Thursday, August 4, 2011

Destination: New Career

Currently, I am reading a wide range of books. I am back on, "The Happiness Project," as well as, "The Artist's Way." I finished reading the first week of "The Artist's Way" and one of the assignments I was given was to make a list of possible careers you would choose, if nothing stood in your way.

Basically it was entitled - "Imaginary Lives." I really like the idea of this one, especially considering what I am going through currently. (PS - the anger tries to seep in from time to time. Not sure who to be angry at - but I figure, I can blog about that at a later date.)

Since I am job searching, I thought to myself, "What a perfect time to to try it out!"

Here are my 10 (yes, 10 - there are sooo many I want to do, and I will put them in order of importance, and then stick to 5) - Imaginary Lives.

Nicole's Imaginary Life Choices:

10. Event Planner - I enjoy planning and activating activities/parties/events. I can see things visually, and usually can make it happen. I am quick, decisive, and budget conscious. At the end of the day, people always say, "You throw a good party."

9. Philosophy Professor - I am super crazy about "deep thinking" and the whys and the hows of the human mind and stream of consciousness. I can totally see me moderating a group of college age students in a discussion on a myriad of topics.

8. Litigator - Yep. I probably should have gone to Law School, and yes - I would throw down in a court room. I could totally see me working for the ACLU, defending the rights of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

7. Holistic Medicine Practitioner/Aromatherapist - I am completely into this naturopathic way of health, and would have loved to go to school to study it. I could see working at a spa, or retreat or rehab center, conducting exercises/activities or treating customers/patients.

6. Therapist - I have always been super-into psychology. I read a ton of books, and always try to diagnose why people do what they do. A little bit of an over-analyzer. Could have done it. Probably should have done it.

5. Documentarian - While studying broadcasting, I always saw myself documenting various cultures through film. Now, I am thinking I need to see if Anthony Bourdain needs a new producer. ;-)

4. Professional Writer - Where all I did was write, maybe a column in a paper or magazine. Or freelance. Just write, write, write. Sort of what I do now, just actually getting paid for it. ;-)

3. Life Coach - ever since I worked with a Life Coach once, I have been fascinated with the concept. I actually found a school I want to take the certification through. But it costs $1,000 - and unfortunately, I just lost my job. Should have done it 6 months ago, when I had the $$.

2. Photographer - I have always been fascinated with photography. I will be the first to tell you, I know very little and have a simple point and shoot camera. But boy oh boy - what I would do with a good camera. Watch out world!

1. Peace Corps Volunteer - still want to. Thinking I need to get serious about it. But I need to time it right, so that Mr. Egyptian could join me.

What about you? What would be your top 5??


Leslie Limon said...

These all sound like great career choices, and I'm sure you'd be great at each and every one. I think you would have been an awesome lawyer a la Ally McBeal! :)

As for my choices, in no particular order:
Diner or Pastry Shop Owner
Plus Size Clothing Designer
Motivational Speaker (but first I'd have to start listening to my own advice)

becca said...

mine would be

world traveler
song writer

Karen@WaistingTime said...

What a great idea! I am 48 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

Great post! My top 5?
1. Ghost Writer
2. Social Worker
3. Photographer
4. Peace Corp
5. Missionary Work

Hugs, Mitzi


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