fun in my next post!

1 comment:

Leanne said...

Great photos! I've been thinking about you a lot this week - wondering how you are and how things are going, so this was a great post to read ... and HOLY COW!!! I'm on the LIST!!! WOOO HOO!!! I feel super blessed and I thank you so much for mentioning me!!! Have a great weekend and be happy!


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