Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you ever get that "Turn that yucky subject off" feeling?

Warning: this post IS NOT PG.

Now that is out of the way, I am going to broach a subject that I never want to talk about again -



I have never ever ever ever wanted to talk about this stuff. Ever ever. EVER.

Even as a kid - I HATED talking about it, or someone asking me about it, or knowing about it or experiencing it - YUCK YUCK YUCK.

Now, as an adult - even more so. WHY oh WHY do some people (I know, or even hardly know) feel the need to describe every situation with their female plumbing - in great detail- with me??? PS - see the sign above.

It's a hard subject to bring up with you here today, because, well, I don't like talking about it - however, it is very socially acceptable to discuss. There is even a campaign out there to make it even more acceptable to talk about. For example:

Uh... Yuck.

Or maybe even this:


Also, I DON'T want to see your video of you giving child birth, nor do I understand why you would have everyone in the room watching??

Clearly I have issues with the whole situation. The biggest problem I have is when my "friends" want to talk about their cramps, their clots, their.. oh yuck. I just can't even discuss it any further.

For someone who had surgery 7 years ago, and has not had to deal with "said" things in a long, long time.. I really REALLY don't like to discuss it with you. EVER.


(I wonder how many times I said yuck?) OR ..

How about people who announce it to the entire family that their daughter got their first period?? WHY? How HORR-I-FIED I would be.

And why in the WORLD are there so many freaking commercials out there with this stuff. How embarrassing to be sitting with family and one of these come on.

Bodily functions freak me out.

What are your thoughts?? Also - what about the silly commercials all of these years? I leave you with one that actually looked like something I would write.. lol. Again - girls, am I alone on this? (Probably!)


Leanne said...

NICOLE!!! Seriously - you crack me up! LOVE this post. And for the record . . . . I so DON'T get the whole graphic nature of "video taping" when giving birth, that if I COULD HAVE BEEN IN ANOTHER ROOM when my daughters were born, I would have!!!! ;)

You are TOO funny, girl. TOO TOO funny!

Bossy Betty said...

I was always confused because in the old commercials the stuff they poured on the pad was blue.

Robin said...

I gotta agree with you on this one. That last commercial is great. I posted it on one of my Thursdays. Too funny.

As for your comment on my blog today, yeah that chick really ticked me off. I think mostly because she never even cared about the fact that she dropped the ball and I caught her crap. I just don't deal with selfishness well. After it was all over she expected it to be all hugs and "sisterhood" and was like "talk to the hand." I never said that, but let's just say we were never chummy. Yes, that letter was very therapeutic.

Foxy said...

Ew. The whole birthing video thing makes me cringe. NO ONE will be in the room except doctors and my husband. And Hussy sure as hell will be by my HEAD. My MIL would love to be there...telling me to push...and letting me know how things are going down there...because she's like that...but she's not invited. In fact, I'll tell her I had the baby a day or so later. Ew. Ew.

P.S. this comment makes it sound like I'm pregnant...uh, no. Not for a LOOONG time.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think that something every woman has to go through should be a taboo subject. HOWEVER, do you explain to your friends the details of your last bowel movement? I think not.

Back to the taboo thing... my roommate and I actually had a conversation today about periods. It wasn't graphic at all, just a general discussion. "Oh my god I hate pads. I will never go back." or "I figured out why I'm eating so much, my period's coming." or "My little sister started getting her period before me!" <-(my own personal true story).

Most ladies my age are completely comfortable talking about it. I guess it's a generational thing. Yes, I think we all believe it's a gross thing to have to go through (not to mention SUCKY), but it doesn't gross me out to talk about it. However, I'm the person who can talk about blood and surgery and vomit and maggots and dead rotting stuff, all while in the middle of a meal... soo...

The Bipolar Diva said...

I'm with you all the way on this!

Jen G-son said...

I disagree, mainly because I have no tact and don't usually care what offends people :) BUT I do not talk about poop. Even the word makes me shudder.

and who mentions their clots? That's beyond nasty. I can't even stand the sight of mine, let about them!

Eww I have to stop talking about this

Laura said...

Oh, I agree that some of these things do NOT NOT NOT need to be discussed! Funny, though, that as us "girls" age, I'm hearing the conversations changing from "that time of the month" to "leaking" because of sneezes, laughes, coughes, etc., etc., etc. Again, why oh why do we need to discuss it?!?!

wordygirl said...

I am glad women are more open with our bodies normal functions. All those years of pretending we dont have periods, gas, b.m.'s etc. were damaging and a lot of females were/are very ignorant about their bodies because of it. I also feel it is bad for a young girls self-esteem if she hears that what we do naturally is yucky or when it is ignored or only spoken of in secret. More women talking about it and less of these commercials would make me happy. I wouldnt ever agree with embarassing a teen, but my niece was raised to view her cycle as a step into womanhood and when she got her cycle we celebrated it. She had a special day with her mom and all of us females called her and congratulated her. She was excited.I feel it makes the difficult parts easier to deal with when you feel supported.

I wasnt interested in taping my childrens birth, but I can understand wanting to see it. I was with a friend when her child was born and it was incredible. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
I dont like to discuss this stuff in front of men or women that are uncomfortable with it, but I dont usually expect women to be uncomfortable with discussing something that is or has been a part of our daily life.
I think you guys are the ones with the problem and those discussing it are


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