Saturday, September 1, 2012

Internet Trolls

I keep getting attacked by the trolls. Either anonymously or cleverly disguised as a friend from the past (or present.)

Oh wait.. you think because I am writing this late on Saturday night that I must be hallucinating or something.

I AM talking about trolls. Internet trolls.

Usually their comments end up in my spam box, but from time to time one or two makes it through.

My favorite are the anonymous ones. Cowards, I should say.

Or how about the ones on Facebook? Well meaning "friends" that love to comment and try to get you angry enough to flip out for sport? Not sure what I mean? Watch this short video:

Does that make better sense?

I even get old school trolls. The ones who send hate mail through snail mail. Yes, it happens. (The ones that send me items at work.)

These troll types can get pretty ugly.. check out this BBC special on it:

Oh to do that to the people who send hate mail, or hate emails, or terrible comments.

So you might be asking yourself, "What about free speech?"
Good question.

In the UK, there are anti-trolling laws. How does that work?

Whatever the case maybe.. I realize you may be thinking to yourself, "Then don't put your business out there for people to read." That's true. But at the same time, I have every right to express myself on my blog. I suppose the only logical thing I should do is disable comments.. but I really don't like that idea.

What are your thoughts on internet trolls? Or just anonymous haters in general?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.


Ann said...

There is an old saying bad press is better than no press. While not pleasant, the hate mail/ not so nice comments mean that your writing is causing people to react. That's a whole lot better than being able to hear a pin drop. Keep doing what you're doing, after all, when it comes to --your blog-- the only person you need to please is you.

Anonymous said...

I've had that happen before in the past Nicole. Don't change the way you write. I agree with Ann, it is much better than being able to hear a pin drop (like on my blog). You are making them think...which is good and just like they have freedom of speech, so do you. Your blog is beautiful...Big hugs, xoxo

SharleneT said...

I'm with the others. Consider the source -- they're lonely, miserable poeple without a life and they only way they can validate themselves is to tear down others. Delete them if you have the time -- or, thank them for their IP address in your comment reply!


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