Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tossing Out the Clutter

 One of the many things I have learned through the "Happiness Project" book is the importance of tossing out the crap.

That's the only way I can think to explain it.

Cut the clutter. Organize. Simplify.

Yeah, I like that word better - Simplify.

I decided to start at my office, since I spend a majority of my time there. I am slowly tossing out all of the silly knick-knacks we accumulate over time. You know the ones? The highlighter with the "hair" on top, the office "aquarium" that is a tiny little plastic box, or maybe even those felt flowers with a message from H. R.


Seriously, I tossed it all. One of my co-workers came in and said, wow - your office looks so empty. I just smiled.

It kind of reminds me of something a good friend of mine (Telisa) said once, "I don't like to keep a bunch of stuff. I feel tied down. If I travel light - I can just GO!"

It does help me feel that way, I am invested, but can travel lighter.

Next stop - HOME.


Anonymous said...

It's funny you should post this today, that is exactly what I'm doing; but at home since I have no office. I've discovered that I held on to things that I find myself wondering for what purpose? Just because? That makes no sense. So tossing out the crap I go. Excellent choice my friend!

scrapwordsmom said...

I am working on that, too. Feels so good!

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, the clutter seems to grow and mutate without our even being aware of it! And that's both literal/physical and metaphorical clutter. Once we let stressors or worries or anything else negative clutter up our minds, it just seems to head down a spiral. Cleaning all of our space is so therapeutic!

Leanne said...

I think tossing the clutter is the best medicine when feeling overwhelmed with life...I get into these tossing fits and everything (or at least everything in reach) has to go! Unfortunately, there's still much for me to get rid of. But I totally feel the need to simplify right now. Good job, dear!

javacia said...

I just wrote a post earlier this week about cleaning and organizing my closet. It's amazing the difference something like that can make in your everyday life!


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