Thursday, July 22, 2010

Try, Try again

I started the morning off with one of the most honest blog posts I could possibly share.

Two hours later, I deleted it.

Then I tried to post something silly - just to break up the 'crazy'.

I deleted it also - because it was soo not my style. (Not that the subject was not - but clearly it was a ploy to divert your attention from the honesty blog.)

I thought I would try again, and stay authentic and just refocus.

I think I have found out one of my strengths, by accident. I am very resilient (I hope I spelled that right.)  I have an uncanny ability to bounce right back up. Perhaps I am a human weeble wobble. Knock me, push me, I will rock a bit.. and yes you will think I will fall.. then I pop upright again.

I still wonder why the planets can't align for more than one day. I swear, is it impossible for work - home - and finances to be all right at the same time. I can assure you, in my life - one of the three will always be in crisis. Right now - it is home. Everything else, this week - this day - is fine.


I found a picture of a tshirt I think I need to purchase - click on the link to see it, but it says - "Thank you for the blog material."

LOL. Perhaps that is what is going on. My muse is an angry little spirit that wants to toy and tease me. Resilient.

That's me.


Bossy Betty said...

Love that t-shirt! My muse thinks of me as a catnip toy. I get it!

Nicole said...

Ha! Love it!

dewin said...

Thats awesome! I was at a writing retreat a few months ago and someone had on a shirt that said watch out or youll be in my next novel. Writers humor- I love it!

Leanne said...

Hang in there - Nicole! And yes, buy yourself that T-shirt. Wear it ALL OF THE TIME. Maybe someone will get the hint. Well, maybe.

Thinking of you!

p.s. If you ever want to come visit chicago - we'll hook you up!!!

Nicole said...

Leanne - I bet you would be an amazing Chicago hostess!

Anonymous said...

I've done stuff like that before. Written something, posted it, and then got afraid of certain people reading it, and getting pissed off. So - delete.

But don't worry about it. I like the personal stuff. I think it's my inner psychiatrist.


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