Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scent Memory

I have just spent the past 15 minutes smelling different scents from my friend Shannon's Scentsy samples. (It is a pretty cool business - and I am trying to decide which one I want to buy!) As I was smelling things with titles like: Mediterranean Spa, White Tea & Cactus, Rustic Lodge and Winter Wonderland.. it is amazing how each smell can remind you of a time or place.

Scent memory, if you will.

Many of us have written about our love of fall - pumpkin spice, apple cider, dead leaves.. etc. Winter makes me think of the cool, crisp smell almost burning my nose. Kind of like menthol. Or the smell of vanilla and pine. Then as we get closer to spring - I smell florals (like jasmine, gardenias, roses..) Then summer blows in and we want to smell clean cotton, fruity concoctions, coconuts and limes.

Today I was transported throughout the different seasons. I smelled one called Rustic Lodge, and it smells exactly like a fabric Christmas ornament (that was scented) that hangs on my parent's Christmas Tree. Or the Mediterranean Spa candle that reminds me of a trip to the beach, where there were scented flowers of some kind growing through the brush. Every time the breeze would blow - I would get a whiff! The Blueberry cheesecake reminds me of going to Baskin Robbins after my dance class as a child and ordering a sugar cone with a scoop of the Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream. The Simply Irresistible reminds me of men's cologne.
I could go on and on.

What scents take you back? Or stop you dead in your tracks?

Also - interested in purchasing anything from Scentsy - I agreed to do a catalog party for Shannon. I have until Oct. 31st. I can send you info!


Dawn said...

I love the scent of rain - It takes me back as far as I can remember being a little girl and smelling the rain from way off. It's a smell that just relaxes me.

The scent of Old Spice - It reminds me of my dad who passed away 16 years. Charles Michael * my oldest son * has always loved that smell and it's the only thing he will wear as for aftershave or cologne. For the longest time he couldn't remember why he loved that smell as he was only 3 when my dad passed but he was very close to him. Even with Charles Michael not at home now, I will still get the whiff of Old Spice and I know it is my dad just popping in to say hello or to let me know he is here with me.

I don't know what you would call this next scent but it's the smell of linens when they have been stored in an old trunk. It takes me back to the memories of my grandmother. She would wash her linens ( not sure what with ) but then she would place them in this antique trunk/hope chest and when she took them out it was just a smell I could get lost in. Every now and then I will get a whiff of that smell and know she is close by in Spirit :)

Jen G-son said...

There is a certain smell that is a mix of leather, weed and...something else that reminds me of an exboyfriend. hahaha that smell ALWAYS brings me back :)

Bossy Betty said...

OH! White Shoulders perfume takes me back....

Laura said...

I love the smell of Bounce Dryer sheets. When I was a kid, I would roller skate in the laundry room of the apartments where I lived and that smell always filled the room down there. Everytime I smell those dryer sheets I think back to those SIMPLE days! They have that smell in a Yankee Candle air-freshener. *smile*

Leanne said...

Hmmmmmm ... pine sol after a good house cleaning (love that smell), garlic (need I say more?), chocolate chip cookies baking, and freshly brewed coffee ... all smells that make me smile!!!

Anonymous said...


My exboyfriend's house smelled a certain way. They were all hippies, and their house smelled like incense. Whenever I smell something similar, I am immediately reminded of him. Luckily, we parted well, so it's a good memory.


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