Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I think it is time for me to come clean - that's right, to tell you about my UGLY TRUTH.
We all have them, those little things that we hope are never revealed about ourselves, but we know are our personality flaws, or physical flaws or whatever.

I decided to list a few of mine. I won't reveal all (because a girl needs her secrets), but I thought I would lay a few out on the line and see what you think!

Nicole's Ugly Truth:

1. I look a hot mess when I wake. Seriously. You would be shocked. I am not the type of girl that can roll out of bed, throw on some sweats and still look like a million bucks. Oh nooo.. dark circles, pasty white skin, scraggly hair, oh and did I forget to mention the bulging eyes?? Seriously SCARY.

2. I am an ugly crier. OOOH soooo ugly when I cry. I don't sob uncontrollably - I have quiet tears - but man oh man, my eyes swell up and they turn blood shot red (remember - I have light colored eyes, I look like a freak when the whites turn red), my nose swells and turns red, I end up getting blocked sinuses, my lips swell - I wrinkle my face up.. ooooh it is a mess. So word to the wise - DO NOT MAKE ME CRY.

3. My feet. They. Are. Simple. Ugly. At least to me. No, my toes aren't webbed, and yes I actually do have a normal arch, and no they are not big. I just hate my toes. HATE them. Oh yeah - and they get dry. Yuck.

4. My sausage fingers. I don't know if this is a hidden flaw - but they are short (like me) and have always been chubby. Not beautiful nor are they elegant. Boo on my fingers.

5. I am moody. SOOOO moody. I am sooo sensitive to the energy around me, other people's reactions, etc affect my mood.

6. I am stubborn. Do not assume you can change my mind. Once it is made up - that's it!

7. I hate to see people eat food. If you get even the slightest little drop of something on your mouth, I will gag. Seriously.

8. Bodily fluids freak me out.

9. I cannot keep a secret. Don't tell me anything. Also - I post just about everything that is happening in my life.

10. And for number ten - let's just say tweezers are my best friend. Every single day. I swear I am turning into a man. hahahahaahahahaaaaaaa.

What about you? What are some of your ugly truth's?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you had me laughing and nodding in agreeance with some of these! I won't say I never cry, but I cry so seldom that when I do on those rare occasions break down in tears, I end up with a horrible headache! I am not "moody" however, I am definitely sensitive to the energy around me and peoples actions/reactions.

Tennessee Mom said...

If I even tear up on the verge of crying, my whole face gets blotchy. It looks like I have a rash or skin condition.

Leanne said...

you are so funny, nicole! Your list had me laughing OUT LOUD!! (Oh, and I'm an ugly crier, too ... I get 'the nose flare' when I cry - and 'the nose flare' is not attractive on ANYONE!!) Great idea for a post, and seriously - I'm laughing out loud!!! SO SO funny (Oh, btw, I think ALL toes are pretty ugly, too. Except babies and toddlers. They have cute toes. But that's it). I've got a bunch of "ugly truths" too. May have to dedicate a post to those as well!!! Great idea!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

New to your blog.. and this post is hilarious! I can definitely get moody for no reason, and my stubborness is something I am really trying to work on!

Mama Hen said...

This is some list Nicole! I get pretty swollen in the yes when I cry also. I think I used to look OK when I cried, bbut now that I am getting older it is not so pretty. Have a great day! Thank you for your comment.

Mama Hen

Kimberly said...

Great blog... I was already following you, but I'm now following you on FB NetworkedBlog.
All the best,

Telisa said...

Ohmigosh, as someone who has known you for 25 years...I have some things to say about this blog entry!!
1. I don't think I have ever seen you cry in 25 years.
2. It's true, your feet are ugly. (sorry)
3. Yes, you are moody. It's part of your charm. Don't change that one, leave that one alone (My Best Friends Wedding elevator scene).

5. Can we swap tweezing tips??? Crap, I'm getting old...

Nicole said...

Telisa - #2 is going to make me cry. LOL Now my mood is shot to hell and back! hahahahaa

The Bipolar Diva said...

I'm so seriously down with 6, 7, and 8!

Courtney said...

Wow. I could have written most of this list (#8- I'm a nurse. It takes a lot to gross me out, so this doesn't apply. #10-I don't have this problem yet, but I know it's just a matter of time. I am my mother's daughter). I love posts like this! I actually felt really brave the other day and posted a photo of myself on my blog of myself first thing in the morning. Hair a mess and not a stitch of makeup on. Every time I look at it I cringe. hahaha

Loving The Reflection

Karen@WaistingTime said...

This cracked me up! And I have too many to list. But I will second your number 7 and add that I hate even hearing people eat. Sigh.

Kirsty said...

Hi Nicole!
Thanks for your lovely comment! Great blog! Btw there's nothing wrong with pasty white skin!

Embrace the paste! Besides pasty whites have healthier skin and will stay younger looking then their cowboy skinned counterparts haha!

- Kirsty

Anonymous said...

Oh man, when I really cry... like when I'm alone, I go all out. It feels so good, especially if there is music playing. For some reason, it makes me feel like I'm in a movie... and all this crying is justified.

I know, I'm silly.


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