Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wonder what they are thinking?

I get the biggest kick out watching girls in their teens and 20s relate to the women of Sex & the City. The BIGGEST kick.

For one, the television series deals with the trials and tribulations of single women in their 30s.  Not early 30s - but mid to late 30s. Successful women, women who have gone on to live with men/marry/divorce/move around/travel - LIVE life.

Then the first movie dealt with marriage/career/children/aging in your late 30s/early 40s.

I suppose what I am trying to figure out is - what are these younger women relating to? Is it the fashion? Is that what attracts them?

Is it the hot guys? The city itself. What is it that attracts the younger crowd? Or even - the much old crowd? (less of those, I know - ) Because the cultural norms of sleeping around, living with men, not marrying them, putting career first, etc. have not always been the norm say - 20 years ago.

As a woman who happens to be in her mid - late 30s, who has lived with a guy, who has married, divorced, fought disease, moved about, and has chosen a career over children - I just wonder sometimes what my younger friends in their mid 20s, never married/never lived with a guy/never had to fight "aging" issues/hardly out of their parent's homes have in common? I guess the witty banter is definitely fun. Again the clothes.. the shoes.. the music.. the idea of the "big city."

It is not a big deal to like the movie! Heck, I love Calendar Girls (and I am clearly not in my 60s) - but I can admit, I could not relate to some of the jokes. I even went to see "Menopause" the musical with a friend of mine (again - funny, but I could not necessarily relate to it.)

What us girls in our 30s can relate to is this: we are getting older and we are on the cusp of yet another "big change." We have not been on this ride since we were probably 12.. and it's a trip.

Three things made me consider this today. 1. I was thinking of going back to weight watchers. The only thing I remember about going their the last time was me having to check the 35 - 45 box when asked for my age bracket. That was a first and I gasped openly at registration. (I had just turned 35 at the time.)

2. I saw Sex & The City 2 on Saturday.

3. I have to have a mammogram tomorrow.

What 26 year old has to deal with a mammogram? (Well, except the most unfortunate ones that happen to suffer from disease.)

Here are some other unfortunate items 20 somethings have NO idea about yet:

1. Realizing you qualify for retirement in a little over 15 years or so.

2. Gray hair you have to color every 4 weeks.. not 6 -8 like the box says.

3. Random freaking hairs that grow in the oddest places that you have to pluck DAILY. Not every once in a while - daily.

4. Hot flashes. Yes, my dears,.. I am experiencing a few due to hormonal changes. They are rare, but they exist.

5. Which leads me to the whole hormonal change thing. Some of us happen to be on the early end of transferring over. Yes, I was an early bloomer as a child, and apparently an early bloomer on the other side.

6. Having more prescriptions than subscriptions.

7. Having the metabolism of a baby rhinoceros

8. Discovering odd spots on your hands.

9. Learning things like - hey.. your enamel starts .. well.. your teeth start heading the other way.

10. Not having the energy or tolerance for bullshit.

11. DRY skin.

12. Discovering that you can't stay out past midnight, or you will pay all day the next day.

13. Those heels you wore like a diva in your 20s are causing serious issues for your feet in your late 30s.

14. That tic toc.. tic toc.. party is over. Want a baby? You have to do it NOW.

15. Finding out that you can't have little ones, and having to reset your wants and needs.

16. Learning that mammograms are now yearly. Vitamins.. Hormones.. Botox.. and other horrible things are every day words in people's vocabulary.

17. Finding you cry easier. Yet, finally know when to shut your mouth.

18. You have to deal with aging parents.

19. You have to do things like - make a will, discuss estate planning, and look into strong investments for your tomorrow.

20. Finally - you have to put up with your much younger friends feeding you a bunch of "Well.. I heard that.." and let them say what they need to say, give their advice.. and what not. In 5 years, they will look back and go - "Oh.. I wasn't one of THOSE people, was I?" ;-)

Ahhh... your 30s. Somewhere in the middle.. again.

Where are you in your life? If you are in your 30s - what major changes have you noticed?


Anonymous said...

Nicole, let me throw the question back to you... As I'm sure you can remember, the series began in 1998 (12 whole years ago)... that would put you in your mid-twenties. Did you watch the show then? If so, what did you like about it? When you answer that question, you will answer your own questions that you have above.

You Can't Always Get What You Want or Crystalvania said...

I second what healthgirly say! Why are you downing your friends in their 20s? I happen to be one of them. According to you, I can still fall in my 20s, so glad I'm cleared for that! lol.

Nicole said...

Dear God.... girls - These are my thoughts and my blog. THIS IS ABOUT AGING. Nothing more..

Nicole said...

Also NO ONE is downing anyone. I asked how you can relate to the characters - so answer that! How can you relate to their life experiences?

Anonymous said...

As someone in her thirties I can understand Nicole's point of view on the aging issues - the physical part as well as the marriage/divorce/children/career points (been there, done that so to speak.) Those are all topics specific to Sex & the City that we can relate to.
The great thing about Sex and the City, however, is that it transcends all ages to relate somehow to all women... it is ultimately about friendship and simply how we may all live our lives unafraid. You don't have to be in your 20s, 30s, 40s or whatever to appreciate the underlying message. And whatever stage we are in- we know in our hearts that at some point in our lives we will go through what these women are going through one way or another- and we can only hope that we will have friends as close that we can go through this with. These are the common bonds that all women share... and that is what makes it so great.

Kristine said...

and the fun begins!!..lol....Just wait till you're in your 40's like me!!(43 next month);-),hee,hee!!
Cold and flu season is extra special when you pee in your pants every time you cough and sneeze!!..bladder lift anyone???..;-D

Nicole said...

kristine - I can answer that - NOOO.. What the hell happened to my bladdar?? LOL

You Can't Always Get What You Want or Crystalvania said...

Very well put Heather! Yes, Nicole, it is a great way to open up age-related issues. As always, a well written blog.


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