Saturday, September 10, 2011

I slept hard. 10 hours hard. I have a new attitude - again. ;-)
Things are as they should be, right? We all get a chance at hard times, and this my friends, happens to be mine.

Redefining is always good. Change is even better. Getting a little shake to my core is life changing.

I have a new appreciation for what I do. For the people I have met. For my family, for so many things I might have taken advantage of in the past. Or better yet, taken for granted.

I've decided to keep calm ~ and SPARKLE. Because if there is one thing I can do, is sparkle with energy! I have tons of it, no use bottling it up...

It's a BEAUTIFUL Saturday. There is an Art Walk in Birmingham downtown and I think I might go check it out. (Pics to come!) Considering the fact that my days here may be numbered (or maybe not!) I feel like I should enjoy the city for what it's worth.

My question I pose to you this morning, how do you sparkle? Seriously - what is your secret weapon? For me, a bright smile, contagious laughter and endless energy.



TV's Take said...

Cute post! I'd say my smile and goofy laugh are how I sparkle around others. Hope you get the job

Savvy Working Gal said...

Nicole- I’ve been following your journey for awhile now. It has got to be hard to find serenity when you can’t control your destiny and don’t always have the support of those closest to you. Glad you are having a better day; a good night’s sleep can do wonders. Stay strong.

Stopping in from LBS.

songbyrd said...

Hi there-- I found you on the Weekend Linkup and browsed your blog and like what I found. :)

traci's mixed bag said...

I just realized this year (at34) that I need 8-10 hours of sleep in order to feel good without caffeine. I think getting enough sleep and keeping myself protected is the best way I can sparkle because if I'm not grumpy I naturally will smile and laugh and embrace people.

melody-mae said...

sweet blog!

EmptyNester said...

Well, right now I feel like sparkling because of this inspiring post! I had to put on sunglasses just to read it! LOL

Shereen said...

I try to always look on the bright side of things, even if things look bleak. I mean, things can always be worse, so that helps. I always think: I have a place to live, a great family and a job. There are plenty of people out there that have it worse than I do.
(Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party)

Modern Day Disciple said...

Hi Nicole, I am visiting from the Ladybloggers SOcial Tea Party- I sparle when I am creating, helping encourage others, connecting, and sharing also when I am being goofy- (a specialty) ... and mostly when I live authentically! Whether it is with a workout I design for someone or a blog post , or sharing with clients, friends or family- in a group or or one on one or with family...I sparkle when I forget myself and give, give, give!
Stop by and visit sometime @ Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith

Peggy K said...

I sparkle by thinking about my glass half full. Love to smile! I look younger when I smile and think about the things in my life for which I'm grateful!

becca said...

love your sign very cute and great words of wisdom


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