Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guest Blog Post - Dear College Graduate

Anna Kaye

I am thrilled to introduce you guys to someone who has become very special to me. Meet Anna Kaye, the author of Organized Chaos, and former intern of mine.

AKG came to me a couple of years ago, looking for some much needed guidance in the world of public relations. She was hard working, extremely creative, and truly a beautiful soul. Now - here we are, a few years down the road, and as she and I were talking about our employment journey (crazy that she and I are BOTH out there pounding the trail in the same field,) I thought it might be interesting to get her take on life after graduation.

No longer starry eyed, she has a true sense of what it's like in the "real world." I hope you enjoy her post.

PS- please visit her blog and follow her! She is a great writer!

Dear College Student by Anna Kaye G.

Dear College Student,

It’s been an incredibly unpredictable 3 years since I flipped my tassel at Samford University’s commencement ceremonies in May of 2009. As I stood with my parents and grandparents, posing for pictures, saying good bye to my roommates and clutching my Journalism degree in hand, outwardly I was ready to take on the world, but inwardly I was terrified.

So I became one of those statistics that moved back in the parental units as I unpacked my suitcase and settled back into my childhood room, I remember telling myself I had to hit the ground running for this job search and feeling very overwhelmed with where to even begin.

A job is a job. No matter what anyone says to you. I remember working at Cracker Barrel after I graduated and a man from the community, a Doctor no less, told me “Your parents have spent all that money on school and you’re working here?” Those “uplifting” words made me feel like a failure like I somehow wasn’t measuring up to the invisible standard that was set for post graduates.

Fast forward the next few months and I finally have my feet on the ground somewhat. I’ve managed to hold down a job at an insurance firm in Nashville TN for the past year and a half. I may not be where I initially thought I would end up, but I’ve been able to provide for myself and save for the future and have my own place.

Don’t be afraid of the future. Yes it’s scary, uncertain and sometimes not very kind but keep being persistent. Remember to surround yourself with strong relational bonds with family and friends who will support and encourage you. As you go through your classes make sure maintain in contact with your professors, supervisors at jobs and internships. Their contacts and advice is very invaluable and will benefit you as you start the job searching process.

Always keep perspective, even if you don’t end up where you want to be just yet, remember you won’t stay there forever. A job doesn’t define your self worth. It doesn’t mean you aren’t talented or that you don’t have gifts to give. It may take you a little longer than you like but the lessons you learn as you go through these experiences will shape your character and humility.

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

Robert Frost

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Friday, March 30, 2012


Blog Post #2 of the day..

But I love getting your feedback.

Sooo.. I am going apartment shopping this weekend. I am looking at three different locations and would love to know which one you like the best! (How cool is that - to get feedback from so many people?)

Each one has a unique look and feel, but it's hard to decide. I will be touring them on Saturday. Each one falls into my budget, and they are all located downtown.

My top choice is #1 The Broadway Lofts

Broadway Lofts I from The Brainstorm Lab on Vimeo.

Then here is one more video on this place:

My second choice is Katherine Court

Finally my third choice is The Terrace Apartments.

Hmmm.. which would you choose?

The Civil Wars

Ever come across a book, or movie, or band that you just LOVE? I remember reading Eat, Pray, Love and having to share that with everyone. Or the first time I heard Adele, waaaay before "Rolling in the Deep," I knew that girl had something special.

I could go on and on with examples, but that's not the point. Today I need to share with you a group that has been around for a little while. Not everyone has heard of them - though they have grown more and more popular.

I am loving The Civil Wars.

When I first saw the name, I thought - Great, some hillbilly hick music. Nope, I was wrong. The way they harmonize, the stories they tell - yes, all with a bit of southern flare. Love. Did you hear me? L-O-V-E.

The first song that sort of impressed me, (wait a minute - sort of? I was hooked the first time I heard it) was Barton Hallow. Here it is:

Their music and videos are very simple. Not a lot of flash, not a lot of complication - just music. Sort of soulful/bluesy/bluegrassy/folksy. Sort of reminds me of going to various festivals it the south - good stuff.

This song is really speaking to me these days:

See what I am talking about?

I will leave you with one more, and perhaps you will also become a huge fan.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Source: Flickr
 It is almost time to cross that bridge. You know, that chapter to close, the next transition is just ahead.

I am ready. Heck, I've been ready.

I decided in this post just to catch you guys up on what's going on in my life. For once, the job prospecting is going very well. I am hopeful and see a promising future ahead. That's great news.

I am actually going apartment shopping this weekend. I want to get an idea of what is available, and what the price range is. That's always a lot of fun.

I am ready to call on my old doctors, and just set an appointment for a few months down the road. Just to reestablish care.

I need to settle in on finding a new hair dresser, massage therapist, esthetician, etc.

I need to find some groups to network in. Clubs to join. Volunteer services to look into.

I need to officially turn in my church registry. (At my home church.) Heck, I need to go to confession.

I am ready to embark on the next phase, which I do believe will officially happen in April.

Time to cross that bridge.

What about you? What bridges do you find yourself crossing these days?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I have learned this week

It has been a while since I have posted a " Things I have Learned This Week," so I thought- Maybe it's time!

If you are new to Destination Unknown, from time to time I list out all of the new things I have learned this week. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is revealing, and sometimes it is cathartic.

Let's begin, shall we?

Things I have learned this week:

1. Hard work really does pay off. I spent the day with someone at one of the jobs I have been interviewing at. (My second choice.) This person makes a lot of money, and I see why - her work ethic is amazing. It was inspiring to see someone who really invests her time and energy into what she does.

2. That my feet are not ready for heels. Being unemployed for almost 8 months, and spending most days in my fuzzy socks, has "unprepared" my feet for 8 hour days.

3. That I am really hopeful and excited. Something really wonderful IS about to happen.

4. That sleeping on a couch is much better and less painful for my back than sleeping on the pull out sofa.

5. That I am getting more and more excited about cooking for myself and my friends! I plan to look for apartments this weekend. Never hurts to be prepared - right??

6. Spring is doing wonders for my mood. The sun - the cool breezes - the flowers blooming everywhere. AMAZING.

7. (speaking of those flowers..) Zyrtec is my best friend. Outside of a few teary eyes in the morning, I am surviving this spring.

8. Coffee. I just needed to give a shout out to my other best friend. Really - my soul mate. My l'amour. Oh sweet nectar of the Gods.

9. I really do love my friends. I want to publicly acknowledge Lisa & Leslie & Phillip for being so freaking awesome to me since I moved back to middle Georgia. It's nice having people who have truly known you for years just be so super cool. I know it took me a little time to warm up to them - but I just had to let them know I am thankful.

10. My sister read my tarot cards last night - and though I do not necessarily believe in them, the message was spot on.

11. That my meditation book I bought from the old book sale has been a life saver.

12. Kirk Franklin got me through a stressful drive. (Lately - the whole stress of interviewing has gotten to me. I turned his play list on in my car, and I was 100% again.)


That's it  - I will stop with lucky 13.
I have some good ideas for topics coming up. I am just really tired and need to spend the day processing some choices I need to make.

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Diving into Spring
I am sure most of America would agree, this past weekend was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Yesterday, I sat out side in my parent's backyard, listening to the birds chirp and feeling a slight, cool breeze just gently float by. There was a high of 75 and the sun was shining - could you ask for a better day?

It got me to thinking about life and the rebirth of the Earth. That's sort of what spring really is. It's a time to come out of hibernation and relish in the sun.

It's also almost my favorite time of year!! What time of year is that? Summer reading time!

Yes, I know.. I am no longer in school and yes, I realize that I do not have any long vacations planned, and I am also aware of the fact that I have tons of time on my hands these days. However, that little tradition of stocking up on summer books is still something I look forward to.

Perhaps it is the joy and (excuse.. well, like I need any excuse) of going shopping for a book. Maybe it's the idea around the whole point of summer - to bask in the sunlight, let out a collective sigh of relief and just relax. When you say relax to me I immediately envision reading a book.

Right now, I am reading 2 books  - and doing it fairly slowly at that. I think those two weeks of excruciating pain, mixed with a few interviews here and there, sort of knocked me out of commission. But I am back, and I am ready to wrap those books up! I am still reading the story 'behind the story' of "Breakfast at Tiffany's." WOW - let's just say, things aren't always as they seem. I am also reading "Living Buddha, Living Christ." Another fascinating book on the commonality of the two religions, as well as, how to incorporate mindfulness while serving God. Good stuff, really.

Of course, if you read earlier posts, you know I recently payed a visit to the Old Book Sale in Macon. I picked up a handful of non fiction books, and I cannot wait to dive into those also. I also cleaned out the Greg Isles section at Kema's Hobby Book Store in Gray. I love his writing, and once you pick up even one of his books, you simply cannot put them down. I have a stack to go through.

My friends, that is what spring/summer is to me. Reading - Relaxing - Reveling in the beauty of it.

I am still hopeful about my future. I am hoping I will be able to make Macon my home very soon. My husband is anxiously awaiting word, as well as my family. This is sort of a last shot, if you will. I may have to take my talents elsewhere if I am unable to find a position that suits my experience.

Hopefully spring will bring even more beautiful flowers, more growth for all of us, and more opportunities to revel in!

Blog Hop

 I don't typically jump in on blog hops - but I have always enjoyed the "Meet Me on Monday" hops.

SOooo.. won't you join me?

Just click on the word Blog Hop and head on over to Acting Balanced blog to link up.

Based on the original Meet Me on Monday hosted by Java at Never Growing Old, Acting Balanced is asking 5 questions on Sunday evening along with a linky for you to link up your post answers! If you have suggestions for next week's questions please feel free to leave a comment or shoot her a message on twitter or on the Acting Balanced Facebook Page.

Here are today's Questions:

1. What movie or movies do you have to watch when they are on TV? (submitted by @rndmcrftyGAgrl)
 As a matter of fact I watched a "must see" last night -The Wizard of Oz. Yes, I own it- but as a little girl, I would get sooo excited when it would come on tv. (This was way before the VCR, much less te DVD.) I also enjoy Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

(Didn't know I was such a softy, did ya? ;-) )

2. When you have out of town visitors, what fun places do you take them to in your town? (Or where do you play tourist in your own town?)

Now that I am actually back in my hometown, there are several places I like to take people. For one thing- they must try  NuWay hotdog, it is simply a must. I usually take people to the Hay House, the Halls of Fame (Music & Sports,) there are two really fun museums - The Tubman African American Museum and the Museum of Arts & Sciences. The Ocmulgee National Monument, Lake Tobo... etc. I could go on and on.. PS- I'm from Macon, Georgia.

3. What was the first album, CD, Download you ever bought?

The first album I ever bought with my own money was The Beastie Boys. First CD was Billy Holiday's Greatest Hits, and my first down load was "Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5.

4. Do you speak more than one language and which ones? If not, what language would you like to know?
Obviously English. I did take 7 years of French classes. I do read it better than I am conversationally. I know several phrases in arabic, thai, russian,italian, and spanish.

5. What is your dream job?
Ah.. travel writer and photographer. LOL Oh.. like everyone else!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Official

Perhaps I am bonkers - but I have decided to take the next step with this blog!

Are you ready?

Oh I am sooo excited to share this!

I have decided to accept ads on my blog!! WOO HOO! I originally made a promise to myself to only offer space if I reached 25,000 a week. Well - we just reached 50,000 + clicks a week.. sooo.. I think it is time I make good on that promise!

It's going to work a little something like this:

1. You contact me if you are interested at Make sure to put 'AD SPACE' in the subject line.

2. Here you will send me an attachment of your ad, specify the dates you would like to run it, and I will send you an agreement.

3. There will be two options: 1. Advert above the blog post or 2. Advert below the blog post.
I have made some changes to my blog, and only one post will appear on the main page, per day, so there will be less clutter and confusion.

4. Cost: Advert above the post will run $20 a month. Advert below the post will run $10 a month. Each require a 3 month commitment.

5. Payment can be Money Order or Check or trade of sorts (pending the wares you are peddling. ;-) )
Once payment is received and processed, your ad date will be begin and end 90 days following.
*I will email address for payment as requested


Make sure to spread the word to your friends! :-)

Sunday Reminder

This story is completely fictional - but always a good reminder. (*Source - Story in a viral email)

The streetlight turned yellow, so he stopped his car at the crosswalk instead of accelerating through the intersection to beat the red light.

The woman who was driving behind him got angry and started honking her horn. She was mad that she missed her chance to tailgate him through the ...intersection, and because stopping the car made everything on her lap drop to the floor: cell phone, makeup, and half a sandwich.

She was still in mid-rant, yelling and cussing at the man in front of her, when she heard a tap on her window and looked up to see the face of a very serious police officer.

The cop ordered her to exit the vehicle with her hands up. He took her to the police station to be searched, fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a holding cell.

After a couple of hours, she was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal belongings. "I'm very sorry for this mistake, miss. When I pulled up behind your car, you were blowing your horn, flipping off the guy in front of you, and cussing up a storm. I noticed the 'What Would Jesus Do' bumper sticker on the car, the 'Choose Life' license plate frame, the 'Follow Me to Sunday-School' decal, and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk, so I naturally assumed you had stolen the car. :/ My Bad! :)"

Remember what Gandhi said, everybody: "An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Family Festival

As I told you before, my family happens to be in charge of almost every festival in Middle Georgia! LOL - This one happens to be my mom's thing.She is the president of the Middle Georgia Art Association, and this weekend is the Mulberry Street Festival - a fund raiser for MGAA. Sooo...

I headed out early this morning. I by passed the Cherry Blossom Festival and Headed straight to the Mulberry Festival

I have my handy dandy Mulberry Street Volunteer staff shirt on - and I head to downtown Macon. (PS - Don't get this confused with the Second Saturday Festival my sister is in charge of each Sat in Gray, OR the Cherry Blossom Festival I featured last Saturday. I TOLD you our fair city loves their festivals!

My friend Lisa met up with me at my church's parking lot. We decided to walk the 6 or 7 blocks down to the festival. Any excuse to get our exercise. Also - yes, I talked her into volunteering!

As we were wandering the rows of amazing hand crafted items, we were blown away by the beautiful wood carved furniture.

These pieces were absolutely phenomenal!

I got a little side tracked by the delicious dips!

And these hilarious "beachy" signs

Just another good staple at any southern festival

As well as these!

We checked in with the Body Bling ladies from Perry, Georgia. They invited us to "model" their handywork as we walked around. I am a sucker for face paint, so I happily obliged!

Lisa's face turned out nice also!

It's a flying pig made out of recycled parts!

Look who I ran into - Andy & Kristine! I've known these guys about 19 years!

Lisa and I stopped by Acapulco -a fabulous latino restaurant on the corner of Cherry Street & Third. We needed a little hydration!

I caught Lisa just staring out the window.. thought the pic came out pretty good!

After lunch, we strolled along 3rd Street park and found the fountain had been turned pink for the Cherry Blossom Festival!

More cherry blossoms

I love that I have a friend that is not afraid to pose for pics. LOL

I wanted this piece. These are actually items that turn into water fountains!

Got to love fried food at festivals..

This was fascinating. Basically the artist takes acrylic paint, puts it on the fish, the transfer to paper. Wild!

Ornaments made from recycled soda cans

Not the most flattering pic - but it was really hot - My dad is sweltering on the left, mom in the middle and silly goose Glennean on the right. Middle Georgia Arts Association

I warned you about Macon - EVERYTHING is pepto pink

Strolling down 3rd Street

Cherry Blossoms painted on the roads

Taking a walk down Cherry Street

See? The road is even painted pink..

If you have never had a Nuway hotdog - then you have not truly lived.

Macon City Auditorium. I actually had my Jr/Sr prom here... ;-)

Macon City Hall on Poplar Street

Side of my church - St.Joseph's Catholic Church

After a long hot day - we were finished! Plus I think I am a little pink!


Interested in purchasing ad space? Your ad could be RIGHT HERE.
Email for more details.


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