Friday, July 2, 2010

The girl's got a little je ne sais quoi!

So I may not have the most followers- but apparently my words speak to someone!!

This is my second award this week!! Super thanks Mitzi at Southern Style (aka Logic & Imagination).

Mitzi says: Thank you for being so real! Nicole - Destination Unknown

That's a good feeling. To know I have one place in this world where I can simply be myself - say what I need to say - and do it with no apologies.

To receive this award, there are a few things I need to do:

The "Rules" of this Award, are to sum up my blogging Philosophy, Motivation and Experience using five words.

Okay.. soo.. here it goes:

Passion - Imagination - Curiosity - Loyalty - Determination.

I shall explain: Passion - because I feel like in order to write about ANYTHING, I have to be passionate about it. My philosophy in life is to always have passion.

Curiosity - I am always trying to understand and examine everything!

Loyalty - what I write about are things/people/places that I hold onto with all my might!

Determination - I want to speak up for those who cannot speak. I want to share what others are afraid to share.

That's about it!

I, in turn, would like to share this award with different bloggers who TRULY bring substance to the blogger-sphere. These are writers with a niche' - something I don't have.

1. Kitsch N Sink Studio - my friend Kristine has this blog. She is an amazing folk artist. I love to see young, modern women - holding onto the crafts of the past. Here items are truly unique and she has a beautiful spirit! I am glad I know someone like Kristine. (I actually dated her brother through out my entire college career.. *giggle*)

2. Young Pakistan - this is a new blog I am following - this young lady writes about very controversial subjects (I ran across a few dealing with islam and american culture). I like her spunk! I think sharing our differences and understanding our similarities is the bridge between two cultures.

and finally..

3. Thrifty Shannon - because of my dear friend Shannon's blog, I have received soooooo many things for free in the mail. (Shannon and I worked together a few summers out at Girl Scout camp while in college). Her blog took me to new sites, which took me to other sites - which provided me with every thing from free natural tooth paste from Burt's Bees to a pot of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Check out her site - love it! (PS - the header was designed by my sister!!)

There you have it!

Thank you Mitzi - and congrats to my girls with Substance!


Syeda Zehra said...

Thanks alot Nicole,as this is my first one..
And you gave a nice description of my blog but I don't really post "controversial stuff' at all times..
Thanks again for the love ..!

Syeda Zehra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leanne said...

Wonderful award for a wonderful blog! So glad more and more people are learning the greatness of this blog! I've loved it for a while! Congrats on your award!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, You are deserving of the award because you are so very real. In a world where so many live in a pretend state, I find it totally breathtaking when someone has the guts to keep it real. So that is what I found here and that is why I gave it to you. Enjoy your day in the spotlight!


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