Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow in the south

According to all of the weather authorities, the south east is supposed to receive between 3 -5 inches  of snow in some areas, Birmingham being one of those areas.

I realize that is laughable to most of you! However, if you have never been down here when there is an announcement of snow.. then you REALLY don't understand how hilarious it really is.

Granted, I'll be the first to tell you, I am not sure how to drive in the stuff. But I did a great job coming back from Georgia over Christmas break. Those back country roads were not lucky enough to get the salt or sand or whatever it is that is laid down by those big yellow trucks I saw on the Interstate. So - I literally drove through piles of snow, and I just kept on the tire tracks.

This storm apparently will be different. This afternoon - tonight expect snow. Normal snow, no big deal. But overnight we are supposed to have a wintry mix with snow, freezing rain, sleet.. you know.. the works. Waking up to super low temps and at least 1/2 an inch of ice.

THIS is wear the problem begins. We simply do not have those "salty" trucks. People do not have snow tires. AND - you know those super tall pine trees we are so famous for? They like to snap during ice storms, and in turn wipe out entire power grids. Sooo.. they are predicting massive power outages. Again - we are not prepared.

So, for the first time in forever, I actually went last night to WalMart (due to an ice threat.) I only bought firewood for my fireplace. I thought - well.. at least we can stay warm.

BIG mistake. You would have thought we were going to be snowed in for a week - MASSIVE lines, things flying off the shelves... WEIRD. I stood in line for 45 minutes - what did I have? Fire wood, fire starter, diet coke, laundry detergent & fabric softener.



What about you? What would be considered "odd" weather for your "neck of the woods?"


Christina Genae said...

Southerners are hilarious to watch when snow/ice is predicted! Granted, I'm a Southerner, but I think it's so funny how we freak out about it. We are definitely NOT prepared, that's for sure!

Norwegian Phoenix said...

We're not prepared here in Va either, even though we got over a foot at one time both last year and on Christmas this year.

It's hilarious here as well, literally all the bread, milk, and eggs were gone in the grocery store. Are people making french toast en masse as soon as it starts snowing? I don't get it.

Stay safe and warm! It's 27 here this morning so I guess today will be another indoor day. I can't wait for spring!

Have a great day!

Adelaide@Norwegian Phoenix

becca said...

i purposely moved to the south to get away from snow and really cold weather so where did the warm weahter go

Anonymous said...

I have relatives down south and they say a little ice storm makes problems. Something about not having salt or enough of or soemthig.

Dizzy C said...

Sounds just like the UK.
We have panic buying when snow starts falling and we are never prepared for it.

We get 'snowed in' with a few inches on the ground, roads shut, trains stop and schools close.

We get snow most years for a few days and we still cannot deal with it!

enjoy the snow!


Kamila said...

I'm actually from the Philippines... and it was so hot in in... the normal sunny weather here in US is not enough to define it..

I kind of miss it because I'm more of a sunny person...and after staying for 2 months already here.. I feel like I wanna always run somewhere but the cold always get me...

its funny that you guys there are still not prepared.. even if you've been there for quite some time..

in the pHilippines..we always wish for snow.. because on tv it looks so fun and happy and people looks amaze whenever it snows.. but we predict that everybody's gonna die in cold if it happens to snow.. so... I don't know where I'm going to what I'm saying hahah..


pretty much I thhink you'll survive... haha x)

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! We had 3-5 inches in SEPTEMBER!

I swear Walmart runs the weather. They spike the clouds when they need to drum up business.

Leanne said...

I would think a big ol'heat wave would be "odd" for this time of the year (heat wave . . . like anything over 50.) While I'm born and raised Chicago girl - I do recognize how hard the snow would be for my southern friends to adjust to.

Last year my husband was in Vegas when they had snow ... something like 4 inches. They closed the airports. He couldn't a taxi. Stranded with a slot machine (that's dangerous).

Will be thinking of you during the crazy winter!

becca said...

gave you an award

Anonymous said...

In the NE there really isn't any kind of weather that we are not used to, except for maybe...tornadoes? But even those happen on occasion. I think us Northeasters, are pretty much prepared for everything. Cold. Hot. Wind. Snow. Rain. Flood. Etc...etc...

Anonymous said...

Oh and we all think it's HILARIOUS when southerners freak out about snow. Good stuff. I think you described the mass panic perfectly.


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