Thursday, October 14, 2010

Join me for Coffee Talk on Destination Unknown!

I am taking my blog to the next level! I have added a chat box for 10! That's right, at any one time, up to ten people can "chit chat" on my blog - LIVE.

I think this is an excellent way to get to know more of my readers from all over the world, and an excellent way for the readers to connect and have a little "coffee talk."

How wonderful is that?

I really want to be able to have "real time" conversations with the Destination: Unknown online community. To make it even more official - I will schedule time to be online to chat with all of you! :-)

This is an exciting development for me, and I hope you enjoy it! I am looking forward to grabbing a cup of coffee and having a little talk with you! :-)

1 comment:

Laura said...

This will be fun and I hope to participate in one of the chats!


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