Thursday, October 14, 2010

The little things

I feel as if Autumn is finally going to stick around. You know how it is this time of year? One week is cool, almost cold. Then the next week we could go swimming. The joys of living in the sunny south. Today seems to be sticking around 72 degrees, I turned the a/c off and opened the windows. Hopefully we can keep it like this for a while.

I was trying to think of something light and quick to write about. Sort of a "work break" if you will. Which got me to thinking about things. Stuff I can't do without. Then I started thinking about my bag/purse/pocketbook. The everyday bag if you will.

Often times, my husband will ask, what in the hell is in that bag? I laugh and say, "EVERYTHING." Then I got to thinking - what is everything? Am I saying I could survive on the items in my bag? Well.. that made me think about emptying it out and seeing what is exactly IN there. *hee hee* I HAD NO IDEA I kept so much STUFF in my bag - just in case.

I always thought the inside of a girl's bag says a lot about her personality. I ask you this - what does MY bag say about ME? Also - what do you put in yours??

The every day bag!
My sister gave me this bag for Christmas last year. I LOVE the raspberry color. I can't believe I am still carrying the same bag - But I love it.

I always carry a purple pen and little journal to take notes in, as needed for meetings, or whatever. I got this little notebook 2 years ago at Christmas from my mom.

My little computer. ;-) All of my important files and random pics I need from time to time are this external jump drive. PS - I chose cherry blossoms since I am from Macon - the Cherry Blossom Capitol of the south!

My billfold/Wallet. (Matches the bag - found this little treasure at DSW.)

My Go Red For Women cosmetic bag. Unfortunately, the little rhinestones are falling off..
It is red velvet and all of the proceeds go to women's heart research. (Want one? Go to

Inside that bag: One hair twistie, one small comb, cotton candy flavored chapstick, (yes - cheap designer impostor spray - for on the go. It's also a GREAT car refresherr), one "pen style" anti-bacterial spray, allergy eyes by Visine, a small pill box (with motrin & back up BP meds) there is a peacock motif on it!, my little chinese flip mirror (a stocking stuffer from mom year's ago), one band aid, my Lancome Toffee colored lip gloss, one black diamond eyeliner from Clinique, three clinique lipsticks in: A Different Grape, Spiced Apple, and Raspberry Glace, (the gold tube) has one side exfoliate for lips and one side moisturizer for lips) and one tube of Mary Kay Pink Chocolate. Then one lip liner by L'oreal.

My business card holder (says "Behind every successful woman is herself.") and it holds my business cards.

A raspberry colored umbrella that fits neatly in the bag.

My key chain - with car key, house key, mailbox key, John's gym key (the trainer), my library card and my gym card (Y).

My 30 gig video ipod.

And what you can't see is my phone - which I took all of the pics with.



Leanne said...

I feel like I just did some major snooping through your things ... I wasn't surprised to find that we carry similar things (even similar products) in our handbags. Love that lip liner!

Anonymous said...

My purse is also where I keep all my school crap sooooo I got a lotta junk in there. Pens, paper, folders, umbrella, keys, date book, miscellaneous novels, a sweater, tampons, tissues, ipod, cell phone, all my cards (debit, license, school id, metro card), water bottle, glasses, gum, chapstick, map of the subway...

BUT when I don't have to go to school that list gets significantly smaller: cards, cell phone, keys, and maybe the ipod.


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