Saturday, September 4, 2010

WOTD - Visualization

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. ~ Henry David Thoreau

My word of the day is visualization. Funny thing is, it's one of my favorite words.

When I was about 12 I bought a book by Shakti Gawain. (This just shows you the type of kid I was.) It was called, "Creative Visualization." I read it cover to cover. Soaking up every word. It basically told me that your should actively visualize what you want in this life. See yourself with this, doing this, living this - and in time - it will come. Sounds creepy, right?

But I turned it into something I could use in a way that I could understand it. I thought of this process as letting God know my intention, and what I would do with the thing/place/person/lifestyle. At 12. I am sooo not kidding.

Let's just call it - playing out the fantasies in your head. Like a little movie. But believing in it and knowing it will come to pass with God's blessings.

I can think of several instances when this has 'happened.' I don't want you to think I am a total nut job, because I know how 'weird' it seems. I don't practice it now, but I know that it works. (I even think later, some group came out with "The Secret" which I am thinking.. this is no secret, and it's been done!) Also, sports coaches work with their teams helping them visualize the ball and where that ball will go. Many people swear by it!

I am not going to share my examples here. As I was thinking about what has "worked" in my past, I realize they are very personal and I would rather not.

I do share A LOT here, but there is a lot I don't. ;-)

How about I share with you some of the exercises you can use?

1) Find a quiet place. The more you can eliminate noise and other external interruptions to your senses the better.

2) Get a quiet mind. Put a stop to all the mental chatter. Learn and use meditation. There are many types of meditation* (search Google) and the topic is too broad to be discussed here other than to tell you that meditation is a great stress reliever in addition to a great method of ridding yourself of what Buddhists call "monkey mind."

Clearing random thoughts prepares your mind to laser focus on your desire that you wish to visualize.

3) Prepare a written statement of your desire including as much detail as you can muster. Be specific about what you want to have, do or be.

Read your written statement daily before bedtime, when you wake and anytime before a focused visualization session. Put a copy on your bathroom mirror. Make a small laminated copy for your car, wallet or purse.

4) Do not wish for your stated desire! The key while visualizing is to see yourself already in possession of what you want. Remember to use all your senses and conjure up a strong emotion of gratitude and happiness as though what you want has already been delivered to you.

5) DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH A PLAN OF HOW YOUR DESIRE WILL COME TO YOU! This is very important and where most people fail because they get overwhelmed with thinking they have to work out how they will get what they want.

This is the beauty of visualization, strong belief and the law of attraction. You just have to implant the thought and prepare yourself to receive by being hyper-aware of new impulsive ideas, opportunities and events and recognize that it is by your effort of thought that brought these impulses to you.

6) Act on the thoughts and ideas that come to you through visualization without fear and your wishes will be yours; not by spontaneous materialization as skeptics like to admonish but rather through your efforts you will place yourself in the right place, with the right people or whatever the case may be, to allow the Universe (God) to deliver the means to acquire your burning desire.

You will improve with time recognizing and understanding thoughts, ideas and events that suddenly appear as not random meaningless things, but rather the pieces of the plan being delivered to you as a reward for your effort. These unexpected ideas, thoughts or events are sometimes referred to as "synchronicities."

Spiritual teacher and creator of the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program , Aine Belton says synchronicities can be "little things like the song that comes on the radio that reflects exactly how you’re feeling, the conversation you over hear that serves to help you with a problem, the book that falls off the shelf that is exactly what you need or the person who calls you just as you think about them...They are gifts and opportunities that present themselves in a magical and often unexpected way, opening doors to happiness and success."

7) BE PERSISTENT! Visualize your dreams or goals daily. Bedtime and when you wake are ideal times. Even small moments are beneficial, like when sitting at a stoplight, while exercising, or using the restroom.

Planting your vision in your mind before bedtime allows your subconscious to work on your plan all night. Be ready to wake up with new ideas and thoughts that may require action on your part. This is the power of the "universal mind" working on your behalf.

Keep a notebook and pencil by your bed and start a habit of writing down your thoughts and dreams even if they make no sense now.

Re-reading your written statement of desire in the morning will keep it fresh in your mind all day.

8) Create a Vision Board. In the movie The Secret, John Assaraf described constructing a vision board filled with cut outs of the things he wanted in life, specifically his dream home. Daily he would look at his vision board, close his eyes and visualize he already had what he wanted. Years later while showing the vision board to his son, Mr. Assaraf realized he now lived in a house identical to the one on his vision board!

Making a vision board is simple. It's a mosaic of cut out images and words that match your dreams and desires glued or taped to a piece of poster board. Cut out an image of the boat or car you’ve always wanted, the dream home or vacation home, or whatever it is you want to do, have or be. Go wild and have fun with it!

Once you are done, hang your vision board someplace where you will see it everyday. Look at it often and visualize yourself already in possession of what you want and don't forget to add in strong emotions of gratitude and happiness.

9) Repetitive thoughts will always serve to attract their equivalent from the Universe (God). Even when you are not actively visualizing, practice monitoring your thoughts and immediately dismiss all that are negative.

Remember, start with a burning desire and open your mind to fully believe that these techniques work.

*** source

There you have it - an example of the word of the day! What do you hope to obtain/change/become in the near future??? How do you see yourself doing it?


Stacey @ Entropified said...

I ponder this. I do. And now I go to reread it. :)

Reenie said...

:) Interesting entry.

It was nice knowing you, Nicole, however little- from your blog... but hey...

Anonymous said...

Stopped in from Lady Bloggers Tea Party and so glad I did, what great information about visualizing dreams! I'll be back for more!

scrapwordsmom said...

Visualization is for sure a true thing...when I see myself being successful, having enough time, etc. I seem to get what I want. I haven't practiced this in awhile though...awesome ideas!!


Robin said...

Have you read ASK AND IT IS GIVEN by Esther and Jerry Hicks? If not, you would definitely like it. Adding to what you are saying, thoughts build on thoughts. Positive builds on positive. Negative builds on negative. When you visualize what you want, make the visualization as short as possible. Picture yourself getting what you want and then get out. You stay in it too long and your mind comes up with questions and things that snafu what you are doing. You are absolutely right about not focusing on the how. Focus on the desire and think of it like it has already happened. You must be in vibrational alignment with something in order for it come to you. For instance, if you need a new car and say you want a new car. You may even want a new car really badly, but you spend most of your energy focusing on your existing car, thinking about how much you hate it and don't want it, well you will be stuck with that car. Why? Because that is what you are thinking about. Whether you like it or not, you are in vibrational harmony with that wreck of a car that you wish you didn't have. If you can wipe that car from your thoughts and focus on the car you want, visualize yourself in that car, post pictures of that car everywhere, that car will come to you. But ~ like you said ~ don't focus on the how ~ because that will sabotage it. Just focus on the desire. Your desire for the car will bring it to you. It is the law of attraction at work.

Excellent post!

P.S. I didn't proofread. sorry for the misspellings, words left out, and other grammatical errors.

dewin said...

This is a great post. I have also seen this work things out in my life, over and over. In fact it may juts have this weekend! Its always so much fun disvoering the pathways the universe lays out for you. It's stuff you would've never even thought of, resources that were right under your nose the whole time you just couldn't open your mind wide enough to see them yourself. Thank goodness we don't have to! (I also get nervous posting about this type of subject matter, I think I will scare people off. But more power to ya, I think it was awesome!)

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I'm your newest follower on your super awesome blog! I'll be back (in my best Arnold voice).

I LOVE this post! I agree completely.


package holidays to egypt said...

Very interesting post,by visualizing your dreams and goals you can achieve what ever you want in your life because imagination is a power you can't just imagine.

black cat said...

wow - all that from WOTD? amazing! i am a new reader to your blog, and i so enjoy your writing, and your spirit. thank you for sharing some wonderful universal wisdom, truly what i needed to read this morning, a great example of synchronicity (sp?) for me. thank you and many blessings to you, peace and love, chella


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