Friday, October 1, 2010

Flawless on a Friday

When I think about what it means to be flawless, I can't help but think of appearances. I realize that there are several other things, actions, results, etc that could easily fall into the flawless category - but for me, it will always be the outer shell.

It is so easy for me to rattle off all of the things I hate about myself. Just read "The Ugly Truth" post I wrote a while back.

However, since the whole idea for this week is to remain positive - no matter what - I need to concentrate on the "flawless" categories. What, if anything, do I like about my outward appearance and what am I complimented on? Geez.. now that sounds bad doesn't it?

But we all know there is at least one thing about ourselves that is our best "feature." You know this probably because this is the one thing most people compliment you on. I still believe EVERYONE has at least one beautiful "something" about themselves.

Guess what my one compliment usually is? Not sure? The eyes. Always the eyes. So, what do I do? I make sure that I learn every trick in the world to maintain the bright blue. I wear the right colors, I use the proper eyeliner tricks, you know.. jazz it up a bit.

I also like my lips and maybe my smile. That's about it. LOL

Not flawless by any means, but playing up the good stuff is what it is about.

What about you? Do you have long, sinewy fingers? Do you have long, thick locks of shiny hair? What about a perfectly flat stomach? Or great complexion? Or maybe you have great legs, a killer smile, or something adorable like a curl that hangs over your eyes..

Whatever it is - it's time to celebrate it! How are you shooting for a more "flawless" friday?

Or, is there someone else you want to point out? For my bloggy friends - I would say:

- Mitzi has very beautiful eyes. The way she tilts her head in her pictures and looks at the lens - it is as if she is staring right into your soul!
- Leanne has the sweetest smile ever!
- Mama Hen & Jen-G are absolutely gorgeous!
- Cassandra and Foxy Pink Cheetah are naturally beautiful!
- Laura (Leanne's Sis) has the same exact smile as her sister!!
- Robin has beautiful hair......

.....I could go on and on for so many of you! Celebrate YOUR outer shell this weekend. Go for it. Take a good hard look at yourself, and love YOU!

Don't forget to tell me what you find beautiful about yourself or someone else you love.

PS - That egyptian got me with his perfect nose (in my opinion) and movie star smile! Haven't seen it? Let me show you...


Yenta Mary said...

You also have beautiful skin, a fabulous smile, and a radiant charm that shines through your posts!

Leanne said...

Totally agree with Yenta Mary on all of the above!!! And yes, I would say Mr. E has a lovely nose and smile! :) Thanks for the sweet smile comment. Once (back in my college theater days) someone told me I had a smile like Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show). I always thought that was kind of weird. I think I need to write a post about it. Have a great friday, friend!

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

Good for you on accentuating the positive. All too often we just go on and on about what we Don't like about our appearance. In my younger days, I was complimented on my legs but of course NOW as a 'woman of a certain age' they are not as good as they used to be but I still like em....

Jen G-son said...

Oh what a way to feel good about yourself for a minute! I have amazing legs. I used to completely hate them, but those chicken legs sure did blossom!

Rapunzel said...

Nicole, from one blue-eyed gal to another, I do love your bright gorgeous eyes! :) But I am also insanely jealous of that porcelain skin! What I wouldn't give for that!

Oh, and I'm loving your Halloween background, so festive! :)

Anonymous said...

Nicole! You are absolutely stunning! You have beautiful skin, a wonderful smile and amazing eyes. But what's better about are beautiful on the inside and that beauty radiates outward and makes you glow! Thanks for the major compliment on the eyes...I'm not sure why I tilt my head in pics...I've always done that. I am the one with that horrid "cutesy curl" that drops down in the forehead...I work very hard to hide it. I tend to get compliments on the eyes and the dimples the most! Love ya girl!!~Mitzi

Robin said...

I am not sure if I am the Robin of the beautiful hair or not. If so, thank you. If not, that is okay, too:-)

In a bizarre sort of way I have come to appreciate the flaws in people as much as anything else. A perfect person would be annoying. It is the flaws that make people interesting. The truth is that no one is physically perfect. No one is perfect on the inside, either. What is important is that you try. If you do your best as much as you can, than you are doing well. People fall down. They make mistakes. They do and say things they shouldn't. The point is to not stay down. Get back up and dust yourself off. Forgive, apologize, do what you need to do to get back on track.

The key is to appreciate your flaws. Particularly the ones you cannot change. If there is something about yourself that you can change, well today is the first day of the rest of your life. Start working on it.

I think I just wrote a blog post in your comments. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This really put a smile on my face :D

Personally I like your slightly southern accent (seriously, it's that lady-like southern that Scarlett O'Hara had) and your eyes. I would kill for those eyes. Lucky duck.

Nicole said...

HAHAHAHA - That's right - you are the only one who has actually heard me. LOL

Estell said...

I honestly think you are gorgeous! You have that amazingly shiny personality that shows through your pics and you are purty :D


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