Thursday, September 6, 2012

Responsible Journalism

I've been a little quiet over the past two days. At least blog wise.

I decided to allow myself time to process all of the good and bad happening in my life.

Of course, for those of you in the know.. It's September. It always kicks my ass.

As of Day 6.. things are okay.

My first September attack happened. I had a knock down drag out on Twitter with two complete callous radio announcers.

The Political Season brings out the evil in so many people, and when that crass behavior involves tossing the word rape around like it is something (and I quote) arbitrary, I simply could not stand by and let this one go. 

Before I share my thoughts on responsible journalism, I wanted to share the conversation below:

Matt Murphy ‏@mattmurphyshow :
If it would guarantee an Obama defeat, I'd volunteer to let Bill Clinton rape me & Ted Kennedy leave me for dead. I love America that much.

@mattmurphyshow Wow. To make a joke involving rape is really sick.

Dale Jackson ‏@TheDaleJackson :
Come on @NicoleAbdou:, What @mattmurphyshow said wasn't even a rape joke, put your false outrage generator back in your purse.

Matt Murphy ‏@mattmurphyshow :
RT @NicoleAbdou: @mattmurphyshow Wow. To make joke involving rape is really sick. /MM: what is sicker is to allow that guy at your #DNC2012

**(BTW - he assumes I am a Democrat. That would be false.)**

Nicole Abdou:
‏@NicoleAbdou 4 Sep @TheDaleJackson @mattmurphyshow I am sure you could come up with a better line to protest the DNC. Leave the rape bit out of it.#DNC2012

Dale Jackson ‏@TheDaleJackson:
.@nicoleabdou Boohoo, you don't get to decide arbitrary things are offensive. Take that crap to someone who cares.

Nicole Abdou ‏@NicoleAbdou:
@TheDaleJackson thank you for showcasing your ignorance! Typical.

Dale Jackson ‏@TheDaleJackson:
.@nicoleabdou Crying "that is offensive" is a tool of weak minds. Shut your mouth or step up your game.

Those are just the highlights... I did not post the other really rude things they went on to say about me and my concern of throwing the word rape around.

Maybe it was meant to be funny, and hey.. so be it. But I think there is a more responsible way to make a joke about not wanting Obama in office. ESPECIALLY when you have minions and  a microphone. Those guys are not tweeting as a regular person with a Twitter account, they were representing their radio shows.

As a former news producer, who happens to have her degree in Broadcast Journalism, this completely crossed the line. These guys have a responsibility to their listeners. What they said is no different that that ignorant parent that tells racist jokes to their kids at the dinner table. Or that uncle that makes some snide comment on how the woman next door who says she was raped actually "deserves it wearing that low cut shirt."

Instead, Matt Murphy and Dale Jackson told me I have a weak mind and that a joke about rape is arbitrary . Yes.. I get it. He said he would voluntarily offer himself to be raped by a former President that has a reputation of being a womanizer and adulterer. But seriously.. why use that word?

Words are soooooo important. They mold minds that are so easily impressionable. I hate to listen to people make jokes about super traumatic issues.

My other issue is - how can the some (self-proclaimed) conservatives feel that something like rape is arbitrary, yet freak out over someone choosing to be Pro-Choice? Do men and women (yes, it does happen to men) who are raped have a choice?

If you live in Birmingham or Huntsville, and actually listen or advertise with either of these radio announcers, I would give serious consideration before continuing to do so. At the very least, make it known that they have a responsibility to clean up their act, at least when it comes to topics like rape.


AnnaKaye said...

Oh my gosh. That is awful not to mention rude and incredibly unprofessional. It's just common decency to not make remarks like that. It's not just about feminism or overly sensitivity or whatever it's just good manners and respectful to people in general to choose their words carefully.

Ann said...

Wow, Nicole - that is horrible, I would have gone off, too. Sorry you got sucked in to a bunch of negativity but happy you stood your ground.

Dale Jackson said...

"My other issue is - how can the some (self-proclaimed) conservatives feel that something like rape is arbitrary, yet freak out over someone choosing to be Pro-Choice? Do men and women (yes, it does happen to men) who are raped have a choice?"

Gee.. Did you know that I am pro-choice, as is Murphy?

Guess that other issue is as pathetic as your first one.

His statement was absurd on it's face. I see you have no problem with Ted Kennedy, a confirmed killer and Bill Clinton, a guy who took advantage of a 22-year old (not to mention rape allegations and sexual harassment claims) speaking at a convention where the "War on Women" was a theme.

Your issue is not Murphy's "rape joke" it's his politics.

Is the word rape not allowed in commentary now?


This post is embarrassing.


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