Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving Images to Remind Me

Did I mention how much I adore my niece? It is time for me to be a proud auntie cole!

Enjoy little Auttie Blossom moments!

Here - you can see how serious she is!!

And here - this is her first snow. (You have to understand, it literally snows maybe one day out of the entire year in the south, and usually melts by the sunset. So- this day was a BIG deal for her! (PS - I TOLD you my parents live in the Oconee National Forest, right?

The "egyptian" belly dancer!!

She is a bit of a free spirit!

My Birthday present to Autumn - a day on the ranch!

She is officially related to me - a little history lesson with my family!

Here she is singing to me. You can actually hear me.. lol

Now she is manipulating me. (At my apt.)


Cheeseboy said...

She is a master with those blocks! She seems like a very sweet kid.

I can only wish it would snow once a year here. It seems like it snows more than it doesn't snow. I think my boys get surprised when the ground is not white. (Or yellow, depending on if they had to pee.)

Bossy Betty said...

Such intensity with those blocks! What a wonderful collection of videos!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this? I love making those videos!


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