Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good news for the Abdou Clan!

And... HE GOT IT! Yes, it looks like Mr. Egyptian will become an instructor at the Islamic School. Exciting news for us.

And yes, I actually decided to post a video. Got to love the relaxed look - showing 50 chins. LOL

Also.. clearly I am from the south.. sorry for the accent. ;-)

Hope all is well in your worlds. Good news is always a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all of the self indulgence today!

silly.. sorry (on the steroids again, makes me silly and hyper!)


Anonymous said...


Yenta Mary said...

FABULOUS news!!! :)

Doris said...

Aww, I'm SO happy for you both! And are PRETTY!!!! Hush up talkin' smack about yourself!

Leanne said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Congrats Mr. E!!!!! (FanTAStic news, Nicole!!!)

Laura said...

Great news for you guys!!! Congrats! And love the video, although, I did not hear much of a Southern accent - heck, you could even pass as a Midwesterner!

Bossy Betty said...

Good news!


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