Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sixth Sense

Psychics Part IV Paranormal Series

Finally, I have the most highly anticipated interview with a known psychic! I am excited to share with you the conversation I had with someone who is a professional psychic. After you read the transcript of our conversation, and you have any questions concerning anything you read here, and you would like for me to ask her - I will. I will then share the answers with you. However, I will not ask personal questions to help gain a reading for you.

If you are interested in receiving a reading, or to go deeper - please leave your email address or contact info, and I promise you, she will read this and contact you.

Now - let's sit down and have a chat with a PSYCHIC!

** You may see her page on facebook - "Free Readings by Mechelle

Nicole: Alright, let's start at the very beginning. I am coming into this completely lost. What exactly is a psychic?

Mechelle: A psychic is someone who admits or is said to have the ability to perceive information through extrasensory perception. I was told by another psychic that I was highly sensitive and would do this (give readings) one day. I did not think she knew what she was talking about. I am still trying to prove to myself that I have these abilities (lol!) but yes, I do call myself a psychic these days.

Nicole: Statistically, how many people are actually psychic?

Mechelle: I do not know statistically what percentage of people have been proven or  have been studied, but it has been said that everyone has this ability. Many will term it as "hunches" or "just a feeling", etc... but everyone has some connection to this through their own individual ability such as hunches or dreams that came true.

Nicole: Could you explain the difference between the different "gifts" people could have.

Mechelle: The main or most common gifts are Clairvoyancy, Clairaudient, Clairsentient/empath, Medium, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, & Reiki/Healing.

Clairvoyancy - clear seeing - this is where a vision flashes before you like a movie. It is usually very quick. An example would be at the grocery store and in a flash you see your neighbor's face only to later a few rows down run into your neighbor. That would be one example of Clairvoyancy.

Clairaudient: Clear hearing - Hearing a comment that passes through almost like a passing thought. This is how I read my cards mostly where I loook at the card and it is like someone translates it for me. Sometimes people will hear the voice make a comment outside as if a real person spoke to them.

Clairsentient/empath: sensitive to energy and its associated vibrations. This is where I am the strongest. It can be like sometimes reading someones mind but for example, going to a party and two people are chatting and acting as if eveything is okay when a feeling that it is not and after a moment will figure out that one of the girls chatting was just dumped by her boyfriend at the bar but because of the party they do not want to reveal this until later.

Medium: is someone with the ability to connect with spirit and even relay messages. Some people are very strong in this area as I think it is my weakest. Some people will sense their presence, smell something about them, they are people who on a daily basis see them like they see us. The communication is through telepathy usually.

Psychometry: the ability to read vibrations or see images through holding and object or touching something. Most psychics will hold a piece of jewelry something small that belongs to the individual they are trying to read.

Automatic writing: This is whe you are writing in a somewhat altered state. I do this also with my readings. It is like being in a zone of sorts.

Energetic healing also known as Reiki: This is a belief where one can obtain the blessing or gift to heal through allowing the divine to flow through you to the person seeking healing. This is a two way event as both people will get healing. I am a level II Reiki practioner. If you want a more in depth on this one any site on Reiki will go into great detail.
I guess if I had to label myself I would be a psychic empath and tarot reader as I read the cards but not always by their definition but what they say to me.

Nicole: When did you first have an "experience" where you knew you understood things differently than other people?

Mechelle: I first noticed that I was different in 2001 around 9/11. It was at that time I started talking openly with others asking them if they felt changes or something about to happen and realized really fast that doing this in a catholic moms group was not the place! I realized at this time my life was about to change. This is when I fully started accepting my abilities and recognizing them to be not part of everday discussion for everyone. Up until then, I thought is was normal for everyone. It was then that I looked back on different events and realized this had been happening all my life. There is a story that my mom tells of when I was 2.5 years old that while visiting my grandfather in the hospital; I announced he was going to die. He was not expected to die but he did about three days later.

Nicole: Could you explain your different "gifts."

Mechelle: I am strongest as an Empath. I have the ability of Clairvoyancy, Clairaudience, Mediumship, automatic writing and Reiki/healing....These are the ones I use mostly. I defined them earlier but if you need experiences let me know.

Nicole: No need to add to it. If any of the readers would like a follow up interview, we will tackle that topic! What were the reactions of your friends and family when you revealed what you are able to understand/do?

Mechelle: My family, they thought I was looney! Even though it was a normal thing in my family to talk about our dreams and seeing spirits and having "hunches" but when I announced that I think this is called being psychic they had a difficult time with this term. I think it was because my parents were just born again Christians at that time and everything was about the Devil and how he was ruining the world, ect...
My brother was a skeptic along with my husband. They both now accept I have something going on! lol!! best friend is probably the one that pushed me in this direction a bit as she is always the trailblazer between the two of us and she too is intuitive. As for other friends, it can be a hit or miss. Now I tell everyone upfront and basically weed out the ones who cannot accept me for me.
Nicole: Do you get a lot of people trying to take advantage of you?

Mechelle: Yes, When I first starting reading tarot I only read for myself and then gradually started reading for family and then close friends and then people I knew and finally strangers. It was the people I knew that started to take advantage. They were the ones who told me I should charge but yet never offered to pay me. It was these people who would ask for readings and expect me to drop what I was doing to give a reading at a moments notice. Now, I get people who go to my free reading site ask for a reading and get their results and then email me weeks later asking more questions and expecting an immediate answer. They will continue to email me too if I do not respond right away.

Nicole: I can only imagine!! lol Now for a more serious question - What are your official religious beliefs? How does this affect your how you practice using your "gifts?"
Mechelle: I was born and raised baptist but we did not go to church. I became Catholic at 25 and now I just label myself a Spiritualist. I could not support a belief that essentially could not completely support me. I believe we are the only ones who can really "save" ourselves as we have to take responsiblity for our actions and using an evil force is just plain wrong. I suppose that will open up a can of worms but being in an organized religion is not important to me as it once was. I needed the experience I believe to find my true self. I am completely happy with my relation with God the Universe.

Nicole: Have you ever been scared by the results of one of your readings?

Mechelle: So far not scared...a little nervous for people but not because of anything deadly but more of seeing marital problems ahead for them. I ask to only get information that they need to know to help them move forward. Who knows what tomorrow will bring though...

Nicole: Here is one I would LOVE to know - Does your talent make it easier to "read" people - as to whether or not their intentions are pure?

Mechelle: Yes, it generally does help. I usually can sense what they are really thinking even through emails and on the phone. I am not always right but almost always. My husband has a difficult time with this though as he thinks everybody likes him but when I tell him what I felt and then later when he realizes it was true he becomes disappointed. He has asked me to turn it off and just allow myself to get to know them (people)...duh!...this is how I get to know them! lol!!! I will add that when I have gone against my gut feeling I was always regretful for doing so. If I had a negative feeling about someone and then gave them the opportunity to prove me wrong; I almost always wished I had not allowed myself to be used or walked on, ect...

Nicole: Thank you SOOO much for sharing this inside look into the "psychic's mind!"

Now I turn to YOU - my readers. Have you ever visited a psychic? Had your tarot cards read? Do you experience any of the above "gifts?" What are your thoughts on the subject?


Leanne said...

Really great interview and look into the psychic world, Nicole. I have been to the "coffee reader" (a psychic, I believe, who would tell you things after you poured cream into your coffee.) I wasn't sure of her gifts, though, because she told me things that most females my age at the time would have wanted to hear, like "Your going to meet someone special and get married", "Your going to have a child" and things like that. It wasn't anything truly specific to me. Although once my mom had a reading that REALLY freaked her out by a man who would write things on a paper and ask my mom a question and then he would turn the paper over to show the answer (which, I remind you, he wrote BEFORE he asked her.) I'll never forget my mom telling me about this experience. He asked her which child she argued with the most and she said, "Brian" (my brother). The psychic turned the paper over and he had written "Brain" (not "brIAn"). But the thing was that my brother used to spell his name "brAIn" when he was little. How could he (the psychic) have known that. Yikes!

This is a great interview - I always tend to think of Whoopie Goldberg in the movie "Ghost", you know? I haven't experienced anything like this - but have always wanted to "feel" these things. Thanks for letting me share my long story!

Anonymous said...

I have never visited a psychic, but I want to!! It seems like that would be really fun to do with a bunch of friends, even if it's just someone scamming you.

Also, I'd like to think myself a little bit empathic, or I sense vibes and what not. It's hard to explain, because I don't think I really understand it myself.


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