Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It just doesn't seem fair.

As I drove across the 3-Mile bridge, I thought to myself - it's just doesn't seem fair.
The water was sparkling, with little crests of white foam splashing this way and that.

The smell of salt and sea oats, the breeze carrying a faint hint of the day's catch.

I set foot on the cool, white sand - littered with little blue "balloons" - turns out the balloons were a group of blue jellyfish that's belly's were bloated as they washed up on shore.

The waves came crashing down - close to 8 feet high. I had never seen such big waves on the Gulf.

I consumed an amazing plate of coconut crusted shrimp that I dipped into pina colada sauce.

I sat underneath a massive clam ~ and enjoyed the twinkle lights strung over the big boat.

I now sit in my Wonder Woman pajamas.. in a cozy little bed.. and at the end of the day thinking ~ it just doesn't seem fair..

Somehow.. someway.. I was granted a few pleasures today.


Carol said...

You must be back here in my stomp'in grounds. Isn't it beautiful, but we saw the jellyfish today too, they were huge but we were down by Fort Pickens.


Carol said...

I'd love to meet you and share a drink sometime your in town. I promise I'm not a crazy stalker.


Anonymous said...

Oh the humanity!!! =)~

Enjoy it =)

i hope you can relax

Leanne said...

No, it's not fair at all, my dear!!! But how fantastically un-fair it is!!!

Enjoy every second . . .

Courtney Kirkland said...

Pensecola and the Gulf are beautiful areas. We grew up not far from there...glad you were able to experience it!

becca said...

sounds amazing

TV's Take said...

Glad you had a few moments to breathe it all in...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think it's lovely to appreciate the little things every once in a while.


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